Thursday, April 07, 2011

Bonus Mail Day!!

*disclaimer* This post is written a couple days ahead to post while I am on the road to Connecticut! I just couldn’t let these lovelies go unmentioned until I got home in 2 weeks Smile

Dear Postman--

Today I met you at the top of my driveway! I was going out, you were coming in….

There you were, two big boxes in hand……BOTH FOR ME!! How fortuitous! Of course, I couldn’t imagine what was in these big boxes. Had I ordered anything? Not that I could recall! Was it my birthday? Nope..that passed in January ((Besides, we are not counting them anymore! I’ll forever be 49.95 + shipping and handling! Winking smile))

Which to open first? Big Box? Little Box? Big Box? Little Box? EENIE MEENIE MINEY MOE----

surpriseboxes 001

A VERY big box!! Whatever could it be?!?

surpriseboxes 002

Oh My! oh MY! OH MY!!!! Look at this drunkard’s path variation! I think it’s called “Steeple Chase” or something close to that. But the colors! And the fabrics…what a hoot!

surpriseboxes 003

Isn’t this just a Wild Child?! It makes me SO happy!! It’s like laugh-in collided with the partridge family bus! :cD

And THIS beauty!

surpriseboxes 004

What is not there NOT to love about a bears paw? This one would be from around 1910-1920 by the print in the sashings…and I am still pinching myself that this box showed up on MY doorstep!

surpriseboxes 005

I swear, I’ve never met a gingham that I didn’t like….look at these sweet stripes and the print of the sashing too. I love how the stripes go every-which-direction in the half square triangles…FUN! I also love how the whole quilt is just simply quilted on the diagonal….

surpriseboxes 006

There is ONE indigo block amongst all the ginghams and solids….isn’t this one a sweetie?!

surpriseboxes 007

This would be my favorite block of all, in all it’s humble way! Run out of dark brown gingham? No problem! Let’s just throw in some lighter brown gingham! Triangles too big?? No problem! Let’s just whack them off to make them fit! Flirt male

It’s a sweet sweet quilt, and Julie K, you are even sweeter to think of me and to gift me these treasures! Treasure them I WILL!

And as if ONE gift box wasn’t enough today:

surpriseboxes 008

Karen over at Quilted-Lizard experienced a moment of conscience and decided that she’d rather send me the box of scraps instead of letting them go to the land fill! WHOOT! I tell you, one person’s trash IS another person’s treasure---Just how much fabric CAN you cram into one box?!? Let’s see---

surpriseboxes 009

This pile is HUGE!! And there are lots of good things in here to discover! I’ll sort out all the big pieces and usable strips, and anything that I can’t use can go to Karen’s dog bed project! It WILL be put to good use! There are some lovely batiks in here too…and see that bit of cheddar orange peeking out toward the upper left…AWESOME! It’s a fairly large piece! I already snagged it Rolling on the floor laughing

All in all I feel like a very blessed Quilter! Thanks girls, you are both treasures in my book!


  1. "It's like laugh-in collided with the partridge family bus" - I just about snorted coffee out of my nose at that! And I'm showing my age (way past 49.95 + shipping & handling) because I totally got the reference...

  2. Yahoo, they got there...I am so glad you like the fungly quilt top...how wild it that! I am glad to know the approximate age of the bear paw...100 years? No big deal among quilters, LOL!!

  3. You lucky girl. I too, remember the bus and laugh in. I'm going to borrow your 49.95 + shipping next year! Way to funny, Travel safe and have fun!

  4. You should hook up with Judy over at Patchwork Times and get all her scraps. She throws them away. You'd have heart failure if you saw what she pulled out of the trash one day. She had 53 comments and everyone said she should save them to give away and you were quoted too! I got a chuckle over the $49.95 plus shipping.

  5. You lucky, lucky woman!!! The Bear's Paw quilt is wonderful and the Drunkard's Path variation is about as colorful as the top I bought on eBay that my son said looked like a clown had exploded.....only he could come up with something like that.

  6. Oh QL Lady, you GOT me with that exploding clown remark - I laughed until I was pink and coughing!

    And yes, a friend's "junk" can be great fun - a friend gave me a huge bag last year and I chucked away about 5% (moth-eaten or nasty), the other 95% will end up in something new.

  7. Bonnie, what do you do with all the fabric you receive? Do you purge for your favorites and donate the rest? OR do you keep it all? If you keep it, storage must be a problem for you.

  8. Oooh, you could take the scraps with you and create something in between classes and socializing in Connecticut! It's the Nutmeg State, so the name of that souvenir quilt could be a play on "nutmet" or "spice."

  9. What nice surprises, I really love the old bears claw and the fabrics.


  10. Love the old quilts! I love to collect older fabric blocks and tops. I get a kick out of the thrifty way they are pieced, especially when a piece in a block is pieced from scraps. The scraps reminded me I need to finish rotary cutting all the fabric 'trash' for Karens dog beds. I cant bear to throw out the tiniest dog ear or thread scrap. I just stuff them in my Grandmas feedsack laundrey bag until I find a use.


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