Thursday, August 21, 2008

Taylor Rolls Over!

My little neice is 4 months old now! And I so love seeing her do her baby things via my Sister Joy's Blog!

She's also showing the hugest blackberries I have ever seen. They just make my mouth water!

But Little Sister, I think I need to have you come out here so that Lisa of the Ms Bee Havens can give you her lecture on "A Quilt is Not a Blanket"!! *hehehehe* You called Taylor's quilt a blanket at least 3 times in that little video post! Girl, you need an Ed-u-ca-tion of the Quilt variety!

Okay, I'm teasing you :c) The thing that most tickles me is that the quilt is being used and that Taylor has a connection to her Auntie Bonnie through it. And that I got a glimpse of that through your videos. She can call it a blanket if she wants to, just as long as it is loved in the process! Keep the videos coming!

(Now watch all the quilters go leave comments on "Why a Quilt is Not a Blanket" on your post....with love of course!)

And if you are feeling any remorse for calling Taylor's quilt a blanket, you can always make amends by sending me some blackberry jam!! Oh yummy! :c)

Hey, I also took this test thanks to the link on Joy's blog!
78 words

Speed test

WOW! Not that it proves anything, other than I spend way too much time at the keyboard. Maybe it comes from also being a pianist? Does quilting come into play with typing dexterity too?! Will Bonnie now leave the keyboard to go DO SOMETHING!? Oh yes...Have a great day!

Love ya Sis! (And hugs and kisses to the Harker Clan!)


  1. smiled at your "quilt is not a blanket comment". 'cause in my home there are no blankets, so son doesn't know really what they are other then quilts....

  2. You bet playing piano comes into play with typing . . . in my typing class, back in the cave in the dark ages, our instructor walked around the room after a couple weeks, and pointed to every piano student. She could tell because of the strength in your ring and pinkie fingers of the dominant hand, as well as general overall strength in the non-dominant hand. Also, in the old days of the typewriter, you were taught to hold your hands above the keys as one does in playing piano. Now, people lay their wrists down on "wrist rests", which is just another name for a means to carpal tunnel syndrome. Very seldom does one ever hear of a pianist with carpal tunnel problems!

    Always love your stuff, and looking forward to the new mystery!

  3. Hi sorry still trying to get this thing to post my comments.


  4. Yay me finally got this worked out !! Oh checked out the video how cute is Taylor. Blamket Quilt I don't mind as long as it is wrapping up soemone I love.

  5. OK, help me out. Why is a quit not a blanket? Because it's not woven? ( In one piece, I mean.)

  6. I think I must have messed something up, cuz when I took the typing test, it told me I type 258 words a minute!! Not possible, is it? Crazy! Thanks, that was fun!
    Glad your niece is enjoying Auntie Bonnie's quilt. That's what counts!

  7. What precious children, I think Taylor is thoroughly enjoying her quilt no matter what she calls it!

  8. OH DEAR!!!! I stand corrected! :o) I had NO clue the word "blanket" had left my mouth! I'll have to post an edit & apology to the "not a blanket, it's a quilt" situation. :o)

    Yes, Bonnie, it IS a quilt & a beautiful one! You'll be happy to know Taylor spends time on it each day. She's rolled a few more times onto her tummy since that posting--probably to play I-spy like the other girls do! :o) Love ya! Joy


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