Thursday, August 07, 2008

Another Wonder Cake!

I've told you before of my Sisters and their extreme ability to create the cutest birthday cakes ever?! My niece Mykenzie just turned 3, and Mary outdid herself with a BARBIE CAKE! Look at this beauty! I just wish there were pics of the blue hands, faces and smiles after her dress was eaten :c)

When I see my little sisters being such wonderful moms, it just fills my heart. I remember when my boys were small, when 3rd birthdays were such a big deal. I can't believe how fast they pass! I wish I lived close enough to my sisters to spend more time with them and watch THEIR kids grow up. I'm at the other end of the country. But thank heavens for emails and blogs and little uploaded videos.

So here I am in Hampton! I'm being hosted for the next several days by Susan. What a wonderful place! She is a longarmer, and has her studio built over the detached garage. Oh goodie! Lots of room for me to spend some time doing machine piecing on my off hours! So far I've been binding, sewing sleeves, and doing some hand quilting...it's all been hand work. But I'm itching to do some piecing.

When I was in Williamsburg I got together with Carrie and her hubby, and she gifted me with 100 (Yes, that is ONE HUNDRED) 3.5" crumb blocks. I started setting them together in a zig zag setting on Monday morning when we got together to sew at their rented studio apartment. I've got 4 rows together! The zig zags are alternating turqouise and black. Woooeeee....it's going to be a fun one! Thanks so much for the blocks, Carrie!

Susan is out for a bit, so I'm going to grab my purse and go check out some antique shops this morning. Who knows what goodies I might find? I'll have to be careful though because the car is already jam packed!


  1. that's an amazing cake!!!
    and such a lovely niece you got there.
    happy 3rd bday!!!

    sounds like you are having fun.
    {and busy!!!}

  2. Bonnie that cake is so cute, my little grand daughter would love one of those. I,m jealous of your sister. Your little niece is adorable too.

  3. eeeeks! I love that cake!

  4. Bonnie,
    You know that more than hands and face will be blue!!!!!!!!! Ha! It happened to me when the Colts won and the factory was gifted with blue iced cookies. They were delish! The surprise was the next morning! Have a great time and stay safe!
    XOXO Subee

  5. Bonnie, that little girl looks just like you!

  6. The cake is adorable. Creativity runs in your family!

  7. ummm...cake!! Now, i want cake too!! lol

    Lori in VA

  8. Just a lovely cake and an adorable little one.

    Your so right Bonnie, the years go so fast,,,where do they go? That's why it's so important to make good memories when they're small so you can have warm memories when they grow up. Have a good time antiquing. Don't buy anything bigger than a breadbox.LOL...

  9. OH, Bonnie, what an adorable niece. I'm surprised she would cut into it and eat it. So much work.

  10. The cake is wonderful and your niece is a little cutie...as for your purchases at the antique shops...if you can't squish any more in the car...pack the well, then post them back to yourself. ;) It works for me!

  11. what a beautiful neice you have... and what a fun age! :) Lots of fun times. ~bonnie

  12. Thanks for sharing the special birthday cake (and birthday girl!) with all of us. Enjoy Hampton!!

  13. Such a cute cake! and cuter precious baby girl. Can't wait to see your crumb blocks and the quilt coming...


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