Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Think Pink!

While on my road trip, I got a voice mail reminding me that I had a mammogram yesterday at 4pm! I guess there was no better way to celebrate my return home, than by heading straight to the imaging center and taking care of “the girls!”

This cartoon cracked me up….and I know all of us of “a certain age” can relate! It doesn’t take long, it’s only a “BIT” uncomfortable, and you know that everyone in the waiting area is hating it just as much as you are!

My imaging center has moved---and they USED to have tea/coffee/cookies while you wait…NO MORE! And the magazines were old and dog-earred, so I took care of some email on my phone, and began reading one of the latest kindle uploads on my phone as well.

This is my plea to you, that if you haven’t had a mammo in a while, GO DO IT!

I spent some time flipping through the pics for Saturday’s 1/2 day Scrappy Mountain Majesties this morning and editing them down….after having MY mountains squashed flat, it seemed only fitting!

These gals got a HUGE amount done in just a 3 hour class! It will be fun to see what quilts they turn out with their blocks—there was a lot of fun arranging going on!

I have some great pics from the antique malls I hit on the way home, but that will include more editing down, and I’ve got a LOT on my plate today to get things in order after being gone 13 days! So…I might get to doing that tonight for tomorrow’s post. Stay tuned!

But I DID take a 3 mile walk last evening just to see what has greened up, sprouted out, and bloomed brightly while I was gone!

kingston_ny2011 095

We have LEAVES!!! This is the most amazing change of all…and I can’t tell you how GOOD it feels. I really miss the color green in the winter time.

kingston_ny2011 099

You can see the dogwood at the end of my drive still in blossom…the leaves will only get thicker as spring moves toward summer, just tucking my sweet little cottage house in amongst the foliage.

kingston_ny2011 096

This was one leg of my 3 mile walk….isn’t it a beautiful stretch of road? That hill at the end is quite steep, really gets my heart pounding. ((Yes, I keep telling myself how GOOD it is for me!)) And when I reached the top of that hill, I was greeted by this beautiful sight:

kingston_ny2011 098

Just look at this mass of gorgeous pink color! There are lots of white azaleas around, and some redder ones too, but it is the pink ones that just make me giddy! Rolling on the floor laughing

kingston_ny2011 097

It’s just a MASS of gorgeous blossoms! I also loved seeing the wisteria just dripping purple where it was blooming in the woods around the area too. THIS is what a North Carolina Spring is best at! Color, and smell and ---oh, I love it!

The past few weeks I have received comments on why I would post the pics from “some” classes, but not all. Some are impatient to have their own class pics posted, and on a long journey, I might teach the same class 3 times in a row, as what happened on the TN/NC/AL trip in March. It isn’t that I don’t think all class pics shouldn’t be posted, it is that there is more going on in my life than JUST posting class pics….if I miss a class posting, because I have decided to write on something else going on in my life, please forgive me.

Editing down lots of pics for a slide show takes time that I find myself very short on. I want to post things that I find might be interesting for you to read, and if it is all the same thing, the same class over and over and over, I’m afraid I’m going to lose readers – I’m trying to find balance between posting about life, and the quilting. So I ask for your patience and understanding. There is a lot going on behind the scenes in my life that you don’t see here, that I don’t post here. And finding a place and a way for it all to fit is not always easy.

It’s kind of like the feeling you get when contemplating getting OFF the fast moving train, only knowing that if you do get off, it is moving so fast you’ll never be able to get back on it again.


  1. your area looks a lot like our area of Arkansas -- beautiful!

  2. Bonnie - you crack me up! Your posts are always so interesting.

  3. I think you do a GREAT job of balancing your posts. And you are right, too many photos of the same stuff gets monotonous. (I'll admit, we've seen a lot of mountains recently and I didn't look at them today...)

    Keep up the good work. You're an inspiration to many.


