Thursday, November 29, 2007

And What Is She Up To Now?! :cD

It's a surprise!I will show you this much....3 bins....1.5" strips. All from recycled clothing! Mind you that not all are plaids or stripes. I also buy prints if they catch my eye, and I throw them in there to spice up the mix. The fun for me is that they are all recycled.

If you are a fabric scavenger like I am, don't forget to check the pajamas! Sleep pants are very popular and often have really interesting fabrics! I found a pair of 3X Old Navy sleep pants with the most wonderful red print. That's ALOT of fabric ;c) I go for the feel of the fabric, and of course reading the label to be sure it is 100% cotton. Another reason why women's shirts aren't always the best....lots of them are MOSTLY cotton, but have spandex in there for stretch..we don't want that.

I've found skirts to be a great source of recycled fabric, as well as jumpers and dresses. Don't forget to check those out!

Last night I got these cut! 3 bins of 1.5" strips in red, neutral, and dark blue. As for what it will become,you'll have to watch for updates, cuz I'm not tellin':cÞ

Yesterday was busy beyond belief. I had two dentist appointments in the morning. Yes, still dealing with the implant thing. I've got the temporary now. My insurance is maxed out for the year, plus we are changing insurances with Dave's new job in a few weeks, so we are going to lay off until after the 1st of the year to do any m ore work on it. At least the temp looks like a real tooth, and it is nice to be able to bite into things without worrying that it is going to come unglued and fall off.

Signed a bunch of papers to get the house listed yesterday too. You know, a gadzillion.. *sign here at the X* and it really really becomes real to you. At least it is to me. After that it was choir practice. I got home after 9pm and that is when I was so "WIRED" that I just kept pressing and cutting shirt parts and separating them into bins.

This morning the fix-it guy is here....and the Orkin man came to do his quarterly pest control to make sure we get a good inspection/appraisal. It's like grand central station over here.

This afternoon I have massage clients booked solid straight through from 1pm til 5...and then I come home and work on a client here for an hour and a half. That will be the extent of my entire day.

I'll just have to dream about these little strip bins and what they will become..when I have time!


  1. Hmmm, they look so red, white and blue...so I'm guessing something patriotic, or quilts of valor or a log cabin.

  2. Yep I always look out the pyjamas in the charity shops - they're often cheaper than the mens shirts and you get far more fabric for your money

  3. ... and isn't it wonderful when dreams come true? Sometimes they do, you know! Knowing you, these strip bins will combine to become a gorgeous, stunning quilt in very short order!

  4. I anxiously await to hear your plan for these strips, but it does seem rather patriotic!

    What a busy day you have had! Wishing you all the luck in the world selling your home. In MI, the real estate market is very slow....our beautiful condo has been for sale for 1 whole year now. Barely anything is selling, but we're hoping for the best. Hope you sell soon!

  5. ohmygosh.. at first I thought those bins were pencil box sized. Then I clicked to enlarge. Are they /laundry baskets/?

  6. you're making progress - moving forward on selling the house and getting your teeth taken care of. not fun, but necessary.

  7. I'm in for the mystery quilt. I'll be watching for the updates.

  8. Bonnie, I am in:).




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