Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jared Takes a Wife in Kirksville!

This is a happy birthday shout out to Michele who came and spent her 50th birthday with us in our Jared Takes a Wife workshop in Kirksville yesterday!

I remember other memorable birthdays –turning 10 meant I was double-digits and I could get my ears pierced.

Turning 16 was a big one, I could finally date and get a job!

Turning 21?

Well that was never that big of a deal because I was already married and wasn’t that much of a wild child!  21 passed rather quietly by.

But turning 50?!  That’s HUGE!  It’s like finally arriving at who you really are, through and through.  50 meant I didn’t have to take any guff from anyone, and I could finally say that I was going to do my life my way! 

And so Michele was sung Happy Birthday by all 45 students in our workshop and all of us who have reached the wonderful age of 50 and beyond were able to welcome her into THE CLUB!

Happy Birthday, Michele!  Thanks for spending your special day with us!


Head Starts!

Or UFOs back in Action, however you look at it!

I love how this is coming together!


Such happy blocks in so many color ways!


Whoowhooo!!  Gorgeous blocks!


Look a all of that Scrappy Wonderfulness!


Thank you for the fun fun day, ladies!

You can find the free pattern for Jared Takes a Wife under the Free Patterns Tab at the top of the blog!  Give it a try!


And what a crowd for last night’s presentation!

It was a wonderful day, and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you.

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Jared Takes a Wife, Kirksville MO 2015


And just for fun --

This is the group of us that had departed the restaurant the night before to seek shelter during the tornado warning in the comfort of Barb’s beautiful home!  Thanks for taking such good care of us, Barb!

Today we’ve got Texas Tumbleweed from More Adventures with Leaders & Enders up on deck.  Another fun day in the works.

I’ll be heading out to Marshall, MO right after class is over. It should take me a couple of hours to get there. 

Time to pack up the room here, load the car and head out.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!  Time here is flying so quickly already!

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  1. When I turned 50 I asked for 50 fat quarters. I got about three times that! And all my non quilter friends learned about far quarters 👍

  2. How did the boxes of books make out? Did the water get to them?
    Have fun in MO and stay safe!

  3. I agree with your feelings about turning 50. I celebrated for a whole year. Not sure how I will feel about 60 which is approaching. LOL. Ten years smarter than 50, I suppose.

  4. I took my Sister to Sisters when I turned 50 and went to several Quilt Retreats! I had a lot of ME time to ease my way into the Club. Now I'm getting too close to 60, what will I do to top 50? Having fun in Missouri. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  5. Oh! This buoys my spirits! I turn 50 next March and for some reason it's bothering me a bit. I'm not usually one to grieve birthdays. You get presents after all! But I'm feeling lost with this one. Your words and the other comments really make me feel happier.

  6. I thought fifty was one of the best years of my life. A lot of the past just slid right off my shoulders and set me freer than I had been in years.

  7. I guess I stopped a little too soon. When I turned sixty, all I did was walk around saying to myself how did this happen. Sixty. Wow. How did this happen.
    I met many other people who felt the same way when they turned sixty. It's a whole different feeling from fifty.

  8. You poor babies. :-) I want to know how I got from 50 to now 70 so fast when I still feel 50. I'm sure it was just a'couple' years ago when I got that Hawaiian fabric that I still haven't used!!

  9. I'll be 50 TOMORROW!! How can it be? I'm so thankful to get there!! I'm pleased to read your comments...... However-- I am still 18 in my brain! Anyone else feel that way?

  10. I'll be 50 TOMORROW!! How can it be? I'm so thankful to get there!! I'm pleased to read your comments...... However-- I am still 18 in my brain! Anyone else feel that way?

  11. I'll be 50 TOMORROW!! How can it be? I'm so thankful to get there!! I'm pleased to read your comments...... However-- I am still 18 in my brain! Anyone else feel that way?

  12. Oh dear! I fear that the boxes of books must've been all ruined because you haven't mentioned their fate. Hope you could save some of them near the tops of their respective boxes!

  13. You are fantastic Bonnie. You inspire me always. Love your quilts and have plans for many of them, just waiting for the time... I am putting Jared Takes a Wife on the list. (this list is quite long :)

  14. 50 didn't bother me but "51 did" I guess it's ok to reach a mile stone birthday. It's the next that bother me. You can no longer say " I'm only 50" Went to Cornerstone Quilt Guild today My friend Carol said she & Marion had been to your house. You have a quilting studio in your bedroom too. Told her about Quilt cam and how we visit & quilt with you with your vintage machines..So far I only have 4 but I did need a treadle after seeing yours. I just wish I had more room. No basement.

  15. What. Wonderful blocks they all look so great.
    From the looks of the pictures they all had a fantastic time.
    Love rhe big smiles.
    Thanks for the great picturers and your writing.
    Happy quilting , Yoka


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