Saturday, April 09, 2011

Whadda Day!!

I got back to the room so late last night that I couldn’t even bother to turn the computer on! I’ve got 1/2 hour before being picked up for today’s Playing With Jacks workshop, so I need to get this down quickly!

Just let it be said that Quilters know how to fill a day to overflowing with fun, fabric, and fantastic company!

Yesterday’s Star Struck workshop was full, and we had a great time!

And in case you hear rumors that I was found to be dumpster diving….It’s TRUE! And I admit it…straight up! And yes, if you heard that I even told Mia to “BACK AWAY FROM THE TRASH BIN!!” as I was salvaging---that would be TRUE TOO!! I’m not ashamed to admit it…there was some GOOD STUFF being tossed away, and because I DO use scraps in all their shapes and forms and sizes, and get great enjoyment from the variety, and can’t twist my arm to sew from “just plain ole planned yardage” I’m happy to take the trash can approach to quilting!

Let’s just say that a very large grocery bag is stuffed fuill of the pieces, and has been added to by other quilters who just had strips they wanted to get rid of. I only wish I had brought my machine to sew with on this trip so I could dig in, but I brought those two Japanese quilts with me to finish the binding on……and….alas…I haven’t been able to sit at them yet anyway! Maybe tonight?

Here are the pics from the workshop!

Not only did we have blocks being sewn together left and right, but I've got a whole nuther bunch of gals using "triangle buddies" to save all their bonus triangles in readily useable sizes! Woot! As an addict, it's nice to find other addicts that share my obsession!

There was just a short time between the ending of the workshop, and the time we needed to arrive at our destination for the lecture. I was planning on…..oh about 65 people, about average, right? Well…they had sold tickets for something like 220 people!!! All of a sudden you could color me VERY NERVOUS!

But it was a wonderful face paced evening, and all had a good time!

Today we are back at it….and I need to dry my hair, put a face on and get this day going while this pics are uploading so I’m going to turn it over here, and wish you all a terrific weekend!


  1. If you would be so kind to let me know where you obtain all that energy, I would ever so appreciate it! *lol*

    Glad you're having fun with so many quilters! Safe travels!

  2. Wish you were coming a little furture south to Central Texas (Bryan/College Station area)..Would love to come to your workshop or even your lecture....

    Lovely completions!

  3. I am glad things are going well, I want to thank you for the photos from the past. I am really enjoying them. Your blogs really take the reader to the places you have been.

  4. Thanks for sharing pics, looks like everyone is having a great time! I love how the different fabric choices make such a variety in the quilts. I think I own some of those fabrics. Nothing wrong with dumpster diving, I've done that myself. Isn't that how Eleanor Burns started out? One quilter's trash is another quilter's treasure!

  5. It sounds like a fun day Bonnie. I'm sure teh lecture was a hit!!

  6. Sounds like a busy, but great day. Have fun!

  7. What an amazing variety of interpretations of your pattern! So inspiring....

  8. You're just so popular, people are driving from miles around to share in your quilty 'aura' - and those starstruck blocks look great!

  9. Anonymous4:45 PM EDT

    Hi, I really enjoyed your slide show, and I'm sure everyone in the group enjoyed making the projects.But I could not find what that particular block is called. You know - how you like some blocks better than others. I would like to use that block in a scrappy quilt. I did save the tutorial on "something triangles" whatever that was, but I could not find the name of this particular block that they all used in their projects. Thank you so much. Betty

  10. Bonnie, I was away and checked back over the week. Congrats on the award, well done and very much earned I will say. I love the star struck I want to make so many quilts and I have started so many I know I will get there. I continue to be jealous that you get such great gifts in the mail, but glad too I know someone who really needs a quilt will be getting one. I am going to make one for a little sweetie who deserves one for I think winning her battle with cancer. Keep on having fun quilting.

  11. I love how some of the blocks have your signature on them. Really clever of those ladies to get them signed!
    I really study all the sewing set-ups that get shown. All the different sewing machines and cutters and one thing (well maybe more than one) seems standard: a cup of coffee, a cell phone and tons of fabric strips!
    I dumspter dove after you at the retreat. I still found some goodies.

  12. That block is just so different depending on the light/dark placement. I was just so captivated by the slideshow.

  13. So enjoyed hearing all about the workshop, interesting placements, love the block and I wish I could have taken that workshop too.


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