Tuesday, September 15, 2015

On Shopping, Packing, Hanging Sleeves & Color Catchers!

Have you heard?

You can find these adorable jammies at a Target near you!

Or order online if there isn’t one, but I bet since the word got out that Target has been absolutely slammed and they will soon sell out.

If there IS a Target near you and you want to reserve a pair for yourself before you can get there, order them online and have them held at your local store for pick up later.

I heard about these from my friend Shelly this morning by email when she sent me the link.

What’s not to love?

They are PINK!

They are covered with all the things we love for quilters and sewists alike..machines, dress forms, bobbins, thread, seam rippers, buttons scissors, pins, even a tomato pin cushion!


Oh yeah, these are mine!

I had errands to run today – Post office, bank –and Target was not far from the bank so I just dropped in.  I saw them in sizes from small to 3X.  I got a large pair for myself.

The knit fabric is silky soft, very drape-able and lounge-enticing! 


I’m packed and ready for Missouri!

I just hope there are some lazy evenings in between workshops and lectures that I can throw these on and relax and stitch.

Speaking of stitching…..

Have you ever had a quilt that needed a hanging sleeve but you put it off for um…..close to 10 years!?


My Blue Heaven getting a binding un-do!

I’m teaching this quilt in St Louis during the quilt show.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to PIN this over the hanging rod of the quilt stand because I never put a sleeve on it.  

At the time I made it I didn't know I'd be teaching workshops on it nearly 10 years later.

Things like this are WHY I put a hanging sleeve on nearly EVERYTHING just in case I will need one along the way ---

Anyway, I had two choices –either to sew the sleeve into a tube and pin it in place and hand stitch two edges down –or I could simply open the binding, stitch the hanging sleeve in place the regular way, and re-stitch the binding down and then stitch the loose edge of the sleeve in place.

Either way would have worked.  And either way would have had about the same amount of stitching put into the job.

I chose to open the binding to insert the sleeve because I feel the top of the hanging sleeve is more secure when the binding is stitched over it.

And it is less pinning!


Sleeve being sewn on!

I'm stitching with the sleeve underneath so I can keep my stitching right on top of the binding seam line that is already there.

While I was doing this I realized that this quilt really needs a good washing before I haul it to another workshop, so with the sleeve attached and the binding NOT sewn back down yet because I leave for the airport at 4:50am…I tossed it in the washer.

But before I did, in went a couple of color catchers just because I know what blues can do – even blues that have been pre-washed!




I am so glad I did this.  I would hate to think any residual blue dye would migrate into my white areas.

It’s in the dryer now.

My plan is to spend some time restitching the binding and the bottom end of the hanging sleeve while on the road in the evening time --- preferably while wearing my new Sewing Jammies!


Hey Emmy Lou – I need those quilts!


She says: “Go find some OTHER quilts, these ones are mine!”

I have something very exciting for you tomorrow morning here on the blog on my way out of town.  You won’t want to miss it!

Have a great evening, everyone!

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  1. I had to add a Sleeve last week and didn't open the Binding up. I wish I had. Glad you added the color catchers! I worry most about dark colors like Greens, Reds and Blacks. Have a safe Trip! I ordered two pair of the Jammies online. They were Buy one get one 50% off.

  2. Bonnie, I saw on another blog where a quilter used several (probably 6 or 7) pants/skirt hangers. Put the top of the hanger over the rail and clipped the edges of the quilt to the hanger. Might not work as well for Blue Heaven as it is so heavy, but I'm going to try it with some smaller quilts. Have fun in Missouri!

  3. I love color catchers! I've washed some quilts several times and still my color catchers catch color!! Enjoy your new pjs! They are cute!

  4. Thanks so much for the info on the jammies. I practically live in Nick and Nora and I ran out tonight to pick up a pair. There were very few left, so glad for the heads up!

  5. See you next weekend! I couldn't do the workshop since our guild's show is the same weekend, but planning on coming to the open lecture. My Bonnie quilt will hopefully be hanging at the show (not back from longarmer and I'm getting antsy)!

  6. Anonymous10:28 PM EDT

    Got my pjs. They are soooo cool

  7. Is there a line of Quiltville/Bonnie Hunter sleepwear in your future, Bonnie? Something perfect for sewing, lounging, retreats, travel? Get on that right away!

  8. I tried to order online but the said "out of stock" and my closest Target also said "out of stock"...umph! maybe I need to make my own

  9. Got online, had them in my cart as they were available. Well before I could get my info put it they were snatched out of my cart and sold out. I have no Target store where I live. :-[

  10. Ran to my local Target and found them but alas, this plus size quilter needs a real 2x.
    Everyone that can fit them enjoy. I'm jealous.

  11. Jammie Sisters Unit! I just ordered mine online.

  12. Tried to order on line. ..'this item is no longer available! ' :(

  13. Bonnie, my cat George loves a stack of neatly folded quilts, too! Of course, they aren't so neatly folded when he is done with them. :)

  14. The sewing PJ's are perfect! Maybe you could be a Target affiliate and offer them in your on-line shop!

  15. Love those Color Catchers. I throw one in whenever I wash quilts and my good clothes.

  16. Our quilt guild uses the pants/skirt hangers to hang quilts for our quilt show. Saves our members lots of time when they don't have to sew on sleeves.

    I love the PJ's! I am part of a small group that does retreats several times a year and lots of us keep our PJ's on most of the day.
    These will be perfect!

  17. Got my PJs and ready for the next sew along quilt cam. Thanks for the heads up.

  18. Wabash5-6830 I'm starting to spread my wings and not always use whites and tans as backgrounds so this one would be my first quilt out of this book! Go Scrappy!

    Pat L


  19. Bloomington Trail - exactly like that - who knew I liked Orange? lutzcats@yahoo.com

  20. Anonymous12:44 PM EDT

    I'd love to know how many sets of jammies were bought due to your posting!

  21. Sweet sweet Emmy Lou! My kitty Tigger applauds your quilt guarding expertise!

  22. Interestingly, I just read about sleeves for the upcoming Des Moines quilt show and they said not to put the sleeves into the binding.

    "AQS does not want them sewn into the binding. They should be at least I/2 inch below the top binding. The sleeve should extend from side binding to side binding."

    Like you, I'd always thought they should go into the binding.

    Have fun!

  23. Thanks for the heads up about the jammies Bonnie, I was able to get mine! They had quite a few so I'm guessing there aren't a lot of sewists in my area! These would be perfect to wear on a quilt retreat (if I ever go on one).

    Color Catchers are a god send for those of us that don't prewash the stash!

    Re: applying hanging sleeves after binding: I don't usually add hanging sleeves but the one time I needed one I used invisible (monofilament) thread and stitched along the binding edge from the front to secure the top of the sleeve on the back. For the bottom of the sleeve I used the blind stitch function of the sewing machine (again with monofilament) to hem the bottom of the sleeve to the quilt (just like you would for clothing). I've given in to doing hand work for applique and quilting but draw the line at hanging sleeves!

  24. Love, love love the Jammie's. I called around to a few target stores in my area, and lo and behold, the closest one actually has them. Off to target it now. I love anything sewing related, now Jammie's. I'm in sewing heaven! Jan in PA


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