Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beyond The Bougainvillea (Free Kindle Book!)

It’s like this..do I wait til tomorrow to post this, because I’ve already written a post today? What if it isn’t free TOMORROW? But is today? So I’ll post this now!

Beyond The Bougainvillea ((Yeah, I really had to watch closely to spell this one right!)) is free on Kindle, and maybe some other formats too.

Book Description
She found her place in a turbulent era of deep passions, heartbreaking sacrifices, and grand dreams.When scholarly, smart Mary Margaret is sixteen, her father marries her off to a drunken neighbor in return for a tract of land. The year is 1924, and Mary Margaret's motherless childhood has already been hard as a farm girl on the desolate prairies of North Dakota. Abused and helpless, the new Mrs. "Marge" Garrity seems destined for a tragic fate.But Marge is determined to make her life count, no matter what. Her escape from her brutal marriage takes her to California, where she struggles to survive the Great Depression and soon answers the lure of the state's untamed northern half. There, embraced by the rough-and-ready people who built the great Ruck-a-chucky Dam on the American River, she begins to find her true mission in life and the possibility for love and happiness with an Army Corp engineer of Cherokee Indian descent.Author Dolores Durando knows Marge's world very well. She grew up ninety years ago on the plains of North Dakota.

I went over to Amazon and read the reviews --- many many 5 star reviews, one saying:

I don't recall ever having being moved to tears on the first page of a novel, nor do I recall reaching that point at least half a dozen more times before reaching the final page. That did happen as I read Beyond the Bougainvillea, and it happened quickly, because I could not put the book down!

Okay, so we download this one too, because isn’t that what having a Kindle, or a Kindle App for your phone is all about?

The paperwork day has been majorly successful –I’ve nearly caught up on all that was waiting for me to do. I just might stitch tonight!

kingston_ny2011 012

There is a border section for the hexagon medallion calling my name! The question remains…this is one of the side “fill in” units that I have drafted here –There is the option to do SIX of these fill in units to turn the quilt into a giant HEXAGON before filling in the 4 corners…and I’m not sure what I want to do yet. I guess I’ll just do the TWO sides, and see if I feel any more inspired with how to execute turning this thing into a square, and then into a rectangle!


  1. Hey Bonnie, I thought that you may want to know that for those who don't have a Kindle, they can go to Amazon.com and download a free Kindle for PC and then they too can download all of the great book recommendations!! I did, it only takes a few minutes, and it is wonderful!!! i have read several of the books that you recommended too by the way, Thanks!!

  2. great tip Sherri ;) That is how I read them too (both Kindle and Nook)

    Hey Bonnie - I also read the review that you quoted from and was amazed to read near the bottom when she wrote -

    "I am especially inspired by the fact that Durand published what appears to be her first book at the age of 90, and a fine, well-crafted book at that. She is living testimony to the fact that it's never too late to write, and that stories and minds can age as well as fine wine"

    WOW - isn't that inspiring that she wrote her story at 90!~

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  3. Thanks for the heads up on another free Kindle ebook! It sounds great!

    1. Anonymous11:06 PM EDT

      You have to be a premium member in order to get it free. Just a FYI.

  4. PS _ I don't know how you find such good freebies, but keep them commin. Today while Nora was at Jazz class I started reading "A Time to Love" that you had recommended a couple weeks back. I'm hooked and can't wait till all the kids are in bed tonight to pick it back up.

    It's no longer a freebie - so thanks for telling us about it when you did!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  5. Well you could always do some hexie words like we saw at the red and white show. did you see the quilt spelling out the Lord's Prayer in hexies.....and the one with all the names too?

    Happy Sewing

  6. I am growing up (LOL) on the plains of North Dakota too.... will have to check out this book, Thanks Bonnie !

    Beth in ND

  7. Thanks for the ebook link! I just got the PC Kindle thing & it's great, I'm reading one called "Letters of a Woman Homesteader" & it's really interesting. I didn't know I don't 'need' a Kindle to enjoy them :)

  8. I have downloaded all of the books that you have recommended and I've not been disappointed. I just got through reading When You Went Away. Awesome book! Thank you!!!!

  9. I just downloaded the PC Kindle thing too. I got some books and now I can grab up all those books you find. Thanks for the info.

  10. That border section is going to look great! And thanks for all the recommendations for the books. I was trying to budget a Kindle in my near future, but now I can wait! Thank you, Sherri, for the info on getting these books on my PC.

    I love blog-land.....and everyone in it!

  11. Anonymous1:52 PM EDT

    Thank you again. I Love you sharing all these. I have the kindle app on my blackberry. I was surprised how easy it is to read on.

  12. Thats what I get for being a week late! It ins't free anymore! I'm always a day late and a dollar short! :)


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