Saturday, November 17, 2007

Might not look like much......

But this is all I've accomplished in the last couple days!

Isn't this tan floral great?! It looks SO vintage. And the tag on the inside said "old navy" I wish there was an old navy shirt factory near me, I'd love to just have their bin of cuttings, wouldn't you? But I think everything is made over seas now anyway, and like I really need another fabric source?! :c|

I decided that I needed to force myself....to stay away from GOODWILL! *L* And take the time that I spend buying up all the shirts and turn it into time I spend cutting up the shirts!

And a wonderful thing happened. I began to relax! I found sitting there removing seams and separating pieces to be a way to unwind and let go. To enjoy a TV program instead of worrying how I was going to get everything else done before a move, to worry about Thanksgiving, to worry about the holidays.

This small pile of disassembled shirts might not look like much, but oh the possibilities!

I've been cutting up shirts in between clients at my massage-work because I don't have any hand work that I care to concentrate on right now. Scissors can be very therapeutic! You know how stressful moving and buying a house can be on a marriage? I know what I want. I know what is important to me. Quilting space and a great kitchen.

What's important to Dave? Maybe some acreage, and a 3 car garage! So I get this email with a forwarded house from him.....it is the most BUTT UGLY house you have ever seen...BUT..it had a 3 car garage and 2 acres...(*&@#$(*&@#*($& AUUUGHHH! See me sitting there stewing and taking out my frustrations on shirts with scissors..SNIP SNIP SNIP! Tear tear tear (I tear the hems off and several of the seams open)

Please don't mis-understand. I don't want to leave the impression that I am the house-hunting version of "bridezilla" (House-zilla?!) I have simple tastes. I have a modest home, but it is newish. Some 1950's ranch with small rooms and no master bath just isn't what calls to me, and neither is some 1970's brady bunch contemporary thing with only 1.5 baths and no kitchen cupboard space.

I just keep praying "full basement full basement" so maybe no matter how ugly the rest of the house is, I'll have a place to hide and quilt quilt quilt, and scissor up some more shirts!

I spent some time last night emailing back and forth with Pepper Cory and it is fun to know that she is a North Carolinian too! She writes:
In January I'm opening The Quilt Studio, an intimate (translation: small) learning environment for seriously-addicted quilters. Want a schedule when they're ready?

ABSOLUTELY!! Heaven knows I am a seriously addicted quilter and always in need of some...ummm...quilt therapy? :cD So there is another North Carolina thing I am looking forward to discovering for myself!

When looking on the map for communities that we could settle in, I am immediately drawn to Pfafftown, NC. How cool is that? A town named after a sewing machine! I'd need to be in Berninaville, but Pfafftown would work for me too! However, I think it is a bit far on the other side of town from where the new plant is.

One other place I refuse to have as my address...*cough* Horneytown? Yes,there really is a Horneytown nc! Of course my adolescent and young adult sons find this extremely funny. But then I remind them that we are moving from Irmo, home of the "okra strut". I guess every place has it's own giggles!

Here is a pic of a guy in a Horneytown volunteer fire dept shirt:
Jordan and Horneytown

Is there a funny-named place near where you live?


  1. I live in Loveland. Yes, indeedy. Maybe you should start looking at online realities to start giving house suggestions of your own?

  2. Oh my gosh, those town names are great! Nothing too funny right where I live but I was born in Orangeville IL. Yup not california or florida - IL.

  3. Also in NC, near Asheville, is a town called Bat Cave. Now if I was a kid, that would just be the coolest. I could imagine adventures galore!

    One nice thing about WS is that it is not all that far from Cary. Why is that nice you ask? In Cary there is a Trader Joe's store! Trader Joe's is to food and wine, what Pier 1 and Cost Plus are to household stuff...it's a world market. I miss it...we had two in my old hometown in California and I took it for granted...sigh...LOL

  4. Ok - I grew up near Almond -named (so it is said) when a bowl of nuts got passed around the table, and now live in Churchville that was NOT named for it's churches (some guy named Church) and not far from Arkport -not an olive branch or body of water in sight!!! Go figure!

    No matter where you are, though - it will become Quiltville soon enough!

