Sunday, September 13, 2015

Quilt-Cam 9/13/2015

It’s a Sunday kind of Quilt-Cam Afternoon!

I don’t know how long it has been since we were able to pull a Sunday Quilt-Cam at home…I’m usually on the road traveling, or at the cabin if there is a free Sunday when I’m not out teaching.  As I went over my calendar and to-do list and saw Sunday afternoon wide open, I knew it was a good choice to host Quilt-Cam when those in Europe could join in with us.  Poor folks, it’s usually 3am when we run it in the evening my time!

I love this photo from Deb V – Can you see what she has going on her cutting mat?  Split 9 patch blocks are coming together!

I love getting a glimpse inside someone else’s sewing space, don’t you??

Things I notice about Deb’s set up:

She os ORGANIZED!  Look at those containers neatly holding parts!

She loves vintage machines – I spy a 301 there working hard at sewing these blocks together.

She loves babies – is she a grandma?  I love that sweet little babe she is keeping close while she works.

She also does some SERIOUS wall watchin in her work space with that flat screen tv mounted on the wall!  Hey, we can love vintage things and be modernly techie too!

This photo was from our last Quilt-Cam night on August 25th before I left for Pennsylvania.  At that point she had only 19 blocks left to go. 

Maybe we will get lucky and she will check in and let us know that she has finished them all and the blocks are now a TOP!


My project!

I am sad to say I haven’t touched these since the last Quilt-Cam – but then isn’t that what Quilt-Cam is for?  I’ll make some more progress on these this afternoon.

Share with me what you are working on by leaving me a comment below!  If you have a photo to share, you can email it to me with your comment  to quiltville@gmail.com

Let’s get stitching!  Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed.

Let’s Sew!

Google Hangouts Dropped me part way in!

Here is our second try!
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  1. I found you!!!
    I will be cutting tumblers while you are doing quilt cam.
    I have five rows of fifty tumblers assembled so far. I borrowed a Go baby to cut the tumblers, so I have 800 more to cut before I can clean up the mess that is made.
    Happy sewing!

  2. I am heading to bed...it's Monday 2am in Malaysia...I will catch up on yr YouTube Channel later. Have fun both you and Quiltville fans

  3. Hi Bonnie! How did you hang that blue quilt in the back on point??? Take care of yourself! Thanks for quiltcam! Cala

  4. Hi Bonnie!

    Oh, it has been AGES since I was able to catch you live on Quilt Cam and I am so happy and thankful that you were able to schedule a time when us Europeans were able to join in...

    I am happily strip piecing along on telephone book paper, just to get them covered with fabric so that I can cut them to odd-shaped pieces again to thwrow in between my crumbs when working on the crumbiest blocks that I ever made!

    Thanks for all the inspiration you share... just today I was able to share everything that I learned from you about sitring piecing with another fellow quilter...

    Greetings from Germany!

  5. Joining you from Northern Ohio... sew glad to share my afternoon with you.

  6. I am trying painters tape
    put tape on top of each other about 4 layers
    it works so far
    Carolyn in Collingwood ON Canada

  7. Checking in from beautiful British Columbia, just north of the border of Washington State. I finally finished Step One of Grand Illusion, and working on Step Two. I made the mistake of trying to use a fabric line that I fell in love with, but never used, but you have taken me to the "scrappy side" - I hate the boredom of working with the same fabrics over and over. I'll finish it, but I won't do that again! Thanks for sharing the wonders of scrappy!

  8. Hi Bonnie, Linda from Washington DC here! Thanks for having Quilt Cam today, I'm glad to be joining you live for a change. Today I'm sewing color coordinated crumbs for a future project. I wanted to say if anyone is thinking of going on your Alaska cruise, I highly recommend it, Renea and I still remember the great time we had on your last one!

  9. Anonymous2:23 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie! Getting my class supplies together for My Blue Heaven you will be teaching in St. Louis. So looking forward to seeing you there! Many thanks for your continued inspiration and sharing all things quilty! Catherine Simmons in Southwest Indiana. csimmons2100@yahoo.com

  10. Anonymous2:23 PM EDT

    lost you...checked youtube...not there either...

  11. A Nice early evening here on the South Coast of England, after a rainy day. I will be trying to sort out the backing on a Star Struck Quilt for my eldest Grandson, who is a bit poorly at the moment, and likely to have to have his heart surgery brought forward, so the quilt has been put on turbo-charge.
    Thank you for doing this quilt cam on, what is your Sunday afternoon. Its nice to join you live, whilst I am completely awake ggg

  12. It has happened before. Just be patient and she might start a new feed.

  13. Cool and rainy today in NH but a great day for quilt cam! Thanks for being who you are and all you do for all of us
    Quilters ! Thanks ...Barbara

  14. Refresh the page so a second screen will appear with the new feed.

    Monica in Spain

  15. How dare they dump our favourite teacher???? we shall all toi-toi!!!

  16. Working on my Twin Sister quilt for my twin sister in Hawai'i. She is doing a triathalon in Honolulu today so I am sending her vibes by working on her quilt. GO DEBBIE! I hope I have her quilt done in a couple of weeks when she comes to see my son play a senior college fottball game.

  17. Thank you for a Sunday afternoon quilt cam. I am working on my Smith Mountain Morning that I started a few weeks ago with you at Mary Koval's. What a great workshop! Love your new cabinet.

    Holly H NY

  18. Hi deboning shirts while I watch you I have made 200 Wild & Goosey but can" do more while I watch you so shirts it is

  19. Anonymous2:55 PM EDT

    I just heard you lost your Fitbit. I lost mine about a year ago. A friend suggested contacting their customer service. I did and asked if I could get a replacement at a discounted price. They asked a few questions. Got a copy of my sales receipt. Verified my account. AND they replaced my Fitbit FOR FREE!!!! Awesome customer service!!! You may want to contact them, Bonnie.

