Monday, September 28, 2015

A Picnic Kind of Show & Share!

Saturday provided us a wonderful break from the summer heat – it’s as if the seasons simply turned a page, leaving us still with sunshine and lovely weather – just a bit kinder, a bit cooler and we grabbed the opportunity to take our box lunches, hike across the parking lot to enjoy our lunch hour near the beautiful bit of water you see in this photo at the park across from the community center where our workshops were being held.

GET OUTSIDE!  I don’t care how you do it or when you do it – but quilting, as I often tell people is a sedentary sport.  We sit a lot. 
INSIDE.  We need fresh air.  We need the vitamin D that the sun provides naturally.

If you must eat out, get it TO GO and find a grassy spot before rougher weather begins.  Tuck this beautiful day into your pocket and reflect back on it in the depths of winter and know that Spring will once again be followed by summer and green and warmth and sunshine.

Within a few weeks we won’t be able to do this at all --




Plenty of seating for the whole class of 36!


Consider it RECESS!

It was also a beautiful way to share our quilts with each other.  Photos turn out great on a slightly overcast afternoon.


Three Celtic Solstices all in a row!

Find Celtic Solstice HERE.

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.  Or as always – there is better viewing on a REAL computer! Get to one!

Show & Share, St Louis MO 2015


Just a lovely spot!


Our classes were here, across the way!

As I head home this morning I want to give my thanks once again to the guilds that made this two week tour possible!  Thank you for working so well with each other and doing everything behind the scenes to make this whirl wind run so smoothly!

The Hands of Friendship guild of Kirksville, Missouri.  The Stitch by Stitch Quilters of Marshall, Missouri.  The Ozark Piecemakers of Springfield, Missouri.  The Circle in the Square Quilters of St Louis, Missouri.  You  made my time here so very very memorable and I can’t wait until we cross paths again!

And for those who are asking, though I haven’t had the time to get our yearly mystery to the point where I’ll be able to release the yardage requirements by October 15th, I’m doing everything I can to release them by October 31st.  You can’t have yardage requirements without a quilt ---not in my book.  I’m still working on it. 

I have just a few days at home before I turn around and HAVE TO take a group of 50 on a Caribbean Cruise!  I know, tough job, right?  But what it hasn’t left room for the past few months is SEWING TIME.

I’m shooting for October 31st.  That still gives you nearly 4 weeks to pull your fabric together.  Thank you for your patience.

And I’m panic rambling, so I’ll stop here, wish everyone a happy Monday, and pack for home…


  1. We'll be fine. Actually, two weeks should be okay for collecting fabric... You are so incredibly busy, I don't see how you have time to do much of anything except travel and recover from that travel!

  2. Deep breaths, we can see your schedule is crazy and will wait until you provide yardage requirements.

  3. Anonymous10:07 AM EDT


    We quilters can be patient people. It does take patience to make a quilt so we are all good. I am so grateful for ALL you do. Just take a deep breath.....no panic attacks allowed.

    Remember to take a few minutes for yourself in the short time you have at home between trips. But I have to say that I am a little green with envy about the Caribbean cruise.


  4. Bonnie and Circle in the Square Quilters--Thank you for a fabulous day of quilting with friends, both old and new, plus the added bonus of an amazing show-and-tell and picnic! Bonnie, I'm still pinching myself that I finally got to meet you!

  5. Love all the quilts especially the ones with feet! And the three armed quilter! So glad I got to share these. Now I am off to get a new quilt organized so I can sew. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Kevin the Quilter was SEW excited to meet you!! I think you made his year. :o))
    Enjoy your cruise... wish I was there!!

  7. Bonnie, quick update, my son, Steve, is being operated on right now. His artifical heart is being replaced. It was an emergency surgery. I wish we could have done this outside picnic in Lafayette last November. What was it? 12 degrees or something. Looking forward to fabric colors but October 31 gives us plenty of time. Safe trip home.

  8. Jodi Moriarty8:58 PM EDT

    Love this post, looks like such a good time!

    We will be happy to receive the Mystery Quilt fabric requirements as your schedule allows. We would be over the (blood) moon happy to get a sneak peek of colors even before the specific yardage is complete. If we receive the colors, we can have time to get our color cards at our local home improvement stores. Then we can hit the ground running when the actual yardage requirements are published. Whatever works for you, Bonnie! :-)

  9. Anonymous11:48 PM EDT

    I agree with Jodi - would love to just know the colors. I'm going to have the opportunity to stop by A&E Pharmacy on my way home from a business trip. I could add to my stash and pick up colors I'm a little low on.

  10. 106/107 degrees in Phoenix this week. We're not leaving the AC except to go from the car to the quilt store! ;-)

  11. The fall mystery can wait a little bit! Stay sane and healthy and know that we all love you.

  12. Anonymous5:40 AM EDT

    Should be plenty of time to pull fabric from stash before migrating to Florida for winter and full time sewing. Finished mystery last year down there and brought north for a quilt at camp in the Adirondacks. Where will I put this new one, my husband says we have enough although I do give some as family gifts. Finishing a purple,pink and turquoise modern design for our only granddaughter. Love this blog for the daily inspiration. My husband refers to 'Bonnie's' Spinach salad dressing as the best! Johanne, 2hagars at gmail.com

  13. I continue to be amazed at the number of finished "Bonnie" quilts that are shown at show and tells around the country. I know of no other designer with the sewing power of Bonnie.

    Great plug for the outdoors. Just like our mamas said. Go out and play. I have had low vit D for four years and that is often with many pills.... I think we loose the ability to efficiently make the D as we get older. Another thought I have had is that with all the chemicals we eat in food that has a long "shelf life" some how the Vit D does not get made. Will be interesting what they know twenty years from now.

    Twenty years from now will be a whole slew of new mystery quilts. Don't worry on the numbers as most of us will aim for 5 yards and end up 8 yards of each color. It is a mute issue and a bit FUN. Heck perhaps I will just use the fabric I pulled for two years ago and did not sew. lol. Thanks Bonnie for being so good to us.

  14. What a lovely setting for a picnic lunch! And kudos Bonnie, for getting your quilters outside and walking. I have to admit I am alarmed at how big the women are in your photos... is this a reflection of quilters in general, or Americans in general? Other countries do not look like this because WALKING is part of the culture. You are doing quilters a great service to talk about your passion for walking and your step counter, etc. Keep it up. America has a problem and we need to do all we can to help each other be healthy and live longer.

  15. Sew glad you were able to get outside more. Thank you for sharing your passion with us and allowing me to share mine. Have a great "working" trip with your hubby, 😊.


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