Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Maverick Stringy-Sampler!

I don't have much of my own to report today! I've spent the day getting estimates on having some things repaired on the house before we get the appraisal. Things like Dings in the wall where the doorknob hit too hard, a place in the stairwell where Jeff got mad and punched it :c(

The place in the ceiling that had to be cut out to fix a leaky sink pipe and had never been fixed...auuughh...

You know how it is to sell a house, everything you ever wanted to do for yourself, gets done so someone ELSE can enjoy the benefits!

I'm quilting away on customer quilts....yesterday was pretty much a wash out as I spent 3 1/2 hours in the dentist chair for more implant work. I now have a real temporary where the permanent implant crown is going to go, and I was numb and sore most of the day yesterday. Just can't run the quilting machine when you feel that way!

So...since I don't have anything of my OWN to report, I thought I would whet your appetite with this fun stringy sampler! I love it! It is SO maverick. I would have loved to dig into this lady's scrap bag and see what she was working with to come up with her unique blocks!

My latest "in between massage clients" project is cutting up thrift store shirts! It seems to be a good thing to do when there is a bit of time in between clients and my mind is too frazzled to really settle on anything intricate. The shirts have got to be cut into use able pieces at some point, and this is as good as any!

Yesterday in between clients I was able to cut up these four articles of clothing...a lovely golden cheddar, two shades of blue, and a red/tan! Oh the possibilities! :cD I have a bin that the pockets, plackets, pockets, collars and cuffs are going into for string piecing, but the big pieces...I've tried to decide if I want to strip them all down into various sizes or what?

I think I'll compromise. I'll strip the sleeves and the fronts...but leave the shirt backs whole so I have a big piece if I need to cut alternate block pieces or anything. Sound like a good idea?


  1. Sounds like an excellent idea - the backs are usually a bit more than fat quarter size (depending on the size of the man) so it makes sense to keep them whole. I would keep the fronts too, if it weren't that most of them have a pesky pocket on one side.

  2. you'll get lots of scraps from a shirt with your plan! :-)

  3. oooh, fun quilt. different ways to play with strings and blocks. sorry about the teeth - yick, but it will be great when you're through with all of it. love that cheddary shirt. keeping the backs whole sounds like an excellent plan.

  4. We have a wonderful huge thrift shop here. I must start looking at the clothing with an eye to sewing projects!

    Hope your mouth is feeling better soon. Not only do they make it hurt but boy is it expensive! My dentist sent me a whopping great bill and I spent over an hour on the phone yesterday trying to figure out why the insurance company terminated my coverage. Sheesh!

  5. Your string quilt is lovely.


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