Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Just a Bit of Treadle Action.

Thanks to all those who sent well wishes.

I don’t think I’m SICK SICK –just a bit off.  Stomach is in knots, and I’m sticking close to home.

I’m not being adventurous with my food!  ((Maybe that is the problem? Too much eating out over the past 2 weeks?))

I just feel blah, and I’m taking it slow.

The whole excitement of my day was taking the last of the book orders that have come in over the past 2 weeks to the post office and getting to meet the new postal clerk who is filling in.  Boy did I give HER an education!

We sent packages to Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Canada, Ireland and England.  Did I miss a country? I’m not sure –but they all went today.

I am either the new employee’s nightmare, or the best “from the fat into the frying pan” experience they have ever had!

75 orders out since yesterday afternoon.  And tummy trouble.  Exciting, no?

So tonight I’m rewarding myself with just a bit of this.


I have two sheets left to cover.


Loads of fun digging in this tote!

And I will be doing this while watching some more of Gilmore Girls to keep me company since I am home alone…


Well not alone exactly!

Sadie is hanging with me –and is very glad that I vacuumed the studio floor – she was tired of wearing dog ears on her dog ears!

Tomorrow is another day!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. It's no fun being "out of sorts." I too am home alone - hubby is scouting a new canoeing route, or just out for his last camping trip before weather sets in here (Alaska).

  2. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you and your tummy. I think you deserve a few days of slowing down. You always inspire me to do a little more quilting.

  3. Take it easy Bonnie. Hope you soon feel back to normal. Janet.

  4. I hope you get to feeling better quickly. Sounds like your plans for the evening sound very relaxing. Judy

  5. Anonymous7:22 PM EDT

    you probably picked up a bug... eating out and all that travel has got ya' a little discombobulated...feel better soon, some bland, comfort food should do it... thanks for what you do and i love the paper piecing on telephone book pages... yay you, Cats Whitcher aka cwhitcher@roadrunner.com

  6. Oh hope you are feeling up to par soon. Funny, my tummy was off today too--had that once in a lifetime pneumonia shot yesterday and really had a reaction--so maybe that's it. I love your low volume strippies....really cool...I am working on your Scrappy Trips Around the World--it is a super pattern...loving your method....hugs and stay cool Julierose

  7. Sometimes I just do too much. Then I get my tummy in a twist. Takes a few days at home. Sleeping in my own bed. My own cooking to settle me down. Hope you settle down too. Looking forward to quilt cam & I just signed up for your classes in Oct. online. Yeah!

  8. Susan Flynn8:02 PM EDT

    Hope you feel better soon! Our home remedy is a teaspoon of baking soda in a half glass of water -- take three big drinks and wash it down with water. That always settles our tummy especially after lots of out to eat food. Get better!

  9. :) The older we get the harder on our system traveling is and the longer it takes us to recover. Dragging butt myself from the same. Hope you regain ground at your speed.Sadie is so pretty in that photo.
    TcMay, Michigan

  10. We have one of those cough and cold viruses at our house.

  11. Anonymous9:45 PM EDT

    The not so sure how you are feeling, knowing that something is not right bug is in our office. Wasn't sure I would make it through the day. I work at the University so all hands on deck are needed cause our darlings are back. I don't think is related to any food fun on your travels. You are amazing how much you accomplish even when your not felling your self.
    Feel better,
    Elaine Latulippe
    Hamilton, Ontario

  12. So sorry you don't feel well... I know that feeling... Not really well, but not sick, dick, as you said.., just "off.", with a little bit of nausea... I hope you feel "normal" very soon!

    Would have loved to see the drama at the PO... Fun...


  13. Feel better! One of my students seems to have given me the gift of a virus--blech--so I know how you feel. Time to go to bed, pull the quilt up over my head, and wait it out. My dad always told me that if you treat a cold, it lasts seven days. If you don't, it can last a whole week!

  14. Hi, Bonnie get better saying a prayer for you. Love watching Quilt Cam.

  15. Bonnie, try some homemade chicken broth. Usually heals what ails you.

  16. Haha, that means my books are on the way! Yay! I've been sorting my fabrics and getting ready for a sewing bee when home from Idaho

  17. Anonymous5:04 AM EDT

    Bonnie, perhaps you have been accidentally 'glutened'. It happens to me quite regularly, so I try to avoid eating out a lot to give my gut time to ease out. I suppose this would be a bit tricky for you! I hope you recover soon.

  18. Hope you feel better soon! Your quilt is becoming a beauty!! Keep up the good (treadle-)work! Helps for all kinds of things.. ;)
    Greetz from the Netherlands.
    (Also a bit under the weather...kidneystone.... :( ...)

  19. Hope you feel better soon! Your quilt is becoming a beauty!! Keep up the good (treadle-)work! Helps for all kinds of things.. ;)
    Greetz from the Netherlands.
    (Also a bit under the weather...kidneystone.... :( ...)

  20. Sometimes nerves can do awful things to a body too..Maybe you've been overdoing it lately..Hugs to you Bonnie..I do Love your neutrals..there's something about neutrals, that excites me, inspires me.
    Aw, look a pretty Sadie girl, big Hugs for her too.

  21. Enjoying your sense of humor - dog ears on his dog ears LOL. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  22. I think you normally eat gluten free. Traveling so much, you probably ate some. My husband, who is gluten intolerant, has the hardest time traveling and eating out. You also having been going non stop- good stuff, but a lot. Hopefully rest and doing what you love will cure it.

  23. Anonymous7:57 AM EDT

    Sadie is so flippin' cute!!

    Pamela kuniecki

  24. Hoping the tummy is back to normal soon ... no fun!! Sadie is adorable and the look of love coming to you from those eyes tells all that she is VERY happy you are home ... sick or not!! She is adorable ;-) Feel better soon ... loving those neutral strings ... not sure what your plan is for them but I might just have to start "stringing along" because love all your quilts!! Linda

  25. I was so inspired by your strip sashing that I made some for a 55" x 70" lap quilt. Boy, did it make a real dent in my neutral strips! I generally can't find a use for my neutral strips and didn't want to make a strip quilt. So, thanks for the idea.

    sjvonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  26. Bonnie ~ I just wonder if perhaps your body/tummy is trying to tell you "Hey, slow down a bit!" Hope the treadling is calming & healing! Hugs & I hope you feel 100% soon!
    Penny in So CA

  27. Hi All! I am digging into the scrap stash this weekend with a purpose! I bought one of Bonnie's books while on vacation and now have the opportunity to start making my scraps work! String Fling is bookmarked at Wild Child and I have started cutting the foundation papers and sorting/cutting scraps to begin. =]
    Easy does it and steady work will get me organized and moving forward with a purpose! WhooHoo! Thank you Bonnie for your daily inspirational posts and a great new book to get me on my way! Leaders/Enders are not far off!

  28. Hopefully by now you are back to yourself up and around feeling well.... (I haven't read anything newer then this post). But here are two suggestions that our family uses when
    we have problems in the stomach. My #1 go to is peppermint tea... lovely... and #2 is digestive enzymes. We get ours at the Health food store. Typically we buy a brand
    called American Health; Chewable SUPER PAPAYA ENZYME PLUS. It helps your body digest
    whatever it is that is setting wrong in your stomach. It has peppermint oil in it
    and it sure helps what ails us. NONE OF THE FOLLOWING; gluten, yeast, wheat, milk or milk derivatives, lactose,soy, egg, grapefruit,sugar, preservatives, artificial color,or artificial flavor, sodium.
    I read all this right off the bottle. Just a thought.
    Looking forward to Quilt-Cam. Thank you for sharing all you do share with us. Your Great!


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