Wednesday, September 02, 2015

A Hike Day, A Spa Day!

It was a foggy foggy and cool as I headed out out on my morning walk.


It’s really September!

Summer is winding down.  It is already darker later in the mornings.

Darker makes it harder to want to get out early, and I felt as sleepy and yawny as this tree along my chosen route – too funny!  I love people who landscape with a sense of humor.  And this really wasn’t part of anyone’s landscape, it was the edge of the woods above a valley below..can you see it?


And there it is..the sun rising above the fog.



Foggy pockets!

And more hills than I had planned on, but I went and went and went, ear buds in, music playing.  “This day is what you make it” mantra echoing through my head.


Grateful for a bit of downhill!

Only I had to come back UP it on my way back!


I love this!

Mountains in the distance, a layer of fog, and the tall edge of the cornfield at the far end of this pasture.  Was it worth the extra hills, huffing and puffing?  Yes.


And the sun burns the fog away, leaving a beautiful day!


Check your surroundings!

You just might uncover a forgotten and neglected school house!

((See the fog! So cool!))


Echoes of children’s laughter, school days past!

I wish someone could do something with this piece of history, but likely it is too far gone.  But still, I'm happy to have come across it on my walking journey.

I was back in time for breakfast, and had a couple hours to myself to take care of business before heading out for Bedford Springs for a long awaited spa day.

Bedford Springs, 1797!

I didn’t take as many photos as I have in previous years—I had one thing on my mind yesterday after this crazy busy weekend of very full classes.  There was a 90 minute massage reservation with my name on it!  And boy did I need it!


Walk down this hall!


Take a long solo soak in the Bedford bath!


Get distracted by hexie tiles!


Blue and white d├ęcor…so peaceful!


Contemplate doing this design in applique or English paper piecing.

Give it up!


Pick a place to wait for your massage in the quiet room!


Ahhh, bliss!


Enjoy the garden view through the windows.


After massage…in the garden!

And yes.  I did bring hexies with me.  And yes. I stitched a few.  Very few.  Because after that soak and that massage about the only thing I could do was close my eyes and dream –and probably snore and drool too, but it didn’t seem to bother the bees buzzing on the nearby flowers.

If you want to see more photos from Bedford Springs, click to my earlier post from another visit HERE.

It was such a blissful restful day that I found myself in bed sound asleep by 9pm!

Today I’ll plan a visit down to Mary’s Quilt Shop in Bedford where Mary is teaching a Palampore workshop to some visitors from South Carolina who are staying at her retreat facilities. 

It’s my last day in Bedford and there are some very cool old homes that I want to get some photos of, and do some poking around and exploring before I head out to Boiling Springs PA where I’ll be teaching for the Quilt Odyssey retreat at Allenberry Resort this weekend.

And hexies.  Today there will be time for hexies!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Those pictures remind me so much of the mountains I where was raised, thank you for sharing the pictures.

  2. Beautiful! What a place to unwind! Bonnie, with all that you do, you really deserved this. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  3. How do you fit so much into 24 hours??!! I'm looking to find some of your unending energy, Bonnie. I've got a boxy kites waiting to be sandwiched and quilted, as well as a table runner and wall (door) hanging, 2 lunch boxes to finish, a mystery quilt going and a tumblers leader/ender project going. Can you send me some of your energy?? Please? Have a great day! Judy Troutman. P.S. Thx for reading my email on your last Quilt Cam!

  4. That first sunrise photo is a stunner! I see a landscape quilt there! Mind if I save it? Yummy! Thanks for taking us to the spa Bonnie! j.eidem@embarqmail.com

  5. These pictures are so beautiful. Wish my health was better to allow me to travel some more. I love seeing the places you go and the wonderful inspiration that creates the quilt ideas you have. I am awaiting the start of this winters mystery quilt. I truly enjoy your bogs. Shari Wetzel

  6. I love how you are able to take the time from your busy schedule to enjoy the beauty in nature and everyday surroundings. Thank you for sharing with those of us that may never have the opportunity to see these places!

  7. Those gals sure know how to treat you. I sure would come Back for more if hey invited me. You go girl! quiltnrobin@nwi.net

  8. I'm amused that you point out that the daylight is showing up later in the morning. I'm nowhere close to being a morning person so I won't notice until it is dark at 8:30/9 am. However, I have noticed how it isn't light as long at night. It is now getting dark by 8:30 pm here in Michigan when it used to be light until past 10 pm earlier in the summer.

  9. I totally want to take a vacation to that spa! It looks amazing!!

  10. Most people hate to see September draw in, but I welcome it! The darker nights can be depressing, but Autumn bring so many other wonderful things.


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