Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pretty Pretty Pretty!

I absolutely loved quilting this quilt for Sherry! Her applique is SO gorgeous and everything....everything...laid flat and square and perfect! I loved looking at the blocks while I was quilting it, I had a hard time picking my favorite one, but when I got down towards the end of the quilt,and came across the block with the big golden dog on it, I knew that was the one I loved best! He reminds me of my golden retriever, Buddy..even the fabric she chose for him says PET ME!! (in a very 100% cotton way :c) If you click the pic of the full quilt, you can see the dog in the bottom right corner!

This quilt is winging it's way back to Vermont where it will call HOME at last! I've had this quilt for far too long...and I'm happy it is going back home to it's mama!

It's another beautiful sunny fall morning here in SC. It was WARM yesterday..warm enough that I slept with a window open and oh how I love that! We don't get enough of that in the south with the heat and humidity. Sometimes it is so nice to be able to sleep without the a/c running!

I'm making studio plans in my head for what I hope to find when we go house hunting. I want a FULL basement. Is that too selfish? Can't I just wish on that for a while? I envision my set up pretty much as I have it here, but I want one corner where I can put the "den" stuff, so I have a TV corner set up with my two comfy chairs, a little NOOK for hand work.....And you know, there is a small dorm style fridge in the garage, I think that needs to come to my studio too :c)

It might be a dream, but thinking of it in positive ways makes me look forward to the house hunting...


  1. Wow! That /is/ a stunner! I wanted to zoom in on each block and absorb the prints and details. And the quilting just *makes* it. A blue ribbon beauty.

  2. Oh yes, a full basement is a must! But please make sure there are enough electrical outlets, a way to hang good lights, and some windows for cross ventilation.

  3. Georgeous! Good luck with the house hunting. :)

  4. Bonnie, this quilt is a stunner and I know it is all the better with the magic you do. Also, congratulations on hitting the big time. Everybody around here who's computer savvy knows who you are--might as well let the rest of the world now. =)

    Also, keep visioning that new sewing room--if you keep your mind on it, you'll get it.


  5. I *adore* this pattern! Do you know if it's commercially available, or your client's original?

    Glad I recently subscribed to Quiltaker - looking forward to your article!

    Good luck with the house hunting. We've lived in this house for 14 years now and while I wish for more room (and more land...) I don't envy you the moving process.

  6. What an absolutely GORGEOUS quilt!

  7. What a beautiful quilt -- and there is nothing wrong with dreaming about what you want your studio to look like. Think of it this way -- this is not just something you do when you have time, this is both your passion and your business (um, hello -- you make money doing this remember?) -- what would you think of a business looking for office space saying they felt guilty about their needs/requirements? Unhunh -- dream big, and get what you want!


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