Thursday, August 14, 2008

From Williamsburg to Deltaville to Hampton and Back!

Oh my, it is SO GOOD to be home. I have come to appreciate how hard it is to live out of a suitcase for an extended period of time....but I had a BLAST!

I have to stop and check to see where I left off writing. I believe it was when I left Deltaville :c) I have a ton of pics to upload, both of the classes, and some of the FUNGLY challenge I worked on thanks to donations of hideous fabric from new found friends :c) Oh, boy...we dug DEEP, let me tell you. Why is it that 1960's fabric was SO hideous?*giggle* Here is a quick peek. The detail shots of individual blocks will be on my webshots slide show, so you won't have to have them ALL staring you in the face the whole time you are reading this post. We don't want anyone sea sick, do we? *hehe*

Fungly Challenge!
I haven't laid these out with the other fungly blocks I've done....I've got major house cleaning to do first after being gone 2 weeks.

See the little link above that says FUNGLY CHALLENGE? If you want, click on that and go read the captions under each block. I hope it makes you giggle as much as it made me!

Oh...and since DH is out of town, I have to show you my new quilt display place for a photo shoot when it is raining outside...I found use for the STUPID 65" HI DEF TV!!!

I think the living room looks MUCH better with a quilt draped over that thing. Don't you? :cD This is a log cabin top I found on my antique jaunt home yesterday. Yes, it should only take me 6 hours to get home from Hampton, but it took me about...oh...NINE? But I did need to stop and stretch my legs, right? And what better place than walking through antique malls? :cD

This 1930's top probably qualifies as a FUNGLY too...The logs are all different widths, it is all hand pieced, and I found it buried in a booth that said 30% off EVERYTHING". By the time the 30% was taken off, it was only 20 bucks. So what the heck. It smells funny. But some airing out will do it some good. I'm toying with hand quilting it, but maybe a quick machine job so I can wash it would be a better idea. I also found a feedsack apron in perfect condition.....adorable....for $4.00. Weee! I'm doing the wall in front of my laundry room with old wash boards and a peg rack with aprons and other utilitarian type goodies. This is perfect. I'll have to get Jeff to get a pic of me wearing it..it doesn't photo so well flat, you can't tell how cute it is.

How about THIS one?!! I just love how vibrant it is! I think this would have been ME in the 30s. I just can't do the cutesy pastel stuff..but pink and orange and purple?? OH MY!! The black must have been hand dyed or something, it's bled through the quilt, but I don't care. I love the triangle border on this. It's all hand pieced and hand quilted, the backing is brought to the front as binding all by hand as well. What a find!

I also found a little 1800's double pink on white 9 patch crib quilt. MACHINE QUILTED!! And wonkily so.....which makes me love it more. I don't know about you, but I don't know how good *I* would be machine quilting on a treadle. At least I think it is treadle work, not absolutely sure, I'm just guessing by the age of the double pink. She even tried a cable border on the outside edge...and She must have been cursing and swearing because it baubles just like MY machine quilted cables do! *LOL* Still, this quilt has seen a lot of use and I'm tickled to have it. I've hung it on this little ladder I've found....perfect for displaying little quilts!

Book update....it went to print a couple days ago! it's really happening! I love the cover we chose, I love EVERYTHING about this book. I just hope we caught all the typos, because I went over it and over it until I was bleary between everything else, and then went over it again. I'll post the cover shot as soon as I get the okay to do so!


  1. Omigosh you found some beauties during your antique strolls! WONDERFUL quilts!!

    Congrats on the book - my boss has been working on one for 5 years - we're shipping the manuscript off to the publisher today (still a TON of work to be done, but at least this is a HUGE milestone!).

  2. What marvelous finds. What amazes me more is the ingeneous ideas you come up for displaying them. You must have a HUGE home.

    So happy you had a good time these past few weeks but it sure is good to have you back. I know I missed the daily visits. Hope you get a chance to rest and stay put for just a little while. Cleaning house after 2 guys have been left to run rampid for two weeks aught to keep you busy.

    Congratulations on the new book, can't wait to get my hands on it.
    ~~ :c) Fran

  3. Bonnie, What a perfect use for the huge TV - can it stay there?? Great news about your book. We all can't wait to see it.

  4. Bonnie, you quilt finds are fabulous! Would you please describe the colors in the TAW type one. Can't tell what colors they were to start with by the pictures and I'd love to make one like it. Angie

  5. Love the quilts! It was so fun to see your trunk show at guild! Always wanted to see them in person and wow it was fabulous!

  6. Love the Fungly blocks! So bright and happy!

  7. Anonymous7:42 PM EDT

    Dear Bonnie

    I just love reading what you are up too and can't wait for your book it is looking great. One day I too would love to own a antique quilt (just one). If you check out my blog you see that I have given you an award, but do understand if you haven't got time to pass it on.


  8. "Horrid aqua floral", wait a gosh darn minute here. I have that very same fabric (last block in Webshots) and I think it's beautiful!! LOl
    Glad you're posting again!

  9. Wow, I love that log cabin - not fungly at all! and the mini Trips Around the World makes my eyes zing with those rectangles in there. fun funglies too.

  10. You find the most fabulous antique quilts, I so envy you. I never find such beauties here in New England shops. If they are available they are priced out of this world,

    Congrats on the book, will be ordering later.

    : )


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