Sunday, August 17, 2008

Still kinda wooey....

I've been feeling kind of flu-ish since I got home. Not flu, really, but just a bit dizzy around the edges, queasy to my tummy, and hot flashes to beat the band. This also means I don't sleep so well, and the tiredness creeps in even more.

Yesterday (Saturday) I did NOTHING but putter around slowly in my quilting room. It's been a MESS....being gone 6 weeks out of the last 8 made it a dumping ground for all my stuff. I decided to sort out while laying low yesterday. I didn't go ANYWHERE. I'm feeling kind of the same today.

The weather here in NC (and in VA as well) has been blissful this week. Low humidity, cooler temps. I'm even keeping windows open here at home and sleeping with a gentle breeze. This helps with those midnight hot flashes!

I am going to make an appointment for a complete physical and blood work up. I'm not due for one until January (Usually do all that stuff as well as mammogram in my birthday month.)

So what can I share with you today since I am up do doing a lot of nothing? :cD Friday my quilting bee, The Ms Bee Havens had an "In Town Retreat" where we just worked on our own projects! I was definitely needing some machine time, and girl friend time, so I went, knowing if I got too tired or felt too yuck that I could get up and leave and go home at any time. I managed to get a whole bunch of bonus units trimmed and sewn for a pieced border on a quilt that has a cover possibility for Quiltmaker Magazine in the Jan 2009 issue. Its a "POSSIBILITY" but I would really like it to be a REALITY. At the same time, I don't want to jinx it so I can't show it to you yet. The bonus units worked so cool in this border! All that is left to do is to figure out the size of the spacer border I need to make the pieced border now fit the center of the quilt.

I kind of work backwards when it comes to borders. I figure out what I need to do with the repeats to get the corners to turn right, piece the border, then do some math to figure out how to build up the quilt center to fit the border I just pieced. This just works for me. It means I don't have to shrink a border unit or stretch it to some really weird cutting size so that it will fit a specific center. Hard to describe here, but that is what I do.

Look at this quilt Lisa was basting!! The girl was a BASTING-WOMAN! I'm not sure how many quilts she got pin basted, but every time I looked over there she had a different one! We all agreed that we love applique flowers that look strangely remotely like fried eggs or amoebas....sea anemonies? They are darling, and quilt after quilt, the girl does INCREDIBLE work!

Mrs Goodneedle was working on the cutest red work quilt. (And she will quickly tell you that it is a 10 year UFO and she is glad to get it to flimsy stage!) Of course it had strawberries in it!

Karen was working on an art quilt with a scene along a river bank. It was neat to watch her do it, and see things take shape.

Holly was working on her Star Struck,but it should be called STAR STUCK because it sat as a UFO for so long! *LOL* She also gifted me with a huge baggie of all her trimmed off bonus triangles...WEEE! Thanks Holly!

Leanne was working on getting a pair of rail fence quilts tied. They were hand pieced by her great grandmother with 1930's fabrics..maybe into the 40's from what I could tell,but what a fun fabric combination! I think she got one tied, the other will wait for another day.

The funniest thing....Leanne's sister ran to KFC for our lunch for us. All Lisa and I wanted was a grilled chicken sandwhich and an Extra Large Diet Coke. I about died laughing when her sister walked in with these "BUCKET O' COKE" 1/2 gallon containers, one for each of us! *LOL* No, I didn't drink it all. The thing was even too big for the straw which kept wanting to migrate down into the bucket. We looked like we were drinking from giant sippy cups! Too funny!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon, great idea to go and have a check up....... Bucket of Coke ...... hope the toilets are close by (LOL)
    take care

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM EDT

    Hey Bonnie
    It's been a weekend for me....kiddo off to college...can't even tell you about how ill I'm feeling. (No LOL)
    I posted a few days ago some pics of small quilts around my house and go look at the scrappy baby bargellos!
    Talk soon!

  3. SLOWING DOWN so you can reuse, repurpose and recycle yourself is not so bad. You have been on an energy draining treadmill for a while now... all good stuff but it is kinda like the Calgon bath lady -- can't keep draining out the water without some time to refill or you will be left sitting in a cold empty tub! While doing nothing is not in your nature self restoration is far from doing nothing! Going to the doc is a pretty good idea -- you've done about a years worth of living in the last six months!!!
    Enjoy a lull before your book comes out when EVERYONE is then going to want a piece of you!

    Think of all those quilters who created all the vintage beauties hot flashing their brains and bodies out at all sorts of crazy hours.

  4. Oh darlin', I sure can lend you some sympathy for your hot flashes. Mine started 12/2001 and I still get them but not nearly as much. Sleeping is the pits. Hang in there ;)

  5. Bucket o' Coke: welcome to my world. I could definitely use one of those half gallon containers for my diet soda jones.

  6. Looks like a grand group!

  7. sorry you're feeling run down. time to start scheduling naps and quiet time into that busy schedule. glad you got to get together with some quilters though. love that 30's rail fence.

  8. What a wonderful Quilting Bee with such lovely things going on! The coke made me giggle - it's huge!

  9. My mother gave me great advice about hot flashes. Cut sugar out of your diet in the evening. This advice has cut my flashes in half. I still sleep with a box fan beside the bed for emergencies.


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