Thursday, September 17, 2015

From Home to Kirksville!

This is Atlanta on a foggy September morning on the way to Missouri yesterday.

It was luckily an easy travel day, but I wondered why I had booked row 10 and when I checked in 24 hours in advance they had me in row 14.

When I checked in at the airport YESTERDAY for my flight I’d been bumped to row 17.


I never would choose a center seat on purpose while flying solo!

Turns out that our plane had been changed 3 times, and they kept couples together who were originally ticketed together, and they stuck the rest of us in center seats. UGH.

Good thing it was only for a bit over an hour!

I claimed that center seat, pulled out my hexie bag and went to town!


Working on the fill in corners!

I’ve got 4 fill in corners to piece, all from neutrals so this is still going to be a long process before this quilt comes to completion, but it is really fun to see neutrals sewn to neutrals and play with all of the variety.


Zooming across Missouri!

I landed in St Louis, rented a luggage cart, hauled my sorry self to the Budget rental car counter, pushed my heavy laden cart to the center island outside of door 17 and waited to catch the shuttle bus.

This was the whole PAIN IN THE NECK of the whole morning.  Can you see it?

Up comes the shuttle.

Here is Bonnie, flying solo with 2 50 lb bags of quilts, my rolling suitcase and my laptop bag.

The shuttle driver lady’s eyes flew wide open when she saw all of this luggage we needed to get on the shuttle.  We heaved, we hefted, we pushed and we pulled.  We made it!  ((This is not the glamour part of this job, btw!))

I asked her if there was any way she could drop me CLOSE to my car, which was in spot E-7.

She said “Honey, I’ll pull you right up to the trunk!”

I really couldn’t ask for better service than that.  And then we repeated the process: We hefted, we heaved, we pushed, we pulled and we carried those bags into my awaiting Chevy Impala….a brand spanking new vehicle with only 600 miles on it.  Zoom!!

About an hour up the road I decided that I needed lunch.  I was starving.  I had been up since 4am Eastern time and it was 12:30 Missouri time…..and low and behold there was a sign for my favorite right off the next exit!

AND….HA!  A sign for the Antique Barn less than 1/2 mile away!


Do I listen to this cookie?

When was the last time YOU listened to a cookie?

Take that, COOKIE!!

What goodies I found will be saved for the next post.  This is getting too long as it is! LOL!  ((Don’t you hate the suspense!?))


4:30pm!  Safe and sound in Kirksville!

I’m being very well taken care of by the Helping Hands Quilt Guild of Kirksville, Missouri!  A wine basket and a bag of scraps.  What more could a tired girl ask for?

I met with some of the ladies at 5pm for a quick dinner, and then I excused myself to go back to my room for bed.  It had been a very long long travel day and I couldn’t hardly keep my eyes open through dinner.

Luckily I have a morning here at my computer to catch up on things before being picked up for lunch and this afternoon’s Playing with Jack’s half day workshop.

Let more book writing commence!

Oh, and that hanging sleeve still waits to be stitched down – I ran out of gas last night and just could not do it.

Much love from Missouri!

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  1. Thanks for the update! Sorry about the middle seat...windows are ever so much better! :) Enjoy your time in MO and your hexi quilt is going to be over-the-top gorgeous when finished. (It's already gorgeous--but will continue to just get better, I'd expect).

  2. Welcome to Missouri, Bonnie! I will be in your class tomorrow, and look forward to meeting you! There's a fun, small antique shop just north of town...Lawson Hill Antique Mall...if you have a free moment!!

  3. I love hearing your updates as much as I love your teachings! and now you've got me wanting fitbit or perhaps
    the new garmin version that you now have. I'll be waiting to hear updates on that purchase!

  4. I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are for you to be with us in Kirksville! I am so glad to hear you arrived safely, and that we can shower you with hospitality from Northeast Missouri over the next three days!

  5. Anonymous10:35 AM EDT

    I mostly fly international, but can we now bring needles on planes? Had one taken away? I use a dental floss plastic applicator to cut thread. Dare I ask if scissors are allowed in carry on luggage? I was thrown but pleased to see the hexies while you were flying!

  6. I was wondering if you will finish this Hexie quilt traditionally? With Batting & Backing.
    I never even thought about that until recently....I suppose it could be appliqued to a backing..I'll have find out..
    Safe travels Bonnie..Have Fun.
    Debra in Ma.

  7. Your travel day made me tired just reading about it, and a middle seat. ACK!!! They evidently didn't know who you were cause if they did you'd have been moved to first class.

  8. You are HERE!! The Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild members (friends and spouses) are thrilled that you are in Kirksville! We are looking forward to meeting you and having a lot of FUN!

  9. She said “Honey, I’ll pull you right up to the trunk!”

    Yep, you're in Missouri! I hope you enjoy your time here. :)

  10. That Missouri Shuttle driver "Showed" You Missouri courtesy for sure. A great way to start your trip after the center seat. Hope the people on your right and left were nice! I'll wait for the goodies, I know you will share when you can. Glad you can work on your chapters on the road. Your Washington FAN who got her Pink Jammies yesterday! Next QuiltCAM Ill have to wear them...lol

  11. That running out of gas thing just happens too often. In my mind I can accomplish a lot more than I actually do, but you run circles around me. Have a great workshop today.

  12. Bummer about the middle seat. Understand the unwritten rule of middle seats is that you are entitled to BOTH arm rests. At least it didn't sound like you had to wrestle for those! Have a fun time in Missouri!

  13. Welcome back to the Midwest. Waving hello from one state north. Diane in Iowa.

  14. Welcome to Missouri, Bonnie. I'm sure glad the shuttle driver showed you our MO hospitality! I too went out and bought a pair of those cute sewing pj's. Looking forward to wearing them to several retreats in the near future. Can't wait to see you on your return to the St. Louis area. My fabrics are all picked out -- not to get them cut before the workshop.

  15. Hope you'll show us some pictures of what Kirksville looks like. My daughter in law went to school there and I'd love to see it!

    Hope your return trip is a little smoother!

  16. Bonnie you are a root and sure made me laugh The way you wrote about your trip.
    It must be very hard to travel that way and I sure do admire you a lot.
    Traveling tired you out and what a bummer to be stuck in a middle seat.
    I know all about that from a flight from Israël and I had a broken toe.
    It is a 12 hout flight and I was stuck between 2 husky ladies. It was a night mare
    the whole flight. My leg was so swollen that I could not walk at all arriving in New York and
    Thanks to my friend who gave me her seat after she saw what was going on with me.
    Looking forward always to your new adventures. Happy quilting!
    Yoka Bazilewich

  17. I do so love reading your chatter about your days; thanks, Bonnie, for being so faithful with your blog!

  18. Anonymous1:19 PM EDT

    I do love your blogging, Bonnie. So many blogs just don't measure up to yours! You spoil us!
    Deb Sievert


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