Friday, November 30, 2007

Howling with Holiday Glee!!!

Dawn Evidently has WAY too much time on her hands at work! *heheheheheh*

She sent this Little Ditty this morning of Me, Lucy, Laura, and herself doing the elf dance. HOW HILARIOUS! You have to click the link and wait for it to load, but it is worth it. What a hoot!

Not sure what kind of fashion statement the outfits are, but hey, I sure like the skinny waistlines on all 4 of us!

Are you ready for a quick peek at what the red/blue/neutral strips are becoming?? I'll show you pieces parts and units...but it will be a while before you can see how they all fit together. But for today.....with the 1.5 hours of machine time I gave myself last night (after 9pm!) I ended up with this:

100 blue/red/blue rail fence units! (Maybe this could be my version of 12 days of Christmas? On the first day of Christmas Quiltville gave to me...a pile of rail fence blocks....Nahh, that doesn't sound too great! But you get the idea!


  1. We are mighty sharp dressers!

    I"m liking the look of it so far!

  2. The rail fence blocks are perfect, you're a busy little elf!

  3. Red and blue combos are always winners in my book!!You've really got me itchin to go "fabric shopping" at the resale.... (cause I'm almost out of fabric....not! this would be cause to have me comitted for sure!!)
    oh yeah LOVE the striped tights!..

  4. Uh oh, the elves are on strike - I'll have to go back later when they're willing to dance. I didn't realize you all were French elves, heh heh heh.

  5. This could become a mystery quilt!! My newly cut pile of scraps include a ton of red and blues just hankering to find a new home. I am thinking I just might cut and sew along with you... hehehe... and how wide are these little beauties? As for the twelve days of Christmas a new Quiltville mystery clue gave to me ...

    I confess you have me hooked I am just loving this scrapping!


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