Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I found my phone!!!

Thanks to the first person who saw my panic message and dared to call me! I found my phone!

Where? on TOP of the black wood stove insert to my fireplace in my quilting room.

Black phone, low profile, upside down...on top of black stove. Any wonder why these old eyes couldn't find it! But I sure heard it when it went off!

Thanks bunches guys, you are GREAT!


PS....you can stop calling my phone now! *LOL*


  1. Hi Bonnie,
    The cover of your new book is really nice. The quilts from Rhonda B are very pretty.

  2. We upgraded our phones a week or so ago to the BlackjackI II (mine is burgundy, DH got the black one). We LOVE ours. So glad you found yours!!

  3. Ohhhh - we upgraded our antique cell phones a week or so ago to the Blackjack II - absolutely love them! Mine is burgundy and DH got the black so we won't grab each other's phone on the way out the door... SO glad you found yours!!


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