Sunday, November 25, 2007


I have 16 blocks done. I think that is sufficient. They are BIG blocks, 15" which is so unlike my usual self, because I tend to be drawn to small blocks! However, with these shirt pieces, I wanted that "FARM" feeling....the look of a quilt made for warmth and utility, not for "fancy", you know?

Besides, I rationalized to myself that if I wanted the blocks to be smaller I'd have to work with strip sizes I wasn't cutting! (GOOD POINT!) And when you REALLY think about it..these blocks ARE four-blocks-in-one, aren't they? It's not the simple one-block milky way block..it's 4 of them put together, 2 positive, 2 negative. So I justified!

I decided not to set them on point as in the inspiration quilt. I wanted a more funky folky look without so much room for fancy quilting. I tried laying them out with sashings. It went BLAH. I tried block to block to block, but the blocks just cry to be separated by SOMETHING.

I thought of making four patches and little alternate 3" squares to make pieced sashings, but that is going to take a lot of four patches and do I really want to do that? I laid some out (thank heaves for a basket of leader/ender four patches I have going on by the machine!) and it just didn't do anything for me because of the way the four patches turn in the blocks. (More of that brain warp feeling going on!)

At this point I am pulling yardage....I know I know....I wanted it to be ALL SHIRTS..but when you get to this point, there isn't a shirt big enough to give me enough of a uniform thing to pull it together...I might need to buy a plaid tent from Ahab the tent maker! (But Tonya left him behind in Egypt, and it's just not convenient!)

I have a piece of brown gingham type yardage. Nice. Has the feeling I want. But putting it with a "light" Made the whole sashing too blah and fadey-outey. So I did what Bonnie does....went RED! I made a bunch of 3" finished 1/2 sq triangles...and laid them as a pieced sashing between the blocks! It gives the blocks almost a lady-of-the-lake feel. I like it! It has motion...it has punch in that RED...and solid reds were used a lot in utility quilts because it was so inexpensive and accessible..

Do you like it? Do you hate it? Is there an alternative I should think about before I take it any further?? Speak now or forever hold your peace! (PIECES?!)


  1. I LOVE the blocks, but am not crazy about the sashing piecing. It takes my eye away from the blocks.

    What about a skinny homespun cheddar unpieced? I'd try something that will finish the size of the individual four-patch square, 1"? If cheddar is too akward, maybe a rose colored homespun would work. That might settle it down.

    Regardless, your work is stunning, and I'll just be in love with whatever your final choice is. You sorta can't go wrong by me.

  2. Bonnie, You did exactly what quilters from earlier generations would have done... you worked with what you had to make something functional AND pleasing to the eye.

    I like the sashing, a lot! With it being pieced, it "fits" with the large pieced blocks and eliminates any thought of "fancy quilting" in the 'solid' sashings. Go for it!!

  3. hmmm, honestly I'm not loving the sashing as you have it. I think it adds to the business of the quilt. If it was me I think I would go with solid red sashings. I like the red, just not the triangles. I'm sure you will find what is exactly right for you. That is what matters.

  4. LOL business of the quilt, what I meant to say was busy-ness. LOL

  5. I like the red triangles but then I really like busy busy quilts.

  6. Hm, I'm with Colene, I like the red as it really stands out. At first though of just squares, alternate with a light. Try it, or maybe the plain red narrow sashing. Love the blocks.

  7. first, I LOVE the red, it does give it "zing" for sure...that said, if i were doing this, I might make broken dishes blocks and then rotate each one to sort of even off the zing of the red; this way it seems a big lopsided....so bright one side and so subdued on the other...just my $.02 as usual....it's beautiful though, as always


  8. I'm going to join in with "love the red, not sure about the pieced sashing" crowd. Not sure what it is -- the color really does give the zing, and yes, a solid sashing would not be it (would take away from the lovely movement in the blocks) but -- hmmn...maybe alternate the HST's?

  9. yup, the red is a good addition, but like others, must say the sashing doesn't really do "it" for me.... Have you tried alternating red and the brown ginham as squares -- whatever size it works to put 5 along the side of the block?

  10. I'm with everyone else---love the red! But the pieced sashing, well, may be not so much. What about a triple sashing of two red strips on either side of the brown? Still some movement but not at dizzying speeds, but also not static as a plain sash would be.

    Just a thought---can't wait to see what you eventually decide. I'm sure it will be perfect, as usual.

    Kim in KY

  11. afraid I agree with the rest of the comments....

    the triangles just don't do it for me.

    unfortunately, I don't have any answers

  12. since you asked.....I am not really digging the red & white sashing. What about putting the top together as four vertical rows with chocolate colored sashing between each row and the same color fabric as the border?...just a thought. Whatever you decide it will be just wonderful!!


  13. I think the red in the sashing pulls your eye away from the quilt itself, I would have done little 4 patches, using the colors of the adjoining blocks to make the sashing blend in but still cut the blocks apart.

  14. Anonymous7:16 PM EDT

    I really like the triangles. I don't think it makes things too busy...just the right balance.

  15. Hi Bonnie

    I came across this older post of yours and I like the pattern. I don't see a name on it and am wondering if it is in one of your books or as a free pattern on your blog. I don't know if you will receive this question as it is from a very old post. I will keep this page up on my iPad to see if you answer.
    It's Labor Day weekend, Sunday pm. I read about all the rain you had at the cabin, wow. Thanks for posting. It's always most interesting! Ps, it's 2013 Labor Day weekend.


  16. Hi Again

    I forgot to add safe travels back to your home base during the busy holiday traffic.



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