    Sarah in PA

  20. Hello from Ontario, Canada! This is my first time catching you live; too fun! I'm working on cutting all my old scraps into either tumblers or strings. I love how my tumbler quilt is coming along while I'm working on other things. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  21. Working on trips around the world. All made from my leftover crown scraps. So fun to see you live today. Thank you for all you do.

  22. do you save quilting magazines and how do you store them? I'm sewing snaps on a Santa costume while watching!

  23. btw I'm here in central Massachusets. Would love to go to a class around here I see you are in RI in 2016 how do I get to enroll?

  24. Anonymous3:09 PM EDT

    I have been working on Pineapple Crazy for a couple of years. It was supposed to be a wedding gift for my daughter and son in law. But the wedding was 2 weeks ago. Maybe it will be ready for an anniversary in a couple years!
    Tara from NY

  25. Please don't let them make you change your way of writing patterns! I hate all the cutting instructions at the beginning! Your way is so clear!

  26. Sandal from NH. About the way patterns present cutting instructions-I am with you! Give me the cutting instructions for each part of the pattern, not all at the beginning. Too confusing when they are all at the beginning with letter designations!!

  27. Bonnie, I prefer your method of writing patterns. I would rather do a unit at a time. Gives you a rest between cutting and piecing.

  28. I like the way you do it. I do not like a cutting chart, as I get lost. I like the way you did the mystery quilt last year as it was my first ever mystery quilt. The chart drives me mad, and I just want to NOT do that quilt. Thanks for asking.

  29. As I am 62 yrs. old, I find that I need my patterns to be in large print and I only want to do
    my blocks sections at a time. Get confused when the patterns have all the cutting listed at the beginning. I wish all patterns were printed out as you do your mystery quilt patterns.
    Thank you, Barbara

  30. I like my cutting instructions with each separate part of the quilt. That way I know what colors will go where. I cannot keep track any other way. I never do all the cutting at once. I like to do some cutting, some sewing. I hope you get the company to change their mind.

  31. It's too hard to cut everything at the beginning. I like the cutting to spread out throughout the project. I also would love it if patterns would include cutting/piecing instructions for making only one block for practice. It would be so much better to see how it is all going to come together in one block rather than discovering I have cut 100 pieces wrong.

  32. Bonnie, since I discovered your blog several years ago, I have loved how you explained cutting and piecing your free patterns and the patterns in your books. I have made several of your quilts and always thought your patterns were so easy to follow. Like so many have said, to me the cutting instructions for a whole quilt at a time like most do it are just frustratingly confusing. Great quilt cam today. Thanks for all you do. nbannister@bellsouth.net

  33. Trying - again to comment! Loved quilt cam today - thanks, Bonnie!

  34. Bonnie, I started Patches and Pinwheels last year and found your instructions to be very good and easy. I put it aside for some reason, and then I started the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt. I LOVED IT! I really like the way you have everything done in units. I had no problems following any of your instructions, and your pictures and hints and tutorials made it a wonderful experience. I got to clue #3 and had to stop due to a family emergency, but picked it up again and finished it in August, quilted, bound and labeled. It was such fun! Can't wait for the next one. And love the leader and ender concept. After I finished the top for Grand Illusion, I went back and finished my Patches and Pinwheels. Actually, I made that into 2 lap size quilts so I can donate one to our guild charity. Thanks for all you do!

  35. I missed you this afternoon while traveling but I have a string block to make for a bee for later tonight and I'll catch you then.

  36. Hi Bonnie bought some scotch restickable strips from Staples. Just checked and they are available from the US website http://www.staples.com/scotch+restickable+strips/directory_scotch+restickable+strips. Hope that helps, kind regards Gill : )

  37. Hi Bonnie,just saw the archieved versionS of last Quiltcam. I had to pass on the live one, due to being sick with a kidney-stone (second one in 2 months.....brrr...).
    BUT I really wanted to let you know my opinion on quilting books.....
    I L*O*V*E your way of getting us threw a quiltpattern!
    So often, in other quiltbooks, you have to turn back to the start, or even to other pages,to know what they mean... that's really frustrating at times.
    Please, keep your books the way they are. It absolutely works!
    Greetz from the Netherlands, Ria.

  38. Haha LOL...."threw" a quiltpattern.....
    Sorry, ofcourse "through"......
    Dutch girl typing English....

  39. Hi Bonnie! While catching up on some blog posts I have missed over the past few days, I came across the picture of my work space you posted! I was definitely caught by surprise, and it certainly put a smile on my face! My Split Nine Patch is still a work in progress......I'm in the process of webbing the top, but hope to have it finished within the next few weeks. The finished top will measure 102 x 102......it's gonna be a biggie! I don't get as much time to just "sit" at my machine as I would like, but take the small snippets of time I do get to decompress and get some work done. And yes I do love babies.....my two grandchildren shown in the picture, and like you, I love my vintage machines!!!

    Wish I could go on your Alaskan Cruise....that would be a dream come true. Thanks for all the inspiration you give and for sharing your wealth of knowledge with all of us quilters across the globe. You are appreciated!

  40. That was fun to watch today... thanks for being persistent and solving all those technical problems so we can enjoy QuiltCam with you!

  41. I love Quilt Cam! I work nights, and going to quilting classes or quilds just never fits into my schedule. I so appreciate the archives. It's like having a friend come over to quilt with me. It's hard to be sociable when your up all night, and sleep all day! Just want you to know how much Quilt Cam means to a lot of people! It's so motivating!


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