Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fungly Fun!

It's been fun seeing the quilts that people have sent me using their "fungly" fabrics! Here is one that Melissa sent! She writes:
I just finished another of your patterns, Boxy Stars. It was made entirely from stash, with the strips coming from my pre-cut strip drawer. The drawer is still full - will it ever go down? LOL! I've made a matching pillowcase, and will be sending this quilt to Alycia Carmin in Colorado for her QOV project.

Melissa, your Fungly Boxy Stars is really going to cheer someone up! What a great way to use those fun 2.5" strips!

If you haven't started your "Fungly" quilt yet, it's not too late to start playing! The object is just to use stuff that might not play nicely with others, is loud, obnoxious, or boring-snoring, maybe has been around too long, or you have no idea WHY you bought this fabric in the first place!

Try to make blocks with combinations that lighten your spirits and make you laugh. A good belly laugh does the world a lot of good!


  1. melissa did a great job!

  2. I agree with Rachael, Melissa did a great job! I am not sure that this quilt should be considered fungly though. The word fungly was derived from a combination of the words fun and ugly, was it not? This quilt is anything but ugly! Kudos to Melissa for donating this quilt and matching pillow case to the QOV project! This one will not only warm someone's body but is sure to touch their soul as well.

  3. It must be hard to make an 'ugly' quilt. This one certainly is fun, but the ugly fabric seems to play well too well together. I would call it cheerful, and I love the pattern.

  4. What a happy quilt! I tried to find some ugly in it but was unsuccessful.
    This quilt is going to make someone very happy. Good Job Melissa and thank you Bonnie for such a fun design.

  5. This is so cute! I love this! And not an ugly fabric in sight ;-)

  6. I agree with everyone else - fabrics may have been ugly to start with, but mix them up in the 'right' arrangement and they become beautiful!

    mmmmm doesn't this sound like 'life'?

  7. ... and a good laugh is good for longevity, too. I heard that for every good, long, belly laugh it adds 8 minutes to your life! So, we should just go ahead and pair up silly, "ugly", combinations and we may all just live long enough to make all the quilts we have in our heads!! Oh, and to answer the question posed: "no, I don't believe that it's possible to ever empty the strip bin!!

  8. I am truly enjoying *fungly*, they are not "ugly" at all but they are "fun" -- what a creative idea! And also Bonnie I have been *thinking* about your blog entry of 8/17 -- and I can't remain quiet about it! You my friend have given me hope with your creative ideas, the thought of using "most anything called fabric" is just inspiring to me! Actually I have been looking at fabrics/outgrown clothing in a totally different way -- as in can I cut it up and make it a quilt :>) ~~ PLEASE don't stop sharing your ideas! From the thrift store to the $9.00 a yard, you make it all work together!

  9. I love your coloured quilts :)

  10. I'm sorry - but I think this is beautiful!


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