Saturday, April 16, 2011

Over The Bridge To Kingston!!

Yesterday morning bright and early, I loaded up my car, and headed out in Poughkeepsie morning rush hour, Over the Mid-Hudson Bridge to meet with the Wiltwyck Quilters of Kingston, NY!

I love bridges. My fascination with them goes back to my childhood, living in the San Francisco Bay area from the time I was about 7 to 19---when I headed off to Idaho, not knowing how that one move would so change my life and set me on the course for where I am today.

If you could pinpoint ONE MOMENT that changed “everything” –That crossroads—where would it be?

That thought gets my mind wandering, but back to the bridges….I’ve been on some amazing ones in my life, but of course the Golden Gate holds my heart. And in its own way, though it is not near as big, the Mid-Hudson bay also strikes that thrill when I am passing through the girders and the arches and working my way through traffic to the other side.

We might not know why the CHICKEN crossed the road—but this Quilter NEEDED to cross the bridge to get to the other side!

But before I go any farther, I have to show you what I also ended up packing in my suitcase!

poughkeepsieny2011 016

Hahahahahahahah!!!! Open-mouthed smile It’s a piece of glittery Y2K Millenium fabric! Tied up with traffic signs as a thank you for driving all the way up to Poughkeepsie for a visit! And that’s not all! At the Nine-Patch-Split workshop, I was also gifted with THIS lovely that I had never seen before ((How is it they can make a Millenium fabric that I have never seen!?!?))

poughkeepsieny2011 048

This one is really not so “Noxious” ---I think if IT is cut small, it will just look “blue”. Smile with tongue out Thanks for all the Y2K LOVE! I think I’m going to have to re-nomer what Y2K stands for….how bout--- YOU’RE 2 KIND!! ((Like, you really shouldn’t have…lol!))

We had a great Pineapple Blossom workshop, and I want you to click the slide show and pay VERY close attention to the SIZE of the blocks…there are some in there that may look like the others at first glace, but you have got to see the ones that FINISH at 3”!! Even I am not crazy enough to do them this small, but they are sure adorable!

I’m enjoying a quiet restful stay at Carol’s house—She has a lovely apartment built on to her house, think of the perfect mother-in-law’s getaway…it’s fully furnished and features quilts all over…I feel like a princess in my own palace!

And thanks to Carol’s washer and dryer, I’m a princess with clean clothes! I had absolutely nothing clean left, so this is a very good feeling!

This is the view from the back deck last evening as the sun was working its way down toward the mountains:

kingstonny2011 026

Do you see that little playhouse in the garden!? It’s adorable! And what a view…it was so lovely out I had to take a walk after bringing in my luggage!

kingstonny2011 027

Can you just smell how fresh the air is? Soon the woods will be leafing out, but for now I enjoyed being able to SEE through the trees…things look fairly flat in this picture, but let me assure you that it is ANYTHING BUT! It felt like it was uphill in both directions!

kingstonny2011 028

I walked past some forsythia celebrating spring with reckless abandon and I had to snap a picture…Ours at home in NC is all leafed out and we won’t see this brilliance again until NEXT year…so my being up north in New York has given me an extended spring –and I’m soaking it in!

kingstonny2011 029

This picture is where I stopped to huff and puff on my way back up the hillside! You can’t really tell how steep it is, I know, but believe me…I was panting! All this in an effort to burn off the Easter chocolate that somehow found it’s way into my fists--

And from my fists to my mouth while wandering the classroom Flirt male

So what’s up for today? We’ve got a morning lecture/trunkshow and a half day Scrappy Mountain Majesties workshop for the Wiltwyck guild, and then Sunday I’ll start my long trek home!


  1. DH and I have been visiting the US these past 6 weeks and we have been amazed by the engineering in the bridges here! We drove back to NYC yesterday from Washington DC and this time our motel is near JFK so we went over so many beautiful bridges esp Verrazano (?) Bridge...

  2. I am glad you are being treating like a princess.

  3. It looks like a lovely place- what a view!

  4. Really great Pineapple Blossom blocks.....LOVE the tiny one!

  5. Pineapple Blossom is one of my favorites of your patterns. I have just got to make one!

  6. I look forward to every slide show. Those tiny pineapples are just so cute.
    Thanks for sharing your travels.

  7. Oh my! I used to live there, I could be going to a Bonnie workshop....I wonder if I know anyone attending? *sigh* now I'm feeling nostalgic....

  8. Anonymous3:02 PM EDT

    I had some blue millineum fabric that had enough color to use the back side of it.
    What is with the Russian girls!!!!

  9. I heard you had a pineapple workshop in Franklin, NC, too. Must just be a rumor, because I ain't never seen no pictures!!

  10. I laughed when you mentioned bridges! I was 16 when we moved to Winston Salem area from PA(near DE and NJ) and I asked my Dad where were all the bridges?


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