Wednesday, April 06, 2011

And One For The Road!

I swear, I can’t resist these!

As I was downloading yesterday’s free book to my kindle, the little ad thing at the bottom showed me “other titles I might like” And this one came up as free as well!

I know I’ve posted a lot of foo foo light stuff lately, but occasionally I do like to get into more intrigue and who-done-it kind of books!

DH has taken to reading books on his iphone, and I thought this would be one he would also like!

A World I Never Made, by James Lepore, is free on Kindle and from Sony.

Book Description

Pat Nolan, an American man, is summoned to Paris to claim the body of his estranged daughter Megan, who has committed suicide. The body, however, is not Megan's and it becomes instantly clear to Pat that Megan staged this, that she is in serious trouble, and that she is calling to him for help.

This sends Pat on an odyssey that stretches across France and into the Czech Republic and that makes him the target of both the French police and a band of international terrorists. Joining Pat on his search is Catherine Laurence, a beautiful but tormented Paris detective who sees in Pat something she never thought she'd find--genuine passion and desperate need. As they look for Megan, they come closer to each other's souls and discover love when both had long given up on it.

Juxtaposed against this story is Megan's story. A freelance journalist, Megan is in Morocco to do research when she meets Abdel Lahani, a Saudi businessman. They begin a torrid affair, a game Megan has played often and well in her adult life. But what she discovers about Lahani puts her in the center of a different kind of game, one with rules she can barely comprehend. Because of her relationship with Lahani, Megan has made some considerable enemies. And she has put the lives of many--maybe even millions--at risk.

A World I Never Made is an atmospheric novel of suspense with brilliantly drawn characters and back-stories as compelling as the plot itself. It is the kind of novel that resonates deeply and leaves its traces long after you turn the final page.
HERE to get the free book from Sony.

As you read this….I’m well out the door and on my way up to Connecticut! I could use your thoughts and prayers for safe travel and fair weather!


  1. I got this one yesterday - yes some are too light reading for me - I like a good intrigue now and then.

  2. Thanks for sharing this one, I love suspense. Have a great trip.

  3. Don't resist - keep the freebies coming Bonnie! ;) Sounds like a really good story with lots of complex characters and background history with each of them.

    Glad I have both NOOK and Kindle aps for my phone and netbook... This is a great deal while it lasts b/c I checked and B&N's nook price is $14.97. That's approximately 2 yards of fabric! :P

    Enjoy your trip!! Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  4. I love the free books. Get all that look remotely interesting. Have only bought 2 at this point. I decided that it will be the same as going to the library when I actually quit quilting and start reading!

  5. Anonymous11:59 AM EDT

    Thank You. I down load to my sony and then from kindle I download the same book to my blackberry. LOL Sure wish sony would get there apps straightened out.

  6. Thanks for posting the free book links for Sony, Bonnie. Have a safe trip.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. How do you find out about these, Bonnie? Is it just a search, are you notified by a service? is it a day of the week? What???

  9. You've got our Good Thoughts.
    Have a Happy Trip ! ! !
    darn, B&N does not have this freebie, but does have one of LePore's for a buck-forty-nine 8>)

  10. I deleted my earlier popst because I gave the wrong name for the book I'm reading. Here's the corrected comment.

    You are hopeless. And so am I. Just downloaded 4 freebies. I'm going to have to take a slow boat to Kalamazoo in order read all the books loading up on my Kindle. I'm reading Paper Roses now, also a free download. Not bad.

  11. I don't know if I have asked you this already or not but is there a newsletter you get to notify you of the free Kindle books? Or do you just check each day on the special page?
    I check as often as I can but you seem to have found a couple that I did not.

  12. Cripes! I think I need to get a Kindle now! All these books sound so good....especially this last one (love suspense/mystery/intrigue)! Thanks for all the info on these freebies! We love that!

    Have a safe and and wonderful trip!

  13. Hi Bonnie,

    I am downloading these books. Hopefully I can rad one next week while on vacation. I will be seeing you Monday night and Tuesday in CT. Looking forward to both the trunk show and the Workshop.


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