Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rainy Days!

We are getting some MUCH needed rain here in Wallburg, NC! We need it SO bad, so even though it has been raining since monday, which turned to POURING (Can we say 'hosing down rain?) since yesterday...ALL DAY...and ALL NIGHT last night...and it doesn't seem to be wanting to give it up yet. That's FINE by me. I love this weather!

I couldn't deal with it every day. But this is not a cold and dreary rain, it's a drenching summer rain which has cooled off everything and washed everything clean and green. This kind of rain I love. I have windows open, and even though the papers on my desk are starting to curl from humidity, I still love how it feels. Rain on! I hope it keeps it up all day.

I'm not going ANYWHERE today. I really haven't stayed home much since I got back from Virginia, other than that bout with the flu-ish stuff. But now I think I'm done for a bit. I don't have any guild gigs until Sept 4th, and that is in Salisbury, only about 40 miles from me. I'm spending time getting caught up on projects and back to working on decorating my house here and there. I still need PAINTERS. Time to schedule that. And yes..that one hall way wall of icky wallpaper beneath the chair rail is still there. Getting painters in is one thing HIGH on my priority list....well, at some point :c)

Sometimes the list is overwhelming! I'm thinking with this house stuff that I ought to do what the Peninsula Piecemakers guild of Hampton VA has been doing. They make a list of 8 (or is it 10?) UFOs, and then each month a number is drawn,and for the month you have to work on the UFO that goes with that number. I wonder if my house stuff would be easier to tackle if I did it this way, because I can't seem to choose ONE thing to focus on, and I end up putting it ALL off.

But then again, when I'm on the road, it's not on my mind to do it, only when I am back home!(Out of sight, out of mind?)

Yesterday I drove to Gastonia to meet my friend Sally so she could hand off her daughter's wedding quilt to me for quilting. It's gorgeous! I can't wait to start it. Of course, a little drive to Gastonia means we meet at MARY JOs! Why is it we do so much more damage to our credit card balance when shopping with a friend? Usually when I go there I hit the remnant bins, the FQ's...the notions, and then if I need anything specific for a quilt such as backing or borders, I'll do that. Well, I did that and MORE! But it sure was fun.

After lunch at Olive Garden (Soup & Salad for me, and Flatbread for Sally) I found where the Goodwill Clearance center is. Oh boy, I must have been going through withdrawals, but I came home with 2 big bags of shirts, mostly lights. I love the way the light plaids and stripes mix in with my civil war shirtings and really give an aged look to my project that is more authentic than just using pretty things off a bolt. I think with scrap quilts you have to have some "masculine" mixed with "feminine" as if we were REALLY using the scraps from sewing family clothing in our quilts. I love the pretty pretty floral prints in the lines that are out,but I love throwing in the more masculine "utility" style fabrics.

Here in Charlotte the price per pound is $1.39 which is a 40% increase over Columbia,SC..but still a bargain!

I usually don't check the bedding table,but I saw the corner of THIS QUILT peeking out! It's HAND QUILTED! 1970'S double knit polyester, a poly batting (what is left of it, poly battings wear down to nothing after years of use) and what looks like a sheet for backing. The backing is turned to the front as binding. This is a true SOUTHERN FUNGLY!!

(I love how we've coined this Fun+Ugly=FUNGLY phrase with our Fungly challenge....we've invented a new word that is spreading through the quilt world like wildfire! I can't wait until FUNGLY has it's own entry in Wikipedia!!) *LOL*

The blocks were made in a liberated fashion and joined in rows, if a row was too short, it was added to. If it was too long, it was chopped off. This is my kind of quilt! There was a time when I would turn my nose up at polyester. Not anymore. These women did what they could with what they had. I rejoice with this quilt I saved (for about $6 at the good will clearance place) and I think it is perfect for over my porch swing.

I also found an antique Mall....what a great place! It's called Sleepy Poet. Funny name, GREAT PLACE!! I found two Fungly 50's patchwork tops. Small one was $10 and the large one $15. Look at this ornate FOOTBATH! It was gorgeous,but for the $265.00 price tag, I could get a LOT more shirts at goodwill clearance center. A girl must have her priorities....hmmm...pretty foot bath...fabric....NO CONTEST!


  1. what you're saying about masculine prints makes a lot of sense to me. fun quilts, I think I like that last one you posted teh best, but they're all fun. Glad you got to go to MJs and have fun, but make sure you get some of that relaxation in!

  2. Price at my Goodwill store is $1.45/pound - picked up a few things (red flannel and red wool plaids) yesterday to use in upcoming Priority Quilts for AAQI. No good shirtings like you describe... maybe next time.

  3. Sounds like a perfect rainy day. We need rain here so bad. No drought but our lawn is dead. I refuse to water as our sewage prices are 4 times the water we use. I take out my dishwater for the tomatoes. They are doing fine. I finished my blue Twisted Strip quilt. Will get a pic to you soon.
    XOXOXO Subee

  4. Great it is raining, them sort of days are great for relaxing. and sewing. good to hear about your great fabric deals. There is only 1 thrifts store near me.. I am gonna raid my sons closet!!! I normally get his button up shirts.he has some funky blue plaid shorts I can't wait for him to grow out of.. hehe.. Happy Stitching, Amy

  5. Oh, yes! Wikipedia must include Fungly one of these days!!! and to think we thought you make your fame thru your quilts... who were we to know that you were a word creator too! ;)

    oh and those quilts you found are so great. I can see them draped over the swing on the porch and rocking chair.... can't wiat to see how you quilt the ones that were just tops.

    and would you stop by Jeannes in case you missed it and tell her she's nuts if she doesn't go back to the Godwill and get that quilt she posted about!!! http://luv2stitch.blogspot.com/2008/08/border-search.html

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  6. What is this buying by the pound. I shop at Goodwill all the time and have never seen buying shirts by the pound. What is the secret? love your site

  7. I do hope you realise how lucky you are to have places that sell old quilts and tops you rarely see them here in Australia. We buy shirts from the Op Shops (good will) for about $3 each but again not a lot of 100% cotton ones to find.

    Angela in aus

  8. I'm going to Mary Jo's Saturday!!! I'm just taking cash. That will be the only way I can control myself!!!!

    Robin in NC

  9. Great finds! You turn every outing into a fun celebration of discovery!!

  10. I love the quilts you "save". They each have such personality and charm!

  11. So good to hear you are taking some time for YOU! It's been a busy year and it's only August!!
    Love the older quilts, worn but still neat in their own way. And as for fungly...what can I say?? Love the challenge, love the word!
    It makes me happy, as does the fact you are rescuing so many of those oldies but goodies. Hugs, Finn

  12. Gosh I wish I could find a thrift shop around here which charges per pound or per bag.


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