Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Days Later --Pennsylvania Morning Walk!

Last Thursday I posted the photos from the coverlet museum in Bedford, hit the road and headed toward Boiling Springs for the Quilt Odyssey retreat.

Here we are Tuesday, and these photos remain on my phone.

Since I don’t have a lot of my own to post here from spending Labor Day at the cabin, working on a mystery, and napping A LOT – I thought I’d post these photos because they are just so so so pretty!

I took a different route, heading south from Mary’s house to Shawnee State Park, its focal point being the 451-acre Shawnee Lake.

Sunrise on a lake!  I was not about to miss it for my last morning in this part of Pennsylvania!

When I first arrived the lake was blanketed by a floating fog layer, and I flushed a water fowl as I neared the shore and the weeds where he was hiding.  Can you see him flying low over the water?

Scared ME as much as I scared HIM!


Cloud reflections!

While crossing the bridge I was able to see the other side of the lake, water still and tranquil with clouds and sky mirrored on its surface.  Beautiful!


Water reflections always intrigue me!


The noisiest spot on the lake!

I think the geese just KNOW that it is almost time to start flying south.  There were whole gaggles in groups, honking out their  “good morning!” to each other.  “Good morning, geese!” I said back to them, and walked on.


Mirrors AND misty fog!


Every few feet of walking gave a better view!


And then, the sun broke through!

There is something amazing about being up to greet each sunrise.  A familiar friend welcoming me to the possibilities of a brand new day.


Sun dancing on the water!

Doesn't this remind you of the movie "On Golden Pond"??

This sun was eager to share its happiness over the brand new morning that it couldn’t help skipping it’s beams right to me across the surface of the water.  It’s not often that you see THREE suns at once!


Early September in Pennsylvania!

Beautiful beyond words!

Sadie and I are headed home this morning.  There is MUCH to do on the to-do list after being gone for nearly 2 weeks.  Yesterday was a holiday, so there was no mail service, however I need to get everything that has waited out to the post office by closing time this afternoon and that is my number one goal.

I have had emails asking about the NEXT Quilt-Cam.  I’m thinking about it too.  Realistically I need a few days.  So I’m thinking Thursday as a possibility to give me some time to catch up.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Have a wonderful Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday, everyone!


Oh, and the drawing for the 1775 Palampore by Mary Koval is TONIGHT!  Did you enter to win?  If not, head over to THAT POST and leave a comment there to be entered.  Remember to leave an email address so you can be contacted if I draw you.


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  1. Yes, sunrise over water is a magical thing. Glad you got up early to see it. Safe travels home and good luck getting all the orders out by end of day.

  2. Beautiful peaceful photos. Love being out in the early mornings.

  3. I don't often see the Sunrise. I like to work late into the night. Beautiful one you found in PA. My son is heading there soon to work for a month. Take the break you need. I felt like yesterday was a Saturday after a wild Fair Week. I'll keep watching for the QuiltCam announcement. Hope I am a winner of the Panel, I entered there.

  4. Wonderful pictures - thank you for sharing.

  5. Lovely photos. Vies like this makes a morning walk a joy.

  6. What magnificent photos! Thank you for sharing them with us. I can feel the peace coming thru that the lake and early morning hours held. We certainly live in a wondrous world and the special moments that await us are out there. We can take a lesson from you in that as well as quilting, just slow down and let those times of beauty find us. It's us rushing along, always in a hurry, that we miss the gifts the earth has to share with us. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. What a beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing !

  8. Bonnie, your photographs are absolutely beautiful. The would be so great to pain in water colors! Hope your Labor Day was relaxing. I'm sure Sadie liked being with you!

  9. It looks like she lives in a most amazing part of the country. What great pictures! So glad you got to spend a few days relaxing!

  10. A few of those pictures remind me of The Note Book.

  11. Beautiful photos, Bonnie. So tranquil! Thanks for sharing.


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