  4. I had my first mammogram done a few months ago - not anywhere near as bad as I've heard and now I won't be scared to have it done :)

  5. Anonymous10:14 AM EDT

    Bonnie, I love to check your blog, especially for pics from your workshops. It's inspiring to see the color combinations that your students come up with. I don't get tired of pics from the same workshop (held in different places) and bet lots of others enjoy them too. Don't worry so much about spending time editing your pictures. Just post them all!:)

    Thanks for all you do. Wish I knew you secret behind your productivity! What motivates you to do so much? Sally in SC j s p w a r r e n at aol dot com

  6. Got my mammo two weeks ago and I hope you get the same great results that I did! I love seeing the pics from your classes, but understand how hard it would be to post them all. I guess we are like whiny school kids trying to be teacher's pet! Your neighborhood is beautiful, hope you have some time to spend at home to enjoy it!

  7. that cartoon is...HILL-air-eee-us!!! I really-REALLY enjoy checking your blog to see all the new photos...it is inspiring!


  8. Had my mammo done last week - and the cartoon cracked me up !
    Your neck of the woods (litterally) is really beautiful, the dogwood especially ! Thanks for the nice pictures !(not to mention the inspiring Scrappy Mountain Majesties). So I'm going to get up now and do some sewing !

  9. Bonnie, I do not see how you do all that you do!!! You are a wonderful teacher and you need to slow down a little. I had my mountains checked last month and every woman needs to. I love your blog and check it each day to see what you are up to.
    Paula in KY

  10. Trust in mammograms but DO YOUR SELF EXAM. I'm living proof of that. 3 months after my annual mammo and physical, I found a lump. My Dr. tried to blow it off because of the previous testing. It was cancer and it was a fairly large lump. It never showed up until an MRI.

  11. Bonnie, you are such an inspiration to all of us! I hope you never let negative comments get you down or influence how you relate to us here in your blog. One lesson I learned recently while serving at my Guild is that there are always people who are jealous and trying to bring down those who shine.... but there are SO MANY MORE people who are wonderful and supportive and giving! So just ignore the Negative Nellies and please continue sharing your wonderful heart with us. When you shine, it gives others permission to shine right along with you!

  12. Go with your gut feeling, you do it all GREAT! Don't worry about it that much.

  13. Wow, leaves AND flowers. It snowed again last night here in my corner of the Cornhusker state. Al Gore notwithstanding, global warming just hasn't reached here yet. :)

  14. I hope you'll get some time to relax, recreate, and re-create. It is great fun to read about your adventures as a quilting teacher (and fun to read blogposts and listserv posts from your very happy students). But, selfishly, I look forward to your next quilt patterns!

  15. Great cartoon.
    Bonnie, you share sooo much with us and you do it really well. So just keep doing what you do best. ;)

  16. Bonnie, just keep the mix going that you have. I look forward to reading your posts and "wandering" the countryside with you. It isn't always easy to take pictures while teaching a class anyway and the editing is time consuming.

  17. I'm glad you posted some pics of these scrappy mountains -- they are gorgeous!

  18. Kinda Like "Unplug from the Matrix" for a spell and access, adapt and overcome. Judy C

  19. Judy, I love to keep up with your "doings," but I understand the balance you are trying for. I enjoy the class pictures, but mostly I want to read what you're doing and how it inspires your fabulous quilting. I wish I could be as organized and productive as you are!

  20. I agree with Sally in SC - post ALL of the pictures!! It would save you editing time and I, for one, would love to see them ALL. I know that they are the same block - but I don't care. I like to see the color combinations and settings that other quilters use. It saves me time trying the same combinations on my own. I can just look at the photos - choose my favorites - and then use them!! Those who don't want to see the photos can just skip them. Everybody's happy!!

  21. Bonnie - I love reading your posts, and I love the mix of quilting and life. There are many quilting blogs that I quit reading because they were only about quilting. You can't please everyone, so do what feels right. I totally appreciate the time you put into your posts!


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