Tuesday, April 26, 2011

There is a Shiny Green Button~~~

In my left side bar!

Yes, Down there, down below the profile stuff—See it?

We have a blog tour coming up! Quiltmaker Magazine’s 100 blocks, Vol 3 Blog tour begins May 2nd, and goes through May 6th! Save the date of Wednesday, May 4th, because that is MY day for the blog tour!

And Look what came in the mail the other day!! **EXCITEMENT!!**

salemlake 001

I’ll be giving away TWO signed copies if you come back on May 4th and leave a comment on that day’s post! You won’t want to miss this issue…it’s SUPER!

salemlake 002

Do I dare give you a sneak preview?! Just a wee one? I love this block, and will be posting a complete quilt layout on May 4th!

With the anticipation building, I was tickled when a box arrived in yesterday’s mail:

salemlake 014

A mug with ALL the blocks! ((Yes, it almost matches my one from the previous issue, if I keep this up ((which I intend to!)) I’ll have a whole set after several more issues! And these huge buttons make GREAT coasters. Now I’ve got two!

salemlake 013

Can you find my block, right there in the center?! The crew at Quiltmaker has done such a splendid job of putting yet another terrific issue of 100 blocks at our fingertips!

Things are gearing up here for my road trip to Pennsylvania. The car is “mostly” packed – I’ve got a few things for my suitcase in the wash, and I’ve been running between errands and other must-do’s ((Had a great meeting with my bee last night! Thanks gals!)) and trying to figure out what to do for borders on the cruise quilt. It’s still on the floor. I’d like to get it OFF the floor and clean up the studio so it is nice and tidy for my return home! This is a short trip, luckily, I’ll be heading home on Sunday.

It’s a beautiful North Carolina Tuesday Morning – Time to get busy!


  1. Bonnie, the latest issue of QM says that a pattern using your block is on their site...what do I look for to get it? It's an interesting block, and I'd like to see what you did with it!

  2. That mug is really nice. I love your block, as usual. Hope you got to talk to your DH on Sunday during the walk. I wouldn't have been able to even make the walk much less talk. lol.
    Paula in KY

  3. this is so neat!! And those mugs would become one of my favorites to drink from!!! Have a great day, and don't worry about the border - either it will pop into your head at 3 in the morning, or you can just bind it as is....;-) !!

    Have a great day - and enjoy yourself!!

  4. hello bonnie, i am so excited. To think you are coming to my quilde wed's. I broke my anckle two weeks ago. and had to have surgery to correct it. last week on follow up appt. the dr. wanted to remove stiches on thurs.yes the day of class so i said no sorry but bonnie hunter's class is them.He pointed out that he was a dr. and busy what was i thinked. i pointed out you are the queen of scrap quilts and very much in high demand ,no way was i missing the class. i'm mega excited to met you. lynn

  5. Bonnie, again your block is awesome!! I just finished using Birthday Girl for a round robin swap. I always look through your patterns first. They really help me to use up my stash!
    Thanks! HAve a great trip!

  6. Anonymous12:23 PM EDT

    Hello Bonnie,
    My heart went out to you when I read your Easter thoughts on your son. I've had six children; each has had challenges (drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, jail time, cancer) in one way or the other through the years, some I thought I'd rather die than have to watch. The good news is, it's a number of years later, and each of them has moved on, or is moving on, into respectable lives. My son who I about gave up on, is working, getting married and has a sweet little girl who he adores. So please remember, there's hope. A wise person once told me "You're only as happy as your unhappiest child." The other good news is, that we're a happy, functional family now, despite the past. I have eleven terrific grandchildren, and all of the kids and grandkids get along with each other and love to come for dinner, to play games, just to hang out, and we have a ball together. We've even been on two or three week-long vacations together, laughing and eating and carrying on as if there's never been a cloud on the horizon. I hope the same for you.

  7. O-Oh-OH!! I'm a mug-lady! And, I am GEL-UZ!! I would luv to have a mug like that! (maybe, if I wait for 10 years...and check Ebay?)


  8. I just love the mug and was so suprised when mine came in the mail last week. I got to 'test' many of the blocks that made this issue. All I can say is great job everyone! There are going to be many beautiful quilts that are inspired by this mag.- cw

  9. Very exciting...I can't wait but at the same time feel I haven't done justice to the last 100 blocks magazine!

  10. I love your block. Can't wait to see the quilt layout for it.

  11. Anonymous3:18 PM EDT

    I love the block. How do you go about submitting one? I have designed some blocks I think are wondeful too.

  12. Well, I guess that got everyone's attention!

  13. That block is so YOU. I think most of us could have picked it out as yours!
    Good job, will keep looking and watching...

  14. I'll be BACCCCKKKK, as Arnold says. Congrats on having another winner of a block in the 100 Blocks Issue.

  15. kudos to you bonnie! this is a testament to your outstanding design and scrappy skills! me, i'll take that mug, it's gorgeous!

  16. Congrats...I think cheddar is becoming "your color".

  17. If I had that coffee cup, I'd spill my coffee every day just looking at the patterns!


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