Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bonnie and the Dream Cabinet --

Yesterday late afternoon I made the drive from Wallburg, North Carolina to Liberty, North Carolina, a distance of about 55 miles one way.

It was one of those spur of the moment things.

I had been looking on Craigslist – yes, yes, I know – that is ALWAYS dangerous!

But there is something that I have been looking for for months and months and, over a year.

I want an art deco style cabinet with NO FRONT LEFT LEG!

Those of you who have sewn at vintage cabinets know of which I speak.

The cabinet is never wide enough for you to sit in front of the needle…you are sitting centered at the machine.

And I always find myself leaning to the left…and I end up with my left thigh pressed against the front left leg of the cabinet.  It’s not comfortable!


Look Ma, No left leg!

While not exactly in my local area, this cabinet looked to be in such great condition that I immediately contacted the owners via email to ask some questions.  It had belonged to an older neighbor lady, and when she had passed, the  owners bought it at her estate sale.

Now they are downsizing and decided they didn’t really need it.

NEED?!??  What’s NEED got to do with it!?  LOL!

There is only one problem with this scenario.  Can you guess what it is?


It’s a lovely model 15 with a potted motor.  A very strong stitcher in gorgeous condition. So I relented.  I guess I will have to take the machine too since it comes WITH the cabinet and the sewing stool.

For the low low price of $55.00!

And so I drove off with the lovely cabinet AND Bonus Machine in the back of Shamu while the seagulls from “Finding Nemo” were happily singing “Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!” in my head all the way home.

And that is where it still sits.  In the back of my van!

Jeff worked until late last night and I need him to help me unload it.  So more photos after I get it into the house.  My plan was to use it with my various class 15 sized machines that will fit with this cabinet, but since it comes with a bonus machine, I’ll have to give her a whirl too, won’t I?

And maybe I can use her to help me finish putting this together:


Miss Sadie in her Thundershirt – An afternoon thunder bumper storm had her shaking to beat the band!


I’ve pieced 4 patches as cornerstones.


And I only have a few rows left to sew on!

Last night on Instagram someone made the comment “Nice use of low volume fabrics”  and I nearly bust a gut out laughing.

Low Volume is one of those new fangled “modern” terms for a wide variety of lights and neutrals used in a quilt.  I’ve been sewing like this with a wide variety of neutrals for over 30 years. 

The fabric is LIGHT.  Or NEUTRAL.  Or LIGHT NEUTRAL.  But it is NOT and will never be LOW VOLUME to me.

Unless Low Volume means that I am running low on fabric in the stash and I need MORE VOLUME!

But as I’ve said before, low volume is what my hair does in high humidity, and that is where it is at right now as I am back from a walk and off to the shower.

I mean no disrespect to the honest compliment.  I'm just not happy with the turn of lingo.  That is all.

For instance, thongs used to be something I wore on my feet.  Now I have to be careful that I don't ask my son if he has seen my thongs!

For those asking about when our next Quilt-Cam will be.  I’ve toyed and played with it…I was thinking Monday Evening, but I’m going to leave that for family time.

It’s been a long while since we have been able to have a Sunday Afternoon session so that those in Europe can join in during their evening time.

So let’s plan on 2pm Eastern, TOMORROW AFTERNOON, Sunday September 13th.

I’ll hopefully have the new bonus machine in the studio and functioning!

See you then!

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  1. Loving the quilt and loving Sadie even more!! Do those thundershirts really work? My little girl was terrified of storms but I was never sure they would work so I just used to sit on the floor, back against my bed and hold her in my arms. That seemed to calm her down quite a bit. LOVE the "low volume" term, too ... LOL ... took me awhile before I realized what people were actually talking about! Enjoy your time with family and hope the tummy is feeling better! Linda

  2. What a great find $$$. Well worth the drive in my book.

    Quilt is warm and colorful, not what I would call low volume.

    Enjoy your family time.

  3. I love your comments about "low volume". I feel identical. Volume and colors just don't seem to go together.

    Am glad you found your dream cabinet on Craig's List. The quilt is looking great!

  4. Anonymous9:18 AM EDT

    Quilt Cam on my birthday! PERFECT gift!

    Panto Pam near Music City, TN
    Ptquilts @ charter dot net

  5. Anonymous9:22 AM EDT

    I really love your new cabinet, so glad you found one and in such perfect condition. What a great deal, you must of been smiling all the way home.
    Natalie in Maine

  6. I believe this is a Singer # 65 cabinet. I have two. 1 with a peg that sticks out the bottom left side of the drawer, which activates the foot pedal. It has a 404 in it. The other has a 201 in it.

  7. Japanese Taupes is another upscale way of saying low volume/neutrals. Gorgeous desk.
    I had to take a machine to get mine, unfortunately it is a Singer Touch and Throw

  8. Congrats! SO happy that you found your cabinet! I know that you have been scouring the resale world looking for one and as much time as you spend at the sewing machine, you deserve one! Enjoy it!

  9. That wasn't too far to drive! I've never looked on CL. I could get into more trouble if I did. Have a great stitching day with your #gofourit project. I have mine in the Block stage waiting to be a TOP.

  10. That is a lovely cabinet! Great price & terrific bonus machine. I'm wondering if you are still going to try to raise the height of the irons on your treadle. That is a problem for me because I'm 'all legs'.

  11. Totally agree about "low volume" and the cabinet is wonderful. But you will LOVE the 15-91. It's a great machine, and such a sweet sound. I can't wait to see the year and decal info. It may be a twin of mine, but mine's in a Trapezoid cabinet. Have fun!

