Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jason!

My Oldest Baby is 24 today! He was born November 10th 1983 in Nyssa, Oregon on a beautiful autumn day just like today!

He has grown into such a wonderful loving young man. I am so proud of him for the leaps and bounds he has made in his young life.

It's going to be hard to leave him behind as we relocate to Winston-Salem!

He moved back home here just a year ago. That was an adjustment after being out on his own for 4 years! For the past few months he has been back out on his own again living with friends and well into his own life here in SC. It's been great to see him carve out a place and a life for himself here!

And now we are leaving HIM behind!! I know, it's only 3 hours up the road, but still. I'm his mom, you know?

We are taking him and his girlfriend out to dinner tonight to celebrate. I'm looking forward to it.

On the other hand, I also have something difficult today. This week a member of my quilter's guild passed away. The funeral is today. So I'll be experiencing both ends of the life spectrum today. It leaves lots of room for contemplation. For all of us, life is a journey. Does it pass us by as we are so busy that we are oblivious to it's wonder? Or do things happen in our lives that make us stop and take notice once in a while as has happened to me the past week or so.

I had a WONDERFUL time with the Cobblestone Quilter's Guild of Charleston, SC on thursday night! I was met at my hotel with a van full of ladies who caravaned me over to Jason's Deli right near the church where the meeting was to be held. I had the most delicious Ruben sandwhich ever....stacked so high with meat I couldn't finish the whole thing! If you have a Jason's Deli near you, you must go. A couple of the other ladies had this gigantic stuffed baked potatoes that looked fabulous. They had yummy soups on the menu, and a great salad bar. Anyone know if there is one of these in the Winston-Salem area?! They are on my new favorite list!

The meeting went great. I had plenty of holders and folders to hold up quilts while I talked about scrap organization and how I squeeze as much as possible out of every scrap I've got, cutting them into useable sizes ahead of time and as I go so that I can just pull a bin or two and sit and sew without having to spend a whole lot of time cutting/pressing before I even get to sew a stitch.

The guild members were so welcoming, especially since I felt a bit intimidated....I was asked to fill in for Pepper Cory who was unable to make it. That was big shoes to fill for me! But it was fun, and I bet lots of ladies are now looking at their scrap piles a bit differently!

The funky quilt top on the curtain is one I have just finished piecing (AND FUSING!!! OH MY!!) for taking to do lectures. It has different sizes of strip widths, bricks and squares, and some of the blocks that I've made using them up....it's called "THE FABRIC FOOD CHAIN!" I've got to get it quilted, but so far there hasn't been time to do so. The borders were just put on thursday (before and after Jeff's car wreck!) out of orphans....fun, huh?


  1. Happy Birthday to Jason. My son is 23. Son's are wonderful! :)

    I love your "fabric food chain". Very clever.

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  3. Bonnie, So good to hear from you. Check out our shop blog www.seworiginalgals.blogspot.com
    Come by the shop when you are house shopping. The gals are looking forward to meeting you. Quiltkemosabe also works in the shop, as does Ms. Goodneedle as a fill in! And thanks for the words of encouragement. Sons are wonderful & HB to Jason.

  4. I love the "fabric food chain" quilt top! It is a wonderfully fun "teachable" :-)

  5. happy birthday to Jason. So good you're leaving him settled and happy at least.

    fused??? eeeeek. but very fun for teaching. you're out of orphans? holy cow.

  6. That is some serious quilty goodness.

  7. Bonnie - Yes, there is a Jason's Deli in Winston-Salem...on Hanes Mall Blvd.

    Have a wonderful dinner with your family!

  8. What a wonderful idea to put your scrap ideas into a demonstration quilt.

  9. Happy Birthday Jason!

    The quilts are wonderful. I have to think about reducing my crumbs box...

  10. "The Fabric Food Chain".....

    never thought of it like that!

    ...never cease to be amazed at what comes out of your stash

  11. Bonnie,
    I love the Fabric Food Chain quilt!! What a great way to look at scraps.
    I have a quick question-I have to place a couple of blocks into a quilt at an angle like you did. How did you do it? Every idea I've had doesn't seem to work.

  12. I spent the weekend sewing your string stars on retreat, they're looking great. Yes, you better believe we have a Jason's Deli in W-S!! Your quilts are awesome.

  13. Very neat food chain quilt!! Can't wait to see it quilted. And such a great teaching tool!


  14. Very, very fun quilt Bonnie! But then I just think everything you do is wonderful!

  15. Anonymous5:08 PM EST

    The Fabric Food Chain quilt is a brilliant idea! love it. Happy birthday Jason :-)


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