Sunday, April 17, 2011

Homeward Bound!!

This is a quickie post.

Mostly because I am exhausted tired – and don’t have the energy to edit down all the class pictures from yesterday’s Scrappy Mountain Majesties workshop ((No, NO ONE made them in 3” size!!)) and I want to get my stuff packed, the car loaded, so I’m ready to hit the road home extra early. This is my route home..how far I get in one day depends on the weather and how I feel! AS I write this post, the rain is coming down pretty heavy –I’d like to get as far as I can, so I’m leaving as early as I can!

Yesterday ((Saturday)) was a whirlwind as it always is when you are doing double duty in a short time span, and there is someone who snuck out before I could even say goodbye!

City Quilter Grace came all the way down from Maine to take the Pineapple Blossom workshop, and to stay for my lecture today….the book table was mobbed after the lecture, and she snuck out for her long drive home while I was dealing with that, and getting set up for the half day class that followed!

Grace, if you read this….it was so wonderful to finally put a face and a voice to your name…we’ve emailed for years and years! And thank you for the delicious blueberry jam! YUMMY!

There were no further gifts of Millenium Y2K fabric…..but I was gifted a VERY COOL Thing for taking bobbins to class! I usually use that blue round thing that holds a lot of bobbins, but what to do if you are traveling, wanting to keep your supplies small??

kingstonny2011 005

Look at THIS! It’s a pedicure toe-separator ((I’m not sure what they call these..what is the proper name for this thing?!? it’s a …..THING, you know?!)) AND…it can hold 4 bobbins of thread TOGETHER!

I know about the little pony tail holder things…but those are small, and the bobbins still roll around in the bottom of my bag, and I lose the hair thingies…but THIS…this has GREAT potential! And the best thing is..they come in pairs! One for you, one for a friend….Flirt male

And I also have been gifted “Heaven in a bag” ---

trumbullct_2011 020

Have you seen these? They come from Costco. and OH…are they decadent! But don’t let the “natural source of antioxidants” make you think that you don’t have to be accountable for how many you consume! 1/4 cup has about 180 calories..which is about how many I left on the table top there. These things are SO good, that you have to measure out a serving, and LOCK THE BAG AWAY!

Mine will be riding in the “way back” with the quilt bags so I’m not tempted to down the whole package while driving back to NC! Smile with tongue out

I promise to get caught up on the class pics as soon as I get some free time to do so!


  1. bonnie, you are so welcome, my friend, for the jam, just a taste of maine until you arrive at some point! tis true, i left right after the lecture as i was hoping to avoid the rain and i did mostly once i got to lee, mass, on the turnpike. if you haven't seen my blog, you can tell i was simply enthralled and your gifts exceed your humble musings on this blog. it was indeed wonderful to meet in person after many years across the web. drive safe; until the next time....happy quilting!

  2. Anonymous9:13 AM EDT

    You may be home bound but I am still trying to catch up on blogs from my last retreat outing. And you girl post ALOT.... I could read them straight through but the comprehension goes way DOWN when I do that..... have a safe trip home.

  3. OK, this is the first time I've tried commenting, so I hope it works well! Bonnie, please post and tell us that you are OK soon! All those storms in NC yesterday have me worried about you!

    Here's to hoping you, and your home, are A-OK!

  4. Bonnie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your travels with all the beautiful pics. I feel I get to know friendly quilters all over! It means a lot to us trapped in a regular, report daily job. Safe tripping home...

  5. Travel safely...maybe the chocolate should ride shotgun...it is a long trip!

    It is always fun to hear of bloggers who make it to one of your classes or lectures! Blueberry jam...I am so jealous!

  6. Home Sweet Home! Yesterday I worked on our charity quilts and the "2000" material you have popped up in the quilt. Small world.

  7. Ok so according to the map you are going to be very close to you Sundae Quilter sisters..... any chance of getting together?

  8. I love those blueberries! Seems a healthy way to consume dark chocolate, no? :-)

    I absolutely hate having those things between my toes (or the paper towel strips either!). Such a better use for them!!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Safe travels today, Bonnie... and thanks for sharing the tip about the toe separator thingie... I know I have some in the closet and will go get them right now!

  10. Drive safe. I hope the weather clears up and you make good time.
    Good idea to put the "healthy" chocolate at the back of the car! LOL

  11. Thank you for all your energy, inspiring us with all your beautiful scrappy quilts for us to see up close and in person.....and oh my goodness are they ever more gorgeous in person than they are online! Thank you for packing and unpacking them so many times a year for so many quilters to see how little bits of fabric can make a thing of beauty. thank you for driving all over the country and sharing your joy of quilting!

    Safe travels and Happy Sewing

  12. Bonnie, I just wanted to thank you for all the travel and sew-in pictures you share with all of us. Now, just have a safe trip home. There is a lot of unpredictable weather going on. You've never said, or I may have missed it, but I hope you have a wonderful comfortable and safe vehicle that you use. For all the driving you do, you deserve the best one! Take care. And those chocolates look tempting for sure!

  13. Have a safe trip home. I love the tip for the toe thingy. I've got to find the one I have and never use for the purpose it was intended! Thank you for the idea.

  14. Safe travels home Bonnie. Hope the trip is storm free.
    Look forward to those class pics whenever you have a chance.

  15. I just ran across your blog and didn't know you were from NC until now. I grew up there and return often to visit family. Can you recommend any quilt shops? Have a safe trip home.....I've driven from Maine to Charlotte before....it's a long way! Take care!

  16. Anonymous4:09 AM EDT

    I hope you get home safely just saw all the storms in the CArolinas on the news here in Australia.


  17. I've been using those pedicure toe separators to hold bobbins for a while now. Great idea.

    I was on that same stretch of I-81 south through Virginia yesterday - at least it was a nice day to be on the road.

  18. Welcome home! I'm going to Costco to shop for my own stash of decadence~ yum!

  19. the best thing about those toe thingies for bobbins ( Bobbin Toes?) is that I could write the name of the machine on them and keep the bobbins straight. I have uhm, more than one machine and the bobbins are sometimes hard to tell apart by eye...thank you for showing them to us- it wil make my life easier!


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