Thursday, July 17, 2008

Time Zone Challenged

My body clock still says I am on West Coast time. It is so stupid! I feel like a zombie all morning..and then can't get to bed at night at a decent hour. I suppose that's okay...I leave for Denver on tuesday, and that is half way back to the west coast, I may as well stay screwed up until I get back?

Lori sent this funny picture of Lucy and I after the quilt show. We'd taken her whole family to the swimming pool in Sun River and went swimming, and lounged around. (Oh get this, I didn't have a swim suit, so we ran into Ross and I bought one off the rack without trying it on. It looked fine, until I tried it on at the house, and the cleavage went WAY down. I wore a tank top over it..*LOL*)

So tell me why Lucy looks so gorgeous and refreshed and glamorous in her silk dress, and I look like road kill?

Here are a couple favorite photos from the show. This was about 8am and the sun was just coming in from the east. Look how the quilting detail shows up when the light is just right. Yummy textures! Lots and lots of baptist fans caught my eye. Just never get tired of them. EVER.

Isn't this the most WEIRD feathered star you've ever seen? I'd love to figure this block out. It's one of those things I'm in love with but will probably never do. Being a scrappy girl, I think I would die if I had to piece a whole quilt of just red and muslin. Seriously. Please don't make me, don't make me, I can't do it! But I love them. That and blue and white. Classic.

Today I have GOT to stop running around and clean house. Top to bottom. What day is it anyway..thursday? Sheesh..I leave tomorrow evening for Durham. I've got to get myself together!


  1. Once I find my camera cords, I'll download MY pictures of you and Lucy. The pictures don't tell half the story. We had a blast! And Lucy/family are fabulous people!

  2. I like the first quilt on the left. Very interesting. It looks like a lot of work and planning went into it. Thanks for sharing. As always!

    Blessings and kindness for the day!

  3. You could do it scrappy ya know? I'm just sayin'. With scrappy creams for the background. You would have the fun of figuring out the block and your scrappy version too!

  4. I agree with mamaspark - you could do it scrappy either with scrappy creams or just scrappy lights for the background and scrappy darks for the stars. It is a pretty cool star and would be fun to figure out and make.

    p.s. the road kill look could be the body language but that is just a guess! :)

  5. I don't even have the excuse of travelling and I've thrown my body out of whack. Had a three hour nap with Pokey and now I'm not sleepy. So fun to see more pictures - love those fans.

  6. Well I love making what I call two color scrappy. Lots of different reds in this case.

  7. Anonymous10:52 AM EDT

    As soon as I saw the feathered star I thought "I have that quilt" but it's not the same as mine is a solid block but it is red and white so maybe red and white feathered blocks were popular back then?

    Unfortunately mine has been used for anything and everything and is quite distressed. I just inherited it from my MIL when she down-sized to an apartment. Nobody wanted it but I thought of you and how you rescue old quilts so I took it.


  8. Thanks for these pictures,I love traditional Quilts,just two colours, but great to look.


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