Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Don't Sew Late At Night!!

And here I was so proud of my productivity! I've been taking shirts apart,and as I cut them into strips I thought it would be good motivation to cut block parts for a quilt I want to do as I go....so I have "INCENTIVE" right?..uhhhhhuhhh.......we all know the path to "WHERE" is paved with good intentions?

Obviously,the path to either ripping out, or setting aside if you were sewing like I was last night!

First off, I love OLD quilts. I love old "farm style" quilts, not fussy ones, but the utility ones that were made from the scraps of every day fabrics. Lots of stripes and plaids, pieced frugally and quilted simply to keep families warm.

I fell in LOVE with this antique quilt! I love anything that has a strong "positive/negative" feel to it, and I'd never seen the "Milky Way" pattern done as blocks this way and put on point. Fun, huh?

So okay...Bonnie gets big ideas and begins sewing thinking how hard can this be? It's 4 patches and 1/2 square triangles, right?!?!?!

It took me until this morning when I took pics of my 4 blocks to see that half of my 4 patches are marching in the WRONG DIRECTION!! It must be the optical illusion of this kind of block...but BLLLAHH! I don't want to pick them out! I'd rather just start over! I guess they can go on the BACK of something? I can't believe I got FOUR BLOCKS wrong, all just as wrong as the other!

Good thing there are lots more shirts where these came from!

Oh..one thing I learned. It sometimes isn't worth it to buy women's shirts. Darts and tucks and extra seams to make the shirt "fitted" plus sometimes pieces cut on the bias make using them really difficult. I'll still buy them if I REALLY REALLY think I have to have the fabric in that shirt, but I think I'll stick to mens 3X extra tall! :cD


  1. put these fabulous blocks on the BACK of something? Don't you dare. they'll be fabulous in your next orphan quilt. they're the kind of block that are sooo much fun to see in someone else's quilt, just frustrating when you've done it yourself. love your blocks and the original too.

  2. I like the way the blue/grey block turnes out. It looks like some kind of a Jacob's ladder variation.

  3. Personally I think I would have just added the blocks in whatever direction they were marching. Maybe make some more in different directions, so it looks like I did it on purpose!

  4. We've all been there Bonnie. I remember putting 40 log cabin blocks together wrong because I did not look at the pattern beforehand. Love the blocks.

  5. Yes, a woman's shirt has to be pretty special for me to buy it. The detail work cuts down on the usable yardage.
    That said, I always sweep by the children's section because some of the most beautiful plaids are on the little kids shirts--I'm lucky to get a fat eight total fabric, but it will be fabulous!

  6. Anonymous8:29 PM EST

    This post is so funny. You just HAVE to put these into the backing :-)

  7. Didn't notice until you pointed it out!
    CONGRATS on the magazine article!


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