Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Moon-ing Over Virginia!

I've spent the last two nights in Moon, Virginia, staying with Sandy! Her house is on an ISLAND of all things.....you have to cross this little wooden one lane bridge to get onto her property. Crossing that bridge at night when you are not sure of what is below you or on the other side was a bit daunting, but I am up for an adventure.

Her house is wonderful, and guarded by her guardian cat angel "Annabelle". I've got pics of her and the house on my camera, but since I am traveling with my laptop, some pics are going to have to wait until I get home to post them all!

Yesterday was my "day of rest"!! I didn't do anything but meet up with a couple gals for lunch. I was able to do laundry, catch up on email, book stuff, and even get a bunch of hand quilting in! It was really relaxing last night, Sandy and I had taken charge of the two recliners and caught up on a DVR'd recording of "Saving Grace" while we both hand quilted our fingers sore. WONDERFUL!

Today I'm en route to Hampton where I am staying with Susan. I haven't met her before, but I've been told she is a fabulous longarmer and we are going to have a bunch of fun.

I've checked in on the home front daily. So far things in Winston Salem are holding their own. People and Pets getting fed, watered, and taken care of. Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm running around like this, but it doesn't make sense to go home in between gigs with the way gas prices are. I could have gone home yesterday, only to have to return back up here tomorrow...and it's somewhere around a 6 hour drive (X2) and I think I would be MORE TIRED for my programs this weekend than if I just stay put. But still....I know there is a bunch of stuff at home that needs doing.

The weather has been extremely hot and humid. I've been going out walking every morning. I've walked past fields and farms and old tumble down farm houses, and some that are being restored...it's like stepping back in time. I've learned to stay towards the center of the deserted roads, away from trees and bushes where the bugs are thick. I've pulled a tick or two out of my hair...ewww....

I'm trying to be as healthy as I can with all the "feeding of the visiting quilter" that goes on when I travel somewhere. Lots of salads and fresh fruits and veggies, staying away from too much bread and deep fried things, and no deserts. We'll see how that does.

I'll report back in again when I can!


  1. You are so smart to stay put intbetween "gigs" as you put it :c) with gas beign as high as it is. Heck, Bonnie with all the "quiltville followers" you have I bet that if you ever wanted, you could take off on a year long journey/road trip goinging town to town... taking turns staying with all of your readers... and most likely visit every US state before you were done! and all of your food and lodging woudl be free! :)

    So hubby and the boys better treat you like a queen around the house or you could threaten them to run away from home for a year. LOL :D

    Love from Texas!! ~bonnie

  2. Bingo-Bonnie, LOL but so true!!!

    Denying dessert, that's the hardest for me. If I make it to 80, I plan on having donuts every morning!

  3. Bonnie, honey, you travel for your work. It's ok. The family will be fine back home, and happy as heck to see you when you et back. I just hope that someday you travel all the way out to California!

  4. I'm going with you when you go to CA. Don't cha know. I have been plugging away on hand quilting my oldest ufo's. I love the pics, I am there in spirit. Everyone is fine on the past old home front.

  5. I love Virginia! Sounds like you are having a great time...enjoy your time on the road.



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