Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Square Dancing.....

Thanks so much for all the quilt names! I love each and every one of them! When I look at the block, it looks like 4 people dancing to me. Like Square Dancing. I used to do this as a child.....my mom did too, and I loved to dress up in her square dancing outfits, and all the crinoline full slips that would swish and swirl when I would turn and turn and turn and make myself dizzy.. :c) Fond memories!

At first I was thinking of names of the dance steps the caller would call out. "Allemande Left" was one that came to me,but this quilt has such a farm feel to it that I think I am going to call it "Swing Your Partner".

What do you think?!

Update on the house fix-its....The hole in the ceiling where we had to fix the plumbing is now patched...mud is still drying, so couldn't be sanded today. The door knob holes are patched as well, and were sanded this morning as well as a couple other dents...the one in the stairwell where Jeff punched it, and the one behind the quilt that hung in the upstairs hallway...I guess he punched there too, thinking the quilt would cushion the blow? Needless to say he doesn't punch walls anymore!

We got a call last night from the relocation people. They want the house on the market for 30 days before they do the appraisal to see if it will sell on it's own before buying us out at fair market value. UGH. This time of year....quilt mayhem everywhere....Do I feel like showing a house? Like having strangers walk through this quilt mess that seems to continue into every room of the house? Do I have time to organize it all and scale down so the house looks showable? NO! I have a huge headache. DH says don't stress. HA! He isn't a woman trying to sell a house.

At least the fix its are getting done. Anyone else who sees the house is just going to have to look beyond my creative mess in progress...life has to go on. It can't come to a standstill to show a house.



  1. Do the best you can and hand it over to God. I know you know this -just a reminder. You never know a quilter may be there for a showing of the house. Great name for the quilt.

  2. Swing Your Partner is just perfect! You're so smart!

    Your house isn't being photographed for House Beautiful, it's a HOME that's being LIVED IN, by PEOPLE with LIVES! It will all work out, remember that those folks who stroll through are also looking for a home to live in with their family, too.

  3. It's a wonderful quilt and I LOVE the name 'Swing Your Partner'! It's just the perfect name!!!
    Getting ready to show/sell/move is absolutely the pits any time of year.
    Hugs ~ Jeanne

  4. I'm just taking a break form trying to get caugh up on all the "stuff" that needs to be done when returning home form a week vacation... anyway, I haven't even gotten to the post/comments of what people suggested for this quilt but "SWING YOUR PARTNER" is THE P-E-R-F-E-C-T name for this quilt!!!

    Those blocks sooo resemble two sets of partners hooking arms and swinging around oneanother then switching and doing the same to their corner.. Perfect, I tell you, Perfect!!

    My parents square danced when I was little and I remember doing my homework and watching while they took lessons... one of my best Halloween memories was when mom let me dress up as a square dancer...with make up too! :)

    Be sure and write a little something about your memories of Square Dancing when you make your label for the back!!! In another 10-20 years kids probably won't even know what square dancing was!

    Love from Texas! ~Bonnie

  5. I understand your moving stress, but you don't realize how fortunate you are that the new employers will purchase your home after a month on the market. My husband's been working in his new location since March but I'm still sitting here in our unsold house.
    I do sympathize with the prep anxiety. It's a pain to have people traipsing through your home on short notice, especially when the market is slow and you feel you need everything to be at its best. Good luck, Bonnie!

  6. Don't stress! :) We're all here for you and we're girls so we understand exactly what you're going through.

    Swing Your Partner is a fantastic name for the quilt!

  7. Swing Your Partner is perfect!

  8. Bonnie, don't worry to much. At this time of the year, I doubt if you'll get much traffic.


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