Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's Up With Yahoo Mail?!? (*@&#$(*&!

What's up with YAHOO MAIL!?? Every time I click to reply to an email, write my reply and click send, I am sent back to the sign in page asking for my password to be supplied. When I fill it in, check to see if the mail has sent...it's disappeared! I'm switching to GMAIL for a while to see if it works better. You can reach me at Quiltville@Gmail.com! I'm still keeping the yahoo email open, and will check there daily....but sheesh.

Of course, all this happens AFTER I just picked up my new business cards that have quiltville@yahoo.com written all over them :c|


  1. Frustrating! But you will LOVE gmail -- by far the best email system I have ever used!

  2. I just listened to your interview. I was mesmerized by your voice. And energized too. I even went to my hubby's closet and "eyed" some of his old shirts. I am so tempted to start cutting them up and see if he either misses them or notices the fabric in my next scrappy quilt.
    I hope you get your e-mail problem sorted oyut. Of course it waited until you had new business cards. Isn't that "Murphy's Law" or what?

  3. There's an award waiting for you in my blog:-)
    Thanks for the inspiration! I really love your work!
    Happy sewing!

  4. It's been doing that all day. I've found that if you hit "back" rather than logging in again, the email is still there. I've resorted to typing my emails, saving them as drafts, opening the draft and then sending it from there which seems to work. Hopefully Yahoo will get it figured out soon!

  5. you can set up your gmail to receive mail from yahoo (mine does) as well as send as if you were using your yahoo account... to get your yahoo mail you need to tell yahoo to forward your mail to the gmail account... then in gmail, under settings, you tell it to reply from the email adress the orginal email was sent to... I've found this MUCH easier then using my yahoo account directly as it lets me collect email from several accounts and only check one spot :-)

  6. I love gmail. You might be able to forward your yahoo to gmail. Luck to you. ~ksp

  7. I recently switched from Hotmail to Gmail and I love it. I also still have my Yahoo account but it is sleeping.

  8. Bonnie, must be a problem with your own account. My husband and I both have yahoo mail accounts. I just emailed him from mine and mine from his and they bot worked fine.

  9. Love the videos of your trip! You're coming up to my guild (Brownstone 2009) and I can't wait!!!

  10. I had the same problem and couldn't figure it out. They are wanting you to sign up for some new security password thing.. it did only last the one day for me. i also have gmail and really like it.


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