Sunday, November 25, 2007

is this any better???

Or maybe I'll go back to the drawing board....

I rotated the triangles around a bit to distribute the light/dark effect.


  1. I love your blocks but think that the triangles really don't let the pattern show up very well. Maybe it looks too cluttery? have you tried a solid for the sashing?

    Susan in Jerusalem

  2. I love, love, love the red triangle sashing...looks very *farm quilt folky* to me...but I prefer them in your original set, not rotated, as shown in this post.
    I think your original red-triangle sashing will look even better than your trial layout, because those red triangles will be just a bit smaller when sewn in. Perfect amount of punch! (IMHO)

  3. I love the red triangles but I think they need to all be placed with the red in the lower right corner. I took a photography class where we learned that our brain prefers motion that goes from lower left to upper right.

    That's my opinion - it's worth what it cost ya! LOL!

  4. Sorry, I didn't mean to say "cluttery". What I meant was "busy". I like the blocks so much and just wonder if the triangles don't distract from them.


  5. I agree with Susan. They seem to be in competition with the blocks. If I were making it I would go with a solid color sashing....red or perhaps black.

  6. Hmmm...well, one thing is for sure, you'll end up with a beautiful quilt. Keep playing with fabrics and you'll hit on the right sashing.

  7. Oh yeah! I like this!!!!

  8. What if you used red to continue the design in the blocks so that it repeated allover the quilt, but was also broken into blocks and sashing by the use of red?

  9. I think it's a little busy. If the triangles were in blues instead of red?

  10. I love the blocks! Not crazy about the triangles and red. How about using a light sashing with dark corner stones?
    I agree with everyone else that you will come up with something that is absolutely wonderful.

  11. Love the blocks, but the triangle sashing...too, too busy. Takes the eye away from the beauty of the blocks. Maybe a plain red sashing?

  12. Hi Bonnie!

    What if you had plaid sashing in strips with red squares at the corners? Each sashing strip could be different in keeping with the scrappy/funky/folksie theme and maybe the red blocks at the corners would be enough of a zingy pull together.

    Your blocks are so nice! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your work with all of us!


  13. I think the red triangle sashing looks lovely. It has a very farmhouse look (which I love!) .....oh by the way, I am Alison, nice to meet you!!


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