Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Movies....

Before heading to Virginia, I repacked the quilts.....Guess who I found on top of them???

After returning from Virginia last night, I unpacked the car....and this morning, guess who I found on top of them?!?

And this is the little video of the two quilts I brought back with me :c)

Yes...I'm spending all this time on the computer catching up, so this is why you get 3 posts in one day!


  1. HA- I love your comment about your husband's TV. That was great. What lovely finds at the antique malls. ~jen~

  2. You quilts are kitty-cat tested, and approved!! lol

    Lori in VA

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    We have a cat Mars who must check out every quilt as soon as they resemble blocks or flimsies- sometimes she is a great help??? when I am laying the design on the floor as I do not have a good space for a design wall LOL

    The many trips is fabulous - it reminds me of Lucy's mosaic quilt- I even found the magazine that Lucy made that quilt from - may be some day I will get it made. I am not keen on pastels either - I love color but, perhaps, some day to be different, I will make a pastel one after I have made lots more colorful ones first:)

    Will look forward to seeing more about the book.


  4. ummmmmmm Mommy..... why are you disturbing my personal quilt time!!! You know these belong to me and I only lone them to you once in a while..... honestly, the trials and tribulations of being a cat. No respect!


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