Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bonnie, Kevin and Robin–on the LOOP!

What do you do when brunch is over at 11am, but the lecture doesn’t start until 1:30pm??


There are several areas of beautiful St Louis that I was able to spend time in –we had dinner on The Hill the night before, a lovely old Italian neighborhood where homes still sport the Italian flag, and fire hydrants are also painted orange and green and white!

((And the gelato was to die for!))

I enjoyed a picnic with Kevin and Mary Ellen down by the Muni at a gorgeous park.

We spent time in St Charles – oh yes! Those photos are still on my laptop, maybe I’ll post those tonight.

And we spent our time before my lecture wandering around the area known as “The Loop”  in an area called University City---which really doesn’t loop anywhere!  It goes in a straight line!  But hey, it’s St Louis, it’s bound to be a bit quirky.

This place began a life of its own farther back than you might imagine.  What you can’t see behind us in this silly selfie that I stole from Kevin --


The gates to the 1904 World’s Fair!


Can you imagine?

This is also an area where faith has come together over the decades with congregations of all beliefs on every corner:


Once the Greek Orthodox church, it became the First Church of Christ Scientist and now is up for lease.


Check out those doors!

The funny part was that we stood there in front of this building, all three of us each googling and wikipedia-ing this address to find out what this place was because there is no sign at the top that is legible.  I could barely make out the letters that weren’t there anymore –and I did guess right!  BUT!  Wouldn’t this place make an awesome quilt retreat center?  We laughed and laughed.  But THOSE DOORS!  And COLUMNS!


Across the Street.

This place looks like it came right out of “Night at the Museum!” But it started its life as a Masonic Temple.  I recognize the compass and the square emblem at the top over the columns.  It now belongs to the church of Scientology.

The building itself is enough to give me the creeps!


Next door to the Greek Orthodox turned Christ Scientist –a Synagogue!

I just love these old strictures and the history!


Down the block, another synagogue with school.


But most imposing of all – City Hall!

Doesn’t it look like a wedding cake?


Check out that dome!


End of summer flowers still hanging on!


Love this combination of greens and purples and golds.


We passed this interesting fountain as we walked further down the street.


Check out this building!  Lovely!


Fitz’s Bottling Co!


How fun is this?  So many flavors!

We walked right in and “bellied up to the bar” and picked out a soda.


Ginger beer for me please!


Cream soda for Kevin and draft root beer for Robin!


Get a load of this root beer float!  Holy Moly!!

((And he wasn’t sure why I asked him to stop so I could get a picture of it! LOL!))

((And no -- this was not OURS!))


Chuck Berry’s Blueberry Hill!

I know this post is getting long, but there is so much to see here.  Embedded into the side walk on both sides of the street are stars and placards for all of this area’s famous.  Many names I recognized, and I’ve put them in a slide show so you can stop it and read each one at your leisure.

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Stars on the Loop, St Louis, MO 2015


Rockin’ it with the guitar man!

We passed a street musician and boy could he belt it out!  He was singing some serious St Louis blues, and when Kevin told him we were quilters on the way to a lecture, he came up with an impromptu version of “The Quilter’s Blues”  His lyrics were hysterical, and he just nailed it – right off the top of his head!  What an awesome bunch of fun we had this morning!

And oh yes, it isn’t over yet.  There are more photos to share.

So here it is, Wednesday morning – I have a boat load of desk work in front of me, and I’m heading out on a Caribbean Cruise on Saturday with 50 quilters and their friends and spouses in tow!

What a wild ride this life is –grab it while you can!

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  1. Tina in NJ8:53 AM EDT

    Your mention of The Hill Italian neighborhood reminded me of baseball great Yogi Berra, who died last week. He grew up in The Hill. Class act.

  2. This post brought back lots of memories. My son went to Washington University in STL and the Worlds Fair was on their campus

  3. Anonymous10:30 AM EDT

    Thanks for the tour of my hometown! But you were IN the loop, not on it :) Thanks also for letting me know about the limited edition ginger beer, I didn't know they had it and will go get some!

  4. I so enjoyed your program in University City on Sunday - thank you! Great tour of the Loop. Glad you had a good time!

  5. Val Haggstrom3:14 PM EDT

    Robin and I are from the same home town, Cannon Falls Minnesota! What a surprise to open your website today and see an "old friend." Lucky Robin! Love your site Bonnie. I've made lots of your quilts.

  6. Anonymous7:07 PM EDT

    What a great post!!! Being a native St. Louisan, it's interesting to see my hometown through the eyes of a tourist. So sorry that I wasn't able to take your workshop while you were here.

  7. Was "Blueberry Hill" sung by Fats Domino?

  8. Blueberry Hill has fabulous food! We've eaten there several times. Another wonderful place to visit in St. Louis is the Butterfly House. Amazing to be indoors with butterflies gliding all around you. Some will even light on your head, fingers or face!

    So glad you had a great time. So much to do in St. Louis!

  9. I'm from Belleville, which is quite close to O'Fallon. Spent lots of time in St. Louis, especially at Xmas time when we would go see the shop windows! Lots of great memories. It looks like you had a great time.

  10. Oh, and another thing I look for in a pattern... and so rarely see any more, is the story of WHY they wanted to make this quilt, and who for. How they chose the colors or fabrics for the qult.


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