Friday, August 01, 2008

Colonial Williamsburg!

I am here in Williamsburg! I've never been here before, and I tell you, from what little I've seen so far, I love it!

I really love historical places and can't see enough of the sites. I taught a pineapple blossom class today, and then was treated to a visit to a quilt shop, and then out to dinner.

When I got back to the hotel, the evening was still so nice that I threw on my shorts and tennis shoes and went for a 4 mile power walk. That's my whole day! And it was a long one. No stitching for me so far, even though I brought a hand quilting project, the baskets quilt to finish binding, and my featherweight with another project.

I'm too pooped to sew tonight...but I guess at least I have everything just IN CASE!

I had Kansas City Star send my quilts for the book back to me here, so I can show them as part of my trunk show now. The only dumb thing is that all the sleeves are "flapping"....they have you leave the bottom edge of the sleeve free for hanging for photography. I guess they edit the sleeve "out" of the pic, and it hangs flatter if the quilt hangs below the rod or something. So I now have 12 quilts that need the sleeves sewn back down on. Bleeech. Talk about unmotivating!

Tomorrow is the first lecture/trunkshow and then a half day (4 hour) star struck class. It's going to be another busy day.

I feel like this is just a travelogue lately. But this is what my life has fallen into! I am just afraid it won't be very interesting reading. Oh! That pic I showed in the slide shows below....of the ladder hung over the cutting table with baskets and little quilts? I found a LADDER today at Ps & Qs Primitives! $8.99 what a bargain! Not sure where it is going to go yet, but it is going to be so cute.

I also found a glass wash board at a shop on the way from Winston Salem to here...The wall by my laundry room I want to decorate cute with a collection of wash boards and a peg rack with old vintage aprons. My boys think it is too girly, but hey...I think it will be cute! So I've picked up some cute vintage aprons here and there.

And the big tada I wish I could show you, but I can't do a self portrait right now....I went in last evening and had 5" whacked off the bottom of my hair. It's just a bit past my shoulders now...all the dead ends are gone and it looks so much BETTER! Still long enough to tie back, but short enough that it won't get caught in the car seatbelt roller-upper :c)

The plan for the rest of the week? Sunday I'm off and I'm planning on spending most of the day in Colonial Williamsburg, starting with services at the historic Bruton Parish Episcopal church. I'm planning on meeting up with Carrie-the-mischief-maker at some point, she and her hubby are going to be spending the week down here. We've talked on the phone and exchanged emails, but have never met in person. That should be fun.

Monday I am planning on doing more touristy stuff, and then heading to Deltaville for a lecture/trunkshow monday evening. The rest of my time will be spent in Grafton/Hampton.

Think I'll get some SEWING TIME in there somewhere?? I hope so, but even if I don't, I'm having a wonderful time.


  1. wow.
    that was a LONG day.

    i wouls be so unmotivated to sew the sleeves back on too. lol.

    and your blog isn't boring.

  2. Bonnie,
    I'm so enjoying reading about your travels as you build your new career. I can't wait until the book comes out!

  3. I love it up there, you're one busy lady these days! Stay safe...

  4. I got my newest issue of QuiltMaker today. Loved your quilt in it. My goodness, you are going to be a nationally known quilting star. GOOD FOR YOU!!

    Regards, Peg

  5. I was at the lecture today...what an inspiration....don't think I will get into saving the little bits, but cutting the strips is a great idea...can't wait to get to my sewing room and start.

  6. What a great blog this is. I would not miss visiting with you everyday for the world. It sounds like your having a wonderful time and if you don't get some sewing in, eh!!there's always another day.

    Too bad about the quilt sleeves, I would not be motivated to do them all over again. Maybe you can have a quilting party and invite all your quiltie friends over. Sew for food and refreshments? 5 or 6 of you should be able to make a dent in them in an afternoon. And I bet your friends would be thrilled to get to spend time with you and to help you out. Your a great lady and we know it. If I was closer I'd gladly be there with bells on!

    Can't wait to get a peek at the new you. It feels great when you come out of the hairdressers with a style you like. I had mine cut really short this week. The heat has been brutal, and I swear my head hasn't beeen dry since June. This short style feels really cooler.
    Have a wonderful time and keep us posted...and about the laundry room? Who spends more time in there? Point made and I hope taken.

    Smiles to you and all...:c) Fran

  7. Anonymous7:07 PM EDT

    Hey there girlie! Better jump over to my blog and check the photos I posted. I could just see you pick up your ladder, wash board, rakes etc and thinking of how proud I would be of you! SMILE!!!
    You'll be proud of me too....I've working with all those old 80's prints (that you know I just love so freaking much!) NOT!!! Anyway, as I was sayin'....I stripped several up and working up my first Scrappy Bargello. Amazed aren't ya? You'll see it next visit. Enjoy your trip....bring me something! LOL Chat soon!

  8. Ok, I don't get "jelaous" very often... but now I am. Of all the quilters in Williamsburg who get to see your book quilts FIRST!

    I think you should charge them double for their workshop :P for getting to see them first. LOL

    Looks like you are having fun and we all love reading about it. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  9. Your trip was incredible! I love your blog

  10. Love reading about your trip to my neck of the woods! Fond memories of Deltaville. Grew up in Mathews-more fond memories. Live now in Newport News. We spend many days walking around CW. If you have time be sure to check out my favorite hunting ground in NN--Nancy's Calico Patch in the Hidenwood Shopping Center on Warwick Blvd. near CNU. Not affiliated just a very happy LONG TIME customer.


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