Saturday, August 30, 2008

Three's a Charm!

Do you feel like you are making progress? Are you excited about the possibilities? So far the "guess ahead-ers" Aren't guessing out loud too much about what they think this is going to be! Maybe they are too busy still sewing their 388 half square triangles into 96 pinwheels *evil laugh* :cD


I love this picture up between the rows of tobacco! Again, look at the colors! the blue blue sky, the dark loamy earth, the yellow and green of the stalks reaching upward towards the sun. I am just so in love with color and how it plays everywhere around us. Earth doesn't tell us what colors are "in style" or "gone out" It shows us that all color goes together, and creation rejoices in the beauty of it!

And speaking of creation rejoicing, LOOK! I am enjoying the fruits of my non-labor. My PEARS! They are the bumpiest weirdest looking pears, but the meat is sweet and crisp and juicy, DELICIOUS! Is there anything better than a freshly sliced still crisp pear (don't like them mealy) sprinkled with cinnamon? I have a full tree of lumpy bumpy tough on the outside pears, and I'll do my best to eat each one!

I think there is a lesson in that. How many of us feel like lumpy-bumpy pears on the outside ourselves? However, look at the fruit on the INSIDE! GLORIOUS! Yes, Mrs Goodneedle, Life IS Good....yummy too. We all might be lumpy-bumpy pears on the outside, but what is important is the treasure within.

There are treasures in this quilt too. I want to share this one with you! See that pink/purple light square in the upper left of the 4 patch? That is a piece of the fabric from the dress I made for my 2nd date with DH. I bought it at a Ben Franklin in Meridian, Idaho in May,1981. We were engaged on July 4, 1981, and married on Aug 28, 1981. We celebrated our 27th anniversary this past Thursday.

I think all that is left of that fabric has been cut into 2" squares. Every once in a while I will unearth one as I am digging through that bin while grabbing things for leaders & enders. It's not a "pretty" fabric. It certainly wasn't top of the line, or quilt shop quality then, but it has a story. And 27 years later, here it is in my Old Tobacco Road quilt.

Maybe you have a piece of fabric that has a special memory for you. Maybe this is the time to dig it out, and piece even just ONE SQUARE into your quilt...to remind you of where you were when, and just how far you've come.


  1. Congrats on 27 years together. I celebrated my 44 birthday on Thursday!

  2. Congratulations for your anniversary. In a time when divorces are the norm its wonderful to see successful unions!

  3. Happy anniversary!!
    My husband and I had a short time of knowing each other also-must be the year. We started dating just after Thanksgiving of 1980, were engaged in February and married on August 8, 1981. We have two sons also.

    PS thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

  4. Congrats on 28 years -- we're about to celebrate 18 (but I think I'm just a bit older than you).

    I just have to say, I don't usually do mysteries -- I like to know what the final quilt will look like before starting. But, I love EVERYTHING you do. Reading your sites have motivated me to "tame" my scraps. Besides, the initial picture you posted of the tobacco, all gleaming of fall colors spurred me on. Besides, I decided it's time to have another quilt for the VW. It's brown so autumn colors will look just perfect in it.

    Now, back to those half-square triangles and windmills. If I could ONLY get that song out of my head. It keeps creeping in over and around the book I'm listening to......

  5. Congraulations on your 27 years together. He has to be a keeper to put up with all that you do. I'm sure he is very supportive. As is my hubby which come Jan. 09 will make us together 60 years. How the time flies when you are having fun. And you make it fun for us. Thank you.

  6. I have a few fabrics in my stash that might not be the best quality 'fabric-wise' but they are top notch 'memory-wise'. One I use quite frequently is one I used to make a shirt for my dad about 17 years ago. It was one of his favorites and because he hated suits when he was alive it was the shirt he was buried in 16 years ago tomorrow. That one turns up in so many of my scrappy quilts!

    Congrats on 27 years. We will be there on April Fool's Day 2009.

  7. Mystery Question re: Step 3: All my pinwheels go the same direction, but the opposite of all of yours. Does this mean I need to rotate my 4 patches the opposite of yours? Or do I still keep my 4 patches so the darks are bottom left, top right?
    Sorry and thanks.

  8. I have a fabric that turns up quite often in scrap quilts. when my youngest son went off to college I made him a pair of boxers of hot pink with green frogs. The guys in his dorm thought they were cool so I made many pairs of them. Later I made him a scrap piano key quilt for his new home. on day I was there and he turned out the light and said LOOK!!! There were yellow frog eyes look back at us. We still laugh at mom keeping her eyes on her "baby". He is 34 now and that fabric still turns up now and then.

  9. Wow! That was a whirlwind romance wasn't it? 2nd date in May, engaged in July, and married the month after. True love! Happy anniversary.

    I love using scraps in my quilts, each one has a special memory.

  10. Congrats on your anniversary. DH and I celebrated 33 years together last Feb. If your pears are the same as ours, I think they are called Kiefer. I may not have the spelling right.


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