Friday, April 22, 2011

Lazy Friday!

Well, it’s a Good Friday kind of Friday! Spring rains, kinda chilly --- a definite tuck-in day for sure!

I had one of those rough nights last night. You know the kind, where you toss and turn and try and try to fall asleep, but 2 hours later you are still NOT there? I did my least favorite last-resort-only kind of thing when I looked at the clock and it was 12:30am. I took some tylenol pm to help the ache in the hamstring that has been causing me problems ((Yes, you know it is bad when it hurts when you are just LAYING THERE!)) and hoped the pm part would take care of getting me over the edge and finally IN to sleep.

I slept until 8:40am! Which is REALLY late for me, and I spent an hour or so wandering around in a benedryl ((that’s what is really IN the tylenol pm in the first place)) induced hangover-coma.

A big Mug-o-tea and some Pillsbury-cinnamon-rolls-in-a-tube ala Jeff put me well on the road to recovery, and I was on my way into Winston Salem by 10:30am for my 11:00am appointment with Steve, my massage therapist, for 90 minutes of hurt-me-please-bliss!

Main objective was to work out the knot in that right hamstring, but let’s face it, I’m really one big ball of knots everywhere, and we worked them out all over! By the time my hour and a half was DONE…I was such a noodle I had to sit in the car and collect myself until I thought it was safe to drive!

From there I made the big mistake of going to Sam’s club. Yes. I know. It’s Good Friday! Everyone and their mother-in-law are at Sam’s club buying EVERYTHING for their Easter dinners. It was a total complete zoo! But did I stop when I saw how full the parking lot was? NO!!?! I found a spot anyway….and WENT INSIDE!!!

Big. MISTAKE! But, I can justify myself with the fact that they were handing out free samples of EVERYTHING, and so basically I grazed a whole lunch worth of samples while wandering the store and standing in line waiting for check out. I’m now back home, and planning on having an easy rest of the day. Heck. Make that REST OF THE WEEKEND!

So how bout some of those other lovelies from the Antique Mall Roadshow?!

kingston_ny2011 055

This was so simple, and so fetching with the pink and yellow going on too! ((I especially love the wonky tan plaid one in the second row up from the bottom ~~)) I LOVE simple traditional blocks! The 4 patch cornerstones are an extra cute treatment, and I like that this had no borders..it just ended where it ended, the sashing didn’t even complete the outer edge.

kingston_ny2011 062

Of course, I love string quilts in all their varieties. Do you see how the last row in this one is offset from the others? I’m not sure how or why that is, but it is recklessly fun! This one was pieced on to muslin, and it also uses a wool blanket as the backing. It was heavy and warm!

kingston_ny2011 063

Love these sweet 30s fabrics mixed with the other plaids and stripes and such.

kingston_ny2011 064

This is a corner of the wool backing, and you can see how it was quilted with fans, the backing is brought to the front to bind.

kingston_ny2011 071 kingston_ny2011 072

This one had simple Star blocks, but they were BIG and splashy! And that aqua color for the sashing is very fun.

kingston_ny2011 073

This was one of my favorites! It had 9 blocks..but there wasn’t room to open the whole thing up. Isn’t the solid red and blue just VIBRANT!? I really like this one….

kingston_ny2011 074 kingston_ny2011 075

And another little stringy with double sashings. VERY fun quilt! Also no borders…click the pics to biggie-size them, the fabrics are wonderful!

It’s nearing 3pm and this day is moving on whether I want it to slow down or not. I better get this posted and do some much needed “house” stuff around here! And then maybe some hand stitching while watching movies tonight? What do you think? A Friday night at home with no where to go? Sounds good to me!


  1. Family is in town from TX, we did
    Build a Bear and reading Beatrix Potter Bunny Books.

  2. Thanks for the show. I love the last string quilt best - really like the setting with the blue tulips on the red fabric. I plan to stitch away the evening, too. Have a good one!

  3. I need to make an appointment and get my knots worked out too - maybe next week - no time now it is the weekend already tomorrow.

  4. I hope the knots stay worked out so you can sleep tonight. Thanks for showing all the quilts - I too love the last string quilt. I'm hoping to have a "pieceful" weekend also. Hope

  5. I have been enjoying the antiques show in your blog. I found three dresden plate pillows that I believe are from the 30s/40s in a small shop yesterday. There are dresden's on each side of the pillows. They were in fair condition. The price was about $12.00 each. I didn't get them because I don't know if that is a good price or not. Did I make a big mistake?

  6. Anonymous6:33 AM EDT

    Here in Australia it is Easter Saturday, I am sewing my Roll,Roll Cotton Boll which was delayed because I was 1300 miles from home and then I broke my ankle and was incapacitaed for 7 weeks.So I decided that I would try and do this over Easter instead of Christmas!
    Christine Bathurst NSW Australia

  7. I love the picture of the cats - that is hilarious! Also love the quilts - I never find treasures like those!

  8. Have a wonderful and relaxing Easter weekend surrounded by the love of family and friends. Judy C

  9. Great quilts.
    Glad you got those knots worked out. Enjoy your week end.


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