Monday, April 25, 2011

When All Else Fails….

Take A Hike!!

Yesterday afternoon, though we probably decided to do this too much into the middle of the day, forgetting that it was 80 something out there, DH an I took a 7.12 mile hike around Salem Lake!

The green balloon you see is the starting/ending point, the numbers in circles are mile markers...how accurate they are, I'm not sure! But I did use the GPS and "map my fitness" on my iphone, and from what I can tell, it tracks the route/mileage pretty well!

It was a beautiful day, and let’s face it, after yesterday’s emotional outburst, we both needed a bit of nature to cool our jets. Being outside amongst the trees and water does have a calming effect. Hearing birds, and seeing big buzzing things being busy with their own joie de vivre does seem to calm jangled nerves and allow you to slow down and ponder and work things out.

salemlake 004

Doesn’t this trail look inviting?! It really smelled good out there, even though there were many sneezes through the day, the pollen is in full force out there!

salemlake 005

However, this looks more like an Australian scene than one from Winston Salem, NC! They are rebuilding the dam for Salem Lake, and water levels are SO LOW…the sun is baking the revealed mud into interesting patterns, and the turtles and such have had to find a way to move further in from the tree line, to the center of the lake where there is still “some” water.

salemlake 006

Let’s just say that after the hour and 50 minutes it took us to hike the 7.12 miles, we were starving and headed straight out for dinner. Which meant no cooking for me. And I was FINE with that! After that, long Sunday afternoon naps were indulged in, and the day progressed slowly without any further conflict.

And I sewed!

I’ve got the “cruise” project, alas still nameless, all the way to “just add borders” stage! What those borders will be is still a mystery to me. I’m letting it percolate a bit, but I’m liking it so far! And there will be options…to make it bigger, to make it smaller, to make the project your OWN, not a “kit kit” where everything is the same. We are calling what I am kitting a “Starter Kit!” And fabrics can be added, subtracted, replaced, traded for and personalized. I’m much happier than I was.

I want to thank everyone for the words of wisdom and encouragement. You know, sometimes the best medicine is just knowing you are listening. Sometimes we can’t FIX things, but just knowing that there are listening ears out there really and truly helps. Today is another day. We try again. And we try and we try and we never give up.

I’m meeting up with Karen and Lisa for an Indian lunch at Nawab at 11:30. Oooooo! Nothing is better than lunch out with GFs on a Monday!

Have a great day y’all!


  1. Hugs, Again, Bonnie.

    Tomorrow evening is our monthly Knit Nite and then Wednesday is Lunch Out with The Gals - one just returned from a trip to the U.K. She'll have the floor most of the time, I'll bet.

    Have fun at lunch!


  2. What a gorgeous walking route you have there. We are still looking for spring. Saw is Sat, and poof, it was gone. Enjoy the g.f. lunch date, sounds delicious.

  3. Can't wait to see you today, catch up and give you a big hug!

  4. I love it when I don't have to cook.

  5. I'm giving you a thumbs up!

  6. Sounds like you had a nice Easter Sunday. I have to admit that if I managed to hike over 7 miles I wouldn't have any energy left for sewing.

    I read your previous post but didn't comment because there were already other comments saying anything I might have said. The son situation will work itself out eventually but I can certainly understand the frustration in the meantime. Feel free to vent any time, just getting it all out can relieve some of the stress.

  7. Beautiful place to walk. I walked with my mom yesterday - residential area with hot concrete underfoot. I was grateful. Mom had a stroke last year and her ability to walk is beautiful.

    Glad you are feeling better. Your son will find his way.

  8. I loved the pictures!! I am a mountain girl, hikes, walks by the lake, being in trees and forests.....and I live on the praires. No water, no real hiking trails, and no forests.... BUT, I have found myslef a hiding spot (that people don't know I go to when feeling like I need an escape) and seeing where you were, makes me want to find one of my own!!
    Sounds like you had a very nice afternoon - nice!
    And not having to cook - bonus!! ;-)
    I am glad you have a good handle on your project for the cruise - you will be having so much fun!!
    Have a fantstic week Bonnie!!

  9. susiequilter3:33 PM EDT


    Your son sounds depressed and as someone who suffers from this - I urge you to get him to a Dr. He may need medication. Hope this will help you.

  10. Having just gotten back from AU it does look the scenery I just saw! You would have loved AU!

  11. What a beautiful place for a hike. I have learned, never go walking without water and food, you never know how long you might be;)


  12. Bonnie, My first thought when I read your post from Sunday was to wonder if your son is depressed. We worried for years about a child's lack of motivation only to discover it stemmed from depression and ADHD-related issues. There was denial and resistance to getting help and much grumpiness, and some very tough times, but things have improved with treatment and more open communication.

    Isn't parenting just the hardest thing you've ever done??? And you do sometimes wonder if anything, any little thing at all, that you've done over the years really affected the outcome. Rather humbling. But at 21 not all brain function has matured - there's hope! Seek some professional help. Hugs to you.


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