Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Day in Trumbull, CT!

Have you ever visited a guild where the energy level was so high you could just FEEL it?

I just spent such a day with the CT Piecemakers guild in Trumbull! ((This friendship star is their guild logo!)) There is excitement building over many things--

They are involved in the “Just One Star” project and are sending MANY MANY stars to Moda, and I got to see them! ((Be on the look out Lissa…they are a-comin’!)) Such a wonderful way to honor our service men and women.

They are also in the planning stages for their next quilt show, and there is much talk and hubbub going on, many hands make light work, and I know this will pull together.

Just from the show and tell I saw, I wish I could be around for the show. The show and tell was AWESOME!

One thing that is really fun for me is to see other people’s interpretations of mystery quilts I’ve released. One of the guild members, Beazie, brought her Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt to show!

trumbullct_2011 002

The maker is smiling brightly at the right side of the picture. I just love seeing how other people pull their fabrics together to make their quilt a reflection of themselves!

Shelley ((Who I’ve known via the internet for YEARS AND YEARS)) also brought HER version, which includes a different alternate block, completely changing the look of the quilt top:

trumbullct_2011 004

Love love love this with the string blocks being used just as the setting triangles! Way to go, Shelley!

I also have a funny story about Shelley---Years and Years ago…maybe before I left Idaho and moved to Texas, but at least as long as Texas---I was Shelley’s longarm quilter. Shelley brought THIS quilt that I quilted for her many many years ago:

trumbullct_2011 003

I remember quilting this quilt! It was so fun to see all the Christmas prints sewn up into the triple Irish chain blocks. It was great spending time with Shelley in person, and we are going to have another fun workshop day tomorrow.

And THIS…this was also a hoot! Since my lecture was on The Scrap User’s System--- a WHOLE table full of scraps was donated to the guild ladies…and at break time….it was a complete FEEDING FRENZY! Just look at this fun!

trumbullct_2011 006

Hands in motion created the blur….but wouldn’t you just LOVE to dig through this?! And this was just the start of it..here is some more:

Hands off MY PIECE!! That one is MINE! LOL!

trumbullct_2011 008

And, I have to admit…yes……Some fabric came home my way too……Guess who got some MORE Millenium fabric? Nyah-Nyah

After the meeting I was treated to lunch, and set loose for the afternoon.

I donned my running shoes and took off for a 7 mile power hike along the Trumbull Rails To Trails! It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon, temps in the mid to high 60s, and perfect for enjoying nature!

trumbullct_2011 018

Look closely at the reflection in the black rectangle above….can you SEE ME?!? It got warm enough to remove the denim shirt and tie it around my waist…Spring is a comin’ up north!

All kinds of people were out there enjoying the sunshine and beautiful surroundings. Here are a few pics I snapped along the way:

Next Up? Scrappy Mountain Majesties workshop! And the adventure continues ---


  1. Great Cotton Boll quilts...we may have two in my guild's show this October!

  2. Such beautiful quilts.
    The scrap exchange is a wonderful idea.
    Enjoy spring.

  3. Oh how fun! Love the photos of the scrap tables...quilters are a riot!

  4. beautiful quilts and always nice to see people digging through the scraps.

  5. It looks like a fantastic day!
    The area you went for your walk is beautiful!!

  6. Bonnie, I know you are working but you are having fun and enjoying it so much! You have the best job in the world!

  7. I think the top pic is the best RRCB I have seen to date! The scrap swap does look kinda like feeding time at the shark tank, but sew much fun!

  8. Love the two versions of your quilt. SEE what you inspire in people?!
    ALso love the green TIChain. Did you find any neutral plaids in that pile?? Seven miles? Goodness girl.

  9. Loved getting to meet you and hear you speak yesterday. Thank you for a great talk and trunk show--you are so inspiring! (and a big thank you to my dh who stayed home with the kids so I could go!). Glad you were able to hike the rail trail!

  10. annelle from Ct Piecemaker's Quilt Guild12:27 PM EDT

    You were truly a blast, Bonnie!! Such great ideas and inspiration to use up all those scraps. Was a joy to meet you. Thank you very much. Blessings to you and yours and happy trails where every you go!!!

  11. I love the women having fun digging through the fabrics.....all ages!
    And tomorrow night I get to hear your presentation.... whoo hooo.
    Drive safely, Happy sewing

  12. Great quilts. The triple Irish Chain with the green background just energizes and excites me! I love your blog!


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