Monday, April 18, 2011

Still Homeward Bound! ((Free Kindle Book Too!))

I have to admit I putzed a bit on my way home! You know the pull of antique malls and historic sites! Not to mention that the road was tiring in and of itself --- it seemed like everyone is headed somewhere for Easter week! The truck stops were full, so were the gas stations along the way! Oh, this state’s gas is 5 cents lower than that one, so we must stop here behind 40 other cars to SAVE a few cents per gallon before crossing the state line! ((like it matters now?!))

I was one of the ones who waited to cross the state line to fill up, because it saved me TIME waiting in line…I’d rather pay a bit more and be in and out of there in a flash, than wait around for 10 cars ahead of me to fill. Disappointed smile

SO, I still have a few hours to go, but by the time 11:30pm rolled around I was feeling pretty road weary!

While unwinding before sleep last night, I came across this little book –a freebie for Kindle—that sounds interesting to me! It’s called Heir To The Everlasting, and at first glance, I thought it might be some religious fluff fiction, but upon reading the description, it did sound good:

Book Description
The Pulitzer-nominated author of EARL IN THE YELLOW SHIRT turns her acclaimed talents to an epic story of three generations of Southern women at Big Eddy, the home place they love.

HEIR TO THE EVERLASTING begins at the turn of the last century with the beautiful, determined Pinkie Alexander, strong-willed matron of the Alexander clan. Come Hell or the high water of the south Georgia river which gave Big Eddy its name, Pinkie will ensure the survival of her family on their beloved land--a place where the family cemetery guards the spirit of the past, and where secrets, as well as the dearly departed, are buried.

Follow the lives, loves, mysteries, deadly feuds and steely courage of the Alexander women through a full century of joys and sorrows. HEIR TO THE EVERLASTING showcases the culture, language and daily travails of their time and place with vivid storytelling skills and Janice Daugharty's love for "the working words."

And for Quilty Content—I have a couple show and shared vintage quilts for you to see! These were brought for me to view at Poughkeepsie’s guild meeting a few nights ago.

poughkeepsieny2011 008

DOn’t you love this with the blue background? I just LOVE solids mixed with prints. It’s so springy—I feel a baby blue background coming in my near future! What’s so funny about this one is Lori emailed me asking me what I had called this design on my website. It’s one of the first patterns I ever uploaded back around 1996 or 1997 – I did it as a charity quilt workshop for my guild, and that is how it got there in the first place. Traditional recognizable patterns thrill my heart! I don’t feel like I always have to re invent the wheel to make a great quilt…and this one used everything! If you want to make one yourself, you can find String X directions HERE!

poughkeepsieny2011 009

Here is a close up of that gorgeously wonky fan quilting! Aren’t these scrap bag fabrics WONDERFUL!??

poughkeepsieny2011 011

And THIS string quilt was too fun for words! It is TWO SIDED!! The prints in it date into the 60’s but many are earlier—a true scrap bagger!

poughkeepsieny2011 012

I loved this 60’s piece with the heart flowers..it reminds me of a dress I had when I was a little girl!

And it was quilted fun too…in a large stright-set cross hatch!

poughkeepsieny2011 014

I can only imagine how difficult it was to quilt this two sided thing with all its seams --- let's just say that sometimes, even the best intentions leave puckers! I think there is a life lesson in that, somewhere, don’t you? This one however, did NOT quilt out! Flirt male

poughkeepsieny2011 013

I’m still sure that this quilt gave a lot of warmth and comfort through cold winter months, not to mention what memories each of these fabrics held for the maker!

poughkeepsieny2011 015

This was the reverse side! It had a lot of blocks with VERY LARGE pieces in it…something makes me think she was tired of piecing the ones with all the little bits…LOL!

So off I go on my last leg back home to Wallburg, NC! I need to be home – I’ve been gone too long!


  1. Hi Bonny you must be exhausted but what lovely quilts you get gto look at - I have so msny UFOs that I'm trying to resist starting anything new - but you make it soooo difficult. That scrappy baby blue string X is going on the to do list for sure! Get home safely!

  2. that blue, sweet. just finished the spider web quilt(the one with not one matching point,grrr)with bright pink background, i said "no more string quilts". seeing how strings multiple while you sleep,,,guess i need some blue. :>) be safe.

  3. You did drive for a long time. I hope you have a beautiful and fast drive home today.

    Too funny that you saw that quilt and I was looking for the pattern! I love the old version although I'm pretty sure I won't use blue as my main color.:)

  4. I just love the old string quilts. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a safe trip home. Hugs.

  5. Anonymous12:28 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I love "old quilts" like this ! These kind are my favorite. They are not perfect but, at least you know the quilter was trying to make something beautiful and warm for her family. That makes it perfect in my eyes.

  6. Love the quilts. You never fail to inspire! Safe rest of the trip home.

  7. I love that blue quilt...looks so cuddly, like my grandma might have made.

    Lucy (in IN)

  8. See, THAT's what I love about your blog. Quilty goodness, and free Kindle books! So, um, yeah, I'm downloading it now. Please, please, please keep it up!

    Thanks much!
    dminshall67 at yahoo dot com

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Let me try again. Good to hear from you. Especially with the weather in N.C.

  11. wonderful antique quilts!

  12. Love the quilts, but as I read the first part of your post regarding the Gasoline... I couldn't help but think how much gas folks WASTE sitting in line!!

    I did a quick internet search and learned that the average passenger car uses ~0.7 gallons of fuel per hour while idling. At $3.85 per gallon a 15 minute wait will cost $0.67.

    My car has a 14 gallon tank. If I am completely out of gas, I will save $0.70 purchasing fuel for $0.05 per gallon less. But if I just spent 15 minutes in line, I really saved $0.03...

    I'm with you, 15 minutes of my time is well worth the 3 pennies.


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