Sunday, June 21, 2015

It’s a Quiltville Mediterranean Cruise!

I have the info you’ve ben waiting for! 

Dates are set, ports of call are set – we are going on a Mediterranean Cruise with Craftours!

You know how I loved my trip to Tuscany –it was the most amazing trip of my life yet, and still there was so much of Italy that I didn’t get to see.

On THIS CRUISE we will be spending 13 days – 12 nights – getting to see all of those fabulous places that are STILL on my bucket lst!

And yes, because it is a CRUISE, there will be days at sea – with sewing machines and a project involved.  It’s the best of both worlds.

Machines will be provided for our use, you'll just need a bit of space in your luggage to bring your fabric for our project.  If we pre-cut, it won't take much space at all. Besides, you'll need the room in your luggage to get it OFF the ship to take home, this way we know it fits BEFORE you get there. HA!

I just know you are going to want to come along with me.  So here are the details:


Our vacation of a life time starts in Barcelona SPAIN!  ((Yes, this is where I am singing “Well, I’ve never been to Spain…but I kind of like the music…”  I know I’m dating myself!))

Our ship, the Brilliance of the Seas is lovely –you will feel so pampered!

Brilliance of the Seas
Let the sun shine in-this is Brilliance of the Seas®, a beautiful Radiance-class ship that combines sleek swiftness, panoramic vistas, and wide-open spaces. With acres of glass enclosing the nine-story central atrium, elevators facing the sea, and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, you'll never be at a loss for an incredible view.
Bask at the tranquil Solarium pool, recharge at Vitality SM Spa, or reach new heights on our signature rock-climbing wall. When the sun goes down, the night heats up with Broadway-style shows, Casino Royale®, plus 16 bars and lounges that never feature a cover. It's the amazing vacation you've been searching for.
Our Ports of Call:


Koto, Montenegro!


Venice, Italy!  We get a day and a half in Venice!


Split, Croatia!


Along the Amalfi Coast!



((The only time I’ve been in Rome was the airport, and that doesn’t count!))




I loved Florence!  And you can see what I saw.

Our time in Florence also allows you to take a tour to Pisa!


My adorable friend Jill and I…yes it leans!

Our final Port before heading back to Barcelona --


Provence, France!


Are you ready to sign up?


View more info on the Craftours site HERE.

To make your reservations call Craftours at
815-663-4046, toll free at 877-887-1188 or submit your reservations online.

Single rates are available upon request.

For additional questions regarding airfare, transfers, insurance, pre-night packages, or our convenient payment plan, please call the toll-free number or use the contact form.
I can’t wait for us to experience this wonderful trip together!

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  1. Would there be a price for a single supplement? I wouldn't want to stay with someone I don't know.

    Know you're on a weekend break-good for you- so whenever you get a chance to answer its fine. Ithere is plenty of time.��

  2. Im also interested in single pricing and do people go on these trips alone not knowing anyone. I would like the opportunity to meet other quilters and fellow Bonnie fans. I'd be very happy meeting Bonnie and taking a class from her would be very exciting.

    Denise in NC

  3. Where does the cruise leave from? Do we need to bring sewing machines and fabric or is that provided or available on board?
    Barb, Moncton NB Canada

  4. Do many quilters bring their husband? It sounds like fun since there are several stops we've never been to and others we'd love to see again.

  5. Single pricing is available upon request. Machines are provided, you don't need to bring one. You will bring fabric for your project as I do not sew from kits. More info available directly from the folks at Craftours. Their info is at the bottom of the post, please contact them for further inquiries as they have all of the answers that I do not have!

  6. I am going on Bonnie's Caribbean Cruise and the travel agency will hook you up with a roommate. I thought about it and decided I could get along with another quilter for 7 nights, and we already know we have something in common or we wouldn't be going on a quilting cruise, plus for my particular cruise, if you do not have a roommate, the extra fee is over $1000! Good incentive to share a room with another quilter!

  7. looks wonderful but a long air flight over ocean, a big boat on the water for a week....i am way too chicken for that....i'd be happy with my week in lancaster sewing up a storm!

  8. I would be interested in getting a roomate for this trip!

  9. Sounds like a heavenly trip. To those going, all I can say is ENJOY every minute of your time. Of course I will look forward to traveling via your posts.

  10. What a fabulous trip! WOW! I would love to join you if I only could... I will have to make do with your blog posts!

  11. Hope to see you in Venice

  12. Anonymous6:32 AM EDT

    Dear Bonnie,
    please beg all your journey-members that they take an additionally life jacket with them - for all those thousands of refugees you may meet at the Mediterranean Sea - good luck, Gisela Meinen, basil@ewetel.net

  13. Beyond excited! Signed up and deposit paid. So happy. I've had a couple of tough years culminating with a hip replacement in January. I drooled when I saw the Italy trip this year but knew that 2015 is my year of healing and recuperation with no travel. Then I saw this trip and my heart skipped a beat. My girlfriend jumped on it when I sent the email to her and now we are booked. Pinch me!

  14. L Murphy4:45 PM EDT

    Very excited to join this cruise and adventure. All signed up...now just the wait. ;o)

  15. I have registered and will pay deposit tomorrow! I have been wanting to take a great cruise and think this is it! Travelling with Bonnie and all "her" friends will be so much fun!

  16. This trip sounds awesome! Not worried about rooming with a stranger. Quilters are the nicest people and I've made so many new friends at retreats and classes. Looking forward to having sew much fun!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. would love this...how much time will be spent quilting? Anyone bringing their significant others? I wouldn't want him to feel neglected.

  19. Margaret Hay8:00 AM EDT

    I'd love to take part but is there any chance of joining you at the beginning of the cruise rather than in the USA? I actually live in South West France - although I'm Scottish - so wouldn't want to come over to you just to come all the way back again!!! Also can I ask, very gently(!!) which French port you are going in to because "Provence" is actually a department (the French equivalent of a little state) and not a port/town??

    Love to hear from you when you have a moment "to spare" - do you ever have one of those Bonnie?

  20. I went on another cruise with another quilt group and I stayed with someone I met once i boarded the ship (we didn't even talk beforehand). We had a wonderful time and I would do it again in a heartbeat. There is no assumption that you have to spend all your time or any time together if you don't want to. We decided to do the formal dinner together each night and got along so well that we did most breakfast and lunches together as well. She went off and met friends in a couple of ports and I went on with my excursions I already purchased. I am thinking of this trip and would want to stay with someone again that i don't know. The ships are big enough that you don't spend all your time in your room anyway. Be adventurous - it will make for some wonderful memories!! :o)

  21. WOOHOO!! I'm all signed up and raring to go!! Let the count down begin!!



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