  5. I can't think of an Oklahoma town name that can beat "Horneytown"! Too funny! My grandfather was born in Bow Legs Oklahoma though. I thought that name was unusual.

    I agree with another poster about Trader Joe's. An incredible grocery store. It's small and easy to get around, yet I find myself spending hours in there. Of course the closest TJ's to me in Tulsa is in St. Louis, a 6 hour drive. My sister and I load up our coolers and spend the weekend in the St. Louis suburbs, filling our van with TJ's groceries. We do that about 4 times a year. I hope you'll have one close to your new home, Bonnie.

    Hugs to you!

  6. Flin Flon usually gets a lot of votes as a funny name. How about Plum Coulee? Not sure it's funny but a lot of people around here seem to think it is.

  7. Howzabout Cut and Shoot, TX? Guess that's not exactly "funny" but somehow is strange, none-the-less. I told my DH that it's the perfect place for a man who once divorced someone whose maiden name was Hatfield to live - and now she lives there with him ;0)

  8. Hey Paula! I just moved from Loveland! Loveland OHIO


    I am picky too about addresses. I refused to look at anything that had BUTTE on the end of it, ie., Cooper Butte.

  9. Lots of indian names around us -- so, while they look funny, not in the same way. As for the house thing, you have my sympathy. You might remind your husband that acrage means HE gets to take care of it...unless that's his passion, it means lots of his free time spent, well, not so free :0). Just a helpful suggestion!

  10. Hey Quiltinfitzy - there's a Butteville here!

    Bonnie, it's not a funny name but I've always wanted to live in Boring, Oregon. Haven't the slightest idea what the town looks like.

    Happiest of House Huntings to ya.

  11. Just reading your post makes me so glad that things have worked for us here. The year we committed to is coming to an end this month and a few months ago I thought we'd be moving AGAIN! I'm so happy that we're staying.

    We decided to rent again for a 2nd year. We still own property in GA and until the kids buy the house (they're renting it from us right now) or we sell the condo, I'm not buying anything else.

    Good luck finding the right house for you. I had to give up a lot of space to live here in the city and I really miss my large studio but it's been worth it to live right in the city.

  12. Bonnie, I must put my two cents worth in*** How would you like to live in Climax, N.C? It's not too far from W-S.Don't think I would want to!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving and hope you find the house of your dreams, I know there is one here (W.S.) waiting just for you.

  13. Ha!!! That is pretty funny, even have on their uniform patches!!

    By the way, you have me looking for shirts at each thrift store and garage sale I pass...hehe!


  14. How about Truth or Consequences NM?

    Here is a link to how it got its name: http://www.truthorconsequencesnm.net/area_TorC_ralph_edwards.htm

  15. Well, someone beat me to Boring, but how about Drain, Oregon? And Government Camp, also in Oregon.

  16. I'm amazed there are no PA quilters about - there are all sorts of sexually suggestive placenames in that state. I love "Bat Cave" tho - that is the coolest name ever. Glad you're finding the shirt deconstruction soothing. keep relaxed and I hope that even if your house is ugly it has the full basement and a fabulous kitchen, etc.

  17. Wisconsin is full of Native American names--unspellable and unpronounceable to the uninitiated. And many have enough similarities to make it hard to keep them straight: Waukesha Wausau Waunakee Wausaukee Waubeka Wauwatosa Wautoma Waunakee. Etc.

  18. OK - Bonnie:

    I'm from Lancaster County, PA. YUP - real close to Intercourse and Blue Ball and Virginville. We always laugh at the tourists standing by the sign for Intercourse to have their pic taken.

  19. Just so you'll know-- Pfafftown is named after the Moravian settler, Peter Pfaff. (He didn't invent the Pfaff sewing machine.)It;\'s pronounced POFF-town. Pfafftown is a perfectly wonderful place to call home, too!) You'll be happy to know there are several Goodwills in the greater W-S area, that'll keep you busy.

  20. well, there is Pittston; name says it all...

    cityquilter grace

  21. Skaggsville - When I was in high school, skagg was not something you wanted to be called...

  22. Not too far from me there is a tiny place called Dog Pound. Also Vulcan, complete with a model Enterprise and space station shaped tourist center. And one province over there is Moose Jaw. Well we hear it so much (here) we don't think anything of it, but it is wierd.


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