Thursday, November 08, 2007

Jeff and the Totalled Toyota....

I just got a call from Jeff about an hour ago...


You know when an almost 18 yr old calls you mama in a terrified little boy voice that something is wrong.

I was informed that he wrecked his car.....he HIT a HUMMER!!!

Nothing like doing it big time!

Luckily the Hummer is fine..it's high enough up off the ground that he just blew the rear tire on it and perhaps dinked the rim. But Jeff's Toyota is folded, crumpled, crunched, warped, and ruined! Whhhaaaaaa!

He is okay. Seatbelt was on, airbags went off. Evidently he was following too closely, she went to make a right turn just as he was picking something up off the floor..a CD? His Phone? He said he just glanced away for a second and before he knew anything he was under her bumper. :c(

Of course his insuance will pay for her damage, but his own car is totalled. He only has collision on his, so we won't get anything out of it other than what we are able to salvage through a wrecker. We will save that and wait til we get up to NC to buy him another. In the mean time he can work and save his money towards it. No sense in buying another car here, paying the state taxes on it, moving to NC and paying taxes on it there again within 2 months. No way.

Someone told me once that many lessons can be taught,but some things just have to be learned. I think this is one of those for Jeff. Don't take your eyes off the road, even for a second! You never know when the person in front of you is going to put on their brakes and make a turn right in front of you, and you can't anticipate that they are going to keep going on down the road the direction you are going. They just might have reached their destination and need to pull off.

My heart rate is slowing down. I'm going to pack the car and get ready to head out to Charleston in a few hours. I left Jeff at the scene when his dad arrived to take over. I figured I didn't need to be there too. Let it be a father & son thing!


  1. oh my goodness! talk about stopping a mother's heart! geesh! and a HUMMER?!?

    you are SO right...there are some things that have to be learned, and i'm betting that jeff learned a big one today. thankfully it wasn't a more serious accident.

    have fun in wv!!


  2. Bonnie,

    I'm so glad he's okay! What a fright for him AND you.

  3. Thank goodness he was only shaken up - so many accidents happen to young, over-confident newish drivers. Mine was on wet leaves, I spun round in the road ending up against the verge with nothing coming in the opposite directions (Thank you God!) The girl driving the other car in my previous partners fatal accident was seriously injured and has terrible scarring to remind her every time she looks in the mirror. It's a horrible lesson to learn and fortunately Jeff came out of it relatively unscathed. Someone was watching over him today :o)

  4. Oh I'm so glad he is ok. And in a way a good lesson in that his car is totalled and the other car was a Hummer without a lot of damage. Think of the lesson if it was the other way around!

  5. I have one of those moments, but mine was after a stoplight and it going green, the car I hit was turning on an illegal left turn - I was putting my drink down and glanced down to make sure it was in the right spot. Glad he is ok and only shaken up - no harm in turning it into a "teaching moment".

  6. Oh my. Good thing he is alright.

    There is not one single young man in my family that has not totalled his car. All have been fine but it sure seems to be something the young boys need to do - and it is a very big lesson. My nephew totalled his car within the first two hours of getting it on the road. I guess he needed to learn that lesson quickly!!

    Good thing they can learn the lesson and be okay.

  7. Bonnie,
    His guardian angel was watching over him, that's for sure. Glad to hear he's alright.

  8. Thank goodness he's OK. I know the sound of that voice when they call in desperate need, it made my eyes well up just thinking about it, I've received similar calls over the years and only God and my hairdresser know the affects such circumstances can cause. I'm so sorry for your son, and you. ~hugs~... Enjoy Chas'ton.

  9. I'm so glad to hear he's ok! We just went through this ourselves. Shakes up your life for a while. :(

  10. I think every mom has gotten that phone call when their son is about that age. I got one too. My son was OK, thank our good Lord. I hope your son is not too banged up by the seat belt and the airbags, they can leave nasty contusions at times. My thoughts are with you guys!!


  11. Thank God, he is okay! A hummer? He should have picked something of equal size. (G) There's nothing that sends chills down your spine like a call that your child has had an accident.

  12. Glad to hear you are moving our way. When you get to town (moved in & settled) the local Bernina shop (Sew Original) would love to introduce you & your quilts to the quilters in town.
    Sons do know how to rattle their mothers! Cars can be fixed,sometimes.

  13. Anonymous6:13 PM EST

    What an awful thing to happen - so glad he's not hurt. Quite a story to tell his children - totalled by a Hummer :-)

  14. Bonnie, I worked in the insurance business for almost 10 years, and in my experience, the kids who didn't have some kind of accident before age 20 were the exception. Thank heaven that Jeff wasn't hurt. Many things to be thankful for here.


  15. Bonnie, I'm so glad he's OK.

  16. My daughter had her car totalled earlier this week http://spillitnow.blogspot.com/

    I am happy our children weren't hurt, it's a terrifying thing to happen no matter what the age.

  17. Oooh, I remember when we got that call from Karen! It does teach them a major life lesson, but it is still tramatic for all members of the family. I hope Jeff is feeling fine. He may be hurtin' after the adrenaline wears off!

  18. Our younger son totalled two cars before we all mutually agreed that driving simply was not for him. He now manages using the bus system (with help from friends and family). Not an ideal system, but less stressful than being afraid to answer the telephone.

    Thankfully the only major damage was to property and not people. My prayers and good thoughts are with each of you as you navigate the paperwork and recover from this shocker.

  19. Oh, I'm so sorry you got such a scare. Thank goodness he is OK.

  20. Oh, hon, I know that sense of panic hearing your almost adult child calling your momma. My 19 yo called at 11:30 one night "Mommy, I just wanted to let you know I'm ok." Thank goodness your son wasn't hurt. Cars are replaceable, kids aren't. Take care, Cory

  21. Thank you Lord that he as okay!!! Someone once told me thatproblems that can be solved by money aren't really problems. Insurance will pay, a little extra work will buy his a new car.
    I'll remember your line about many lessons. That is so true.

    Drive carefully to Charleston!


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