Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kevin, Mary Ellen and Bonnie Go Antiquing!

Two of my favorite things happened on Friday!

A Picnic AND An Antique Mall run!

And I got to do it with two of my friends, how’s that for fun?

You never know what you are going to find when you go out antiquing.  Merchandise can turn over at any given time, so even if you were there 2 months ago, or even 2 weeks – it can be completely different the next time.

Kevin had warned me that “We might not find anything good” here – but never fear, we’ll give it a shot anyway!


Right off the bat!

I love how graphic this is!  Big and bold, three colors.  Oh, we could have fun with this!

I explained that I can’t BUY everything, but that photos are just as good as owning an item –so we took this photo opportunity and moved on!


Long and skinny dresden plate!

Kevin was a great quilt holder while Mary Ellen and I clicked away!


Something special!


Look how tiny!

This top was likely made in the 1940s and the pattern is known as Hummingbird or Periwinkle Star.  Mary Ellen snatched this top right up and plans to quilt it!


Yes, it is pretty spectacular!


Elongated Hexagon!

These stretched hexagons look a lot like the center shape in our lozenge quilt!  Totally scrap bag, and totally wonderful for the variety of fabrics in it! Circa 1940s.




Check out the hour glass blocks!

Great setting!


Sister’s Choice love!


I love how this one was set block to block..no sashings.  Great 1950s fabrics in it!


Beautiful yellow double wedding ring!


Check out the neutral prints!

We loved how this quilter chose all of her fabrics (All 1930s to 1940s) with light backgrounds ---we think sewing with neutrals or things “LOW VOLUME” is a new thing? Think again!  What a beautiful quilt!


My favorite of all!  Stars in circles!


Great border too!

I love everything about this.  The blocks, the sashings, the quilting, even that dog-tooth border that does not center itself over each block but still turns the corners!  It was full of ginghams and other wonderful little prints.  I wanted to take this one home, but really where would I put it?  Remember, photos are free.  So I took a couple and we moved on.


Tattered Double 9 Patch.


This one was circa 1900 with several earlier fabrics in it.

There is something about sweet traditional designs that just make my heart sing.  Nothing fancy, just loads of hours with small pieces to put this together in a pleasing manner.  Simply wonderful!


An EARLY Irish Chain!


Mordants cause fabric erosion.

See the white places in the red fabric?  Over time the iron oxide in the mordants used in printing this fabric ate the fabric away leaving the batting showing behind the holes.  It looks like a polka dot fabric, but it isn’t.  This quilt was STILL so beautiful.  We believe the yellow was originally a green, and over time the blue dye faded away leaving this bright yellow.


Check out the border!


I wanted THIS!

But it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase, and I wasn’t shipping furniture home!


Mundlos Treadle!

Missing bobbin area slide plate.


Check out the decals!


Oh baby!

I loved the desk type cabinet that the machine was in….it ran smoothly, the pedal turning the wheel underneath like butter.  It needs some care and a few replacement pieces including the slide plate and a bobbin case and bobbins, but the sale price was $42.50.  If I lived near by it would surely come home with me.

This was out near St Charles, and I don’t have the address as I was not driving, but I’m sure someone could find it if they did their own research!  Someone go adopt this machine, for the table, if for nothing else!

We had a great time browsing, oohing and ahhing and petting the quilts.  It was so much fun I hope we get the chance to do it again on another trip!

I stole Kevin's Selfie!

For more fun, click over to KEVIN'S BLOG to read his uptake on our weekend!

I’m home.

I got home much later than I thought due to a 2 hour delay in Atlanta.  I grabbed a bite to eat on my way home and then pretty much went straight to bed.

Today is another rainy soggy day in North Carolina, and that is perfect for me because I am holing myself in and taking care of things that have piled up while I was gone the past two weeks.

I know you are thinking of Quilt-Cam.  And I know Friday Evening doesn’t work for EVERYONE, but I leave Saturday on a Caribbean cruise with 50 quilters in tow, and with all that needs to happen this week, Friday evening looks like the only clear spot for it to happen.  Keep watching the blog for further updates, I’ll let you know if that changes!

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  1. Fun to see your antique discoveries ... enjoy them a lot! Rest up for that cruise ... one is on my bucket list ;-) Linda

  2. Anonymous8:37 AM EDT

    Glad you are home safe and sound! I'm sure Sadie is happy!

    You amaze me - just home from a 2 week trip, leaving on Saturday for a cruise and thinking about doing quilt-cam on Friday night! I'm tired just thinking about it. I work on Fridays - but there is always the archives! Thank you for all you do for us....

    Donna Williams

  3. too bad you couldnt ship furniture :-) I know how much you would have wanted that machine and cabinet and as for the quilts---looking at the quality I might not have been able to leave them behind ;-) I love looking through your finds!!!! thanks for sharing *~*CAROLE*~*

  4. Not find anything...??? Looks to me like you hit the Mother Load.

  5. Lucky Mary Ellen! I would have chosen the stars in a circle. Loved the quilting on that one!
    great to find so much while just hanging around in Missouri with friends. Friday works for me!

  6. I LOVE your antique mall posts - thanks!!

  7. How could you resist those quilts??!! I would have gotten at LEAST one of them :) You have more willpower than I do...haha

  8. I really enjoyed seeing all of these quilts. I am amazed when I think that in yesteryear a lot of folks did all of their work by hand!

    In fact, I remember a time when using a sewing machine to make a quilt was looked down upon!!!


    sao in Midlothian, VA

  9. The quilt table is pretty but the machine sits so far back my back would be screaming in 20 minutes.....

    Thanks for showing us the goodies......

  10. Awesome quilts. Sounds like a great day, quilts and antiques... that's my kind of day. :)

  11. The Christmas quilt is definitely one I would make. Hope I win this fabulous pile of goodies.

  12. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos (and fun times together with others). An interesting side note, found out antique stores in some areas take the bobbin assembly and plate off the machines as they are the number one item stolen. When I heard that I was quite taken aback to think a quilter or sewist would feel the need to take a five finger discount on them, but they do. Found this out when I commented on it missing on a machine I was looking at. Wasn't missing, just in a drawer at the check out stand.

  13. Anonymous11:28 PM EDT

    Storm is a brewing out there, take goodies for your tummy..... Cindy

  14. I just love Christmas. I have never made a Christmas quilt
    Dianne Holder

  15. Anonymous1:33 AM EDT

    Fridays are good! I have one Friday per month that I am out.......the rest I am stuck at home and there is nothing on TV!! I envy the gals going on the cruise..such fun! Loved the photos of the old quilts.....! Cynthia quilticat@yahoo.com

  16. Oh My! This giveaway really get the wheels turning for Christmas.
    I would just love it. Friday would work out great, I'll be cutting.

  17. My goodness your pictures are so awesome. Here where I live in Portland Or. I just never see all the quilt finds you see. So it's really nice that you can take pictures and show them to all of us. Quilt cam Friday. Fabulous. Thanks Bonnie for everything.


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