  12. Anonymous11:53 AM EDT

    Glad to hear that you had a moment to do a spur of the moment run. Your calendar is so full that I love to hear you can take a break from it all. Thanks for everything you do, Bonnie.

  13. Anonymous12:23 PM EDT

    There is a huge movement of 'Modern' quilters who are making fabulous quilts, buying fabrics,notions,sewing machines,patterns and books and are following the blogs of 'traditional' quilters as well. In short, they are sewing their hearts out! If they want to call fabrics 'low volume', it's OK by me😊Debby

  14. Bonnie, I have the same cabinet. Mine came from a favorite aunt with a 401 in it. She bought it new in the fifties, and sewed many years on it. Made dresses for weddings--had three granddaughters. I sit at it every day (to sew LOL) I have my 301 atop it though.

  15. That is so funny that you would show this cabinet today! I was on my local craigslist and the very same one was available, but they wanted $125. I don't have room right now, so I passed. Congratulations on your good find!

  16. Congrats! on your "NEW" table (with machine included.) And I am SEW with you on the "low volume" thing, but we better not get me started on the "Modern" quilt movement. I am VERY old for my (relatively) young age!!!

  17. I have a machine and cabinet just identical to this one and I love it even better than I do my Janome. You will never be sorry that you bought it and you got it at a steal. I have even sewn 4 thicknesses of vinyl for covering boat seats and it never faltered. I have sewn leather with mine also. Mine is gear driven and that is another thing that I like about it. I swear by it and I have all the attachments that came with it. My sister in law gave it to me and she said that her mother in law paid about $400 for it in it's day.

  18. OMG you got that cabinet AND that lovely machine for only $55?? My jaw literally dropped and I didnt shut my mouth until it started to dry out!!!! Unbelievable!!!

  19. Your machine and cabinet look lovely. I'm sure you will have lots of fun with this! And I SO agree with you over that daft expression "low volume"! To me, that seems the TV is on too quietly! Nothing to do with fabrics at all! Hope to watch you live in the UK.

  20. How exciting to finally get the cabinet you want. BONUS for the machine and the stool. Hope it is comfy! Yippee quilt cam in the afternoon. My ol' eyes don't get along with sewing so late at night, but I am game for Sunday afternoon!

  21. Anonymous8:38 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I have that same cabinet too. Mine came from my great aunt with her 301 in it. She sewed aprons with it and sewed for many years. Hers was brand new in the fifties. Of course, my machine is named "Hazel" for her.
    Wendy in WNY
    PS I love my Keen sandals like the ones you wore in England! lol

  22. When I read your post I ran into my hall where my newest"catch" is being stored until I can find a space for her inside. She is a 1950 15-91 Singer Centennial. I swiped my hand to the left an I HAVE THE SAME cabinet. Craig's list in Conn. Just got her back from the repair folks and they used lemon oil and old English on her & she sparkles. Now I am so inspired to find a place of honor for her. Tomorrow I pick up a 1923 Singer Red Eye treadle in a cabinet..And I will oil her and clean her and pat her and tell her she is beautiful..Her name will be Miss Lizzie Mae. My grandmother's name. I have not seen the cabinet yet but if it cross saw oak I will just die she would be perfection. Enjoy

  23. What a beautiful cabinet! I know what you mean about the left leg. I find myself straddling it when I use my old Montgomery Wards. And glad to hear I'm not the only one confused by "low volume". I know I didn't do any quilting for a long time but just when did "lights" become "low volume"? Whatever you want to call them that's the one spot my stash is low so I guess I do have low volume. :-)
    Nancy Coleman ntcoleman@gmail.com

  24. Anonymous2:26 AM EDT

    I have a different definition for Low Volume." I think it means neutral or pale fabrics with a sparse amount of modern imagery.

  25. The cabinet is sure is a beauty I never saw one like that before. . Am looking myself for a cabinet for my machine. The table I use if you go fast it starts to bounce. Chuckles here about low volume. I always learn new things from you. Love the quilt you are working on.. I guess the next few weeks I will not be able to quilt with one Holiday coming after the other and than a grand daughters wedding . Than a trip coming up. Happy quilting Bonnie
    Yoka Bazilewich

  26. Lol low volume is what my stereo is on while I'm taking a nap. Sew on, Miss Bonnie. I love your new machine. See you at QuiltCam.
    Jackie in WI

  27. Such a lovely cabinet and beautiful machine. You are so blessed to find such good prices for your vintage things. I do admire how you can fix them up and clean them so they are like new again. I totally agree with your assessment of the "low volume" remark. It makes me laugh when I hear someone from the Modern movement try to explain what makes a quilt "modern" and infer that they "invented" the no borders style, straight line quilting, solid colors. They obviously have not seen many antique quilts in their short lifetime yet. Oh well, at least they have found the "quilting" bug, so all is not lost on them.

  28. Anonymous5:10 PM EDT

    Bonnie, Thanks for sharing the sewing cabinet picture....it is exactly like the one my Mother had when I was growing up. I have the Singer machine that was in it, but unfortunately the cabinet and chair were lost in a flood many years ago. I still remember learning to sew while sitting at one just like that. Kathy in ND

  29. Your dream cabinet is a twin to the sewing machine in my office. Mine was an "auction rescue" that I picked up for $1.50 - and it has sewn many, many quilts over the years.

  30. I have that cabinet only with a 201 in it. Love, love, love it!


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