Sunday, November 11, 2007

Birthday Dinner-----Japanese Style!

We had a delightful time with Jason, his girlfriend Kim, and her parents last night!

We went out for Jason's 24th birthday dinner, and he chose Yamato Japanese Steak House. It is one of our favorites, hands down!

While we were waiting for Kim's parents to arrive, I took a few pictures of them where we sat in the waiting area. Goofy kids! They are so cute together. Kim is a nursing student, and wants to continue on to become a nurse anesthetist. I hope she continues with this goal!

The dinner was yummy, the company was great! Our chef was so funny......part of why I love going there,the entertainment!

I hope everyone is having a restful wonderful Sunday afternoon/evening. I've got a client's applique quilt on the machine and I'm working away at it as much as I am able. Yesterday went by the wayside as I didn't recover as quickly as I thought I would from having my pupils dilated at the eye docs! Sorry, can't quilt with dark shades on! :c( But today things are back to normal vision wise...I'm grateful to be able to see the stitches!

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