Monday, May 16, 2011

Clean & De-Clutter Giveaway!

**NOTE** This Giveaway has Ended!!

This afternoon, after Lisa dropped me back at my car—I ran errands like a crazy woman! But what’s a girl to do when she is parked in front of Sam’s club? And Lowes and Home Depot and Target and the bank and Walmart are in close proximity?

I don’t often go to that side of town – so it was like discovering a whole new place!

What was I searching for?

Plastic stackable drawers! It has been so long since I have bought any – who would think that just like everything else they would not only change style, but SIZE and stackability?! Why do they have to do that? I didn’t want them in colors? I didn’t want funky textures on the front of them…I didn’t want the plastic to have glitter sparkles in it..I just wanted STORAGE that matched my other storage. HA!

stash 001

The two columns on the right are the drawers I already had for FQs. They have a deeper profile, but are the SAME SIZE as the two columns of drawers on the right, which are wider, but not as deep. AND…I couldn’t find them in individual stacking drawers so I could stack them as high as I want to match the others. I like the individual ones best because they support more weight than the frame for the 3 drawer cart will. I can’t stack the 3 drawer cart double tall, because the weight in full drawers is too much. I left the wheels off because I don’t plan on wheeling these anywhere.

I could return the farthest left cart – turns out I didn’t need it- YET! But I still have some rearranging to do and I might find it useful for something else. Maybe UFOs or something.

But I do know one thing for sure – I’m running out of wall space down here. I’ve moved book cases and treadle machines around, every wall is lined with SOMETHING quilty! And there is more furniture down here because of the re-roofing/re-sheetrocking of the sun room going on.

In my mind, I know that I should be getting LESS stuff, not MORE stuff – but my creativity revolves around having lots on hand to choose from, and I can’t work in a sterile minimal environment. I just can’t. So be it!

One of the things I unearthed was THIS:

babymichelle 009

This was tucked into a remnant bundle from a shop in Bay City Michigan….I never unpacked the bundle until yesterday! It’s actually a double panel, depicting Civil War Generals. There are TWO of these identical to each other. I know I will never do anything with this….so any takers?

I’ll cut the two panels apart and offer them to two people! Leave me a comment below telling me just what plans you have for it and why you want it! I’ll draw two winners Wednesday morning before leaving for Alabama –I’ll pack the envelopes in my stuff, and mail them from the road. Fun idea, huh?

Let’s see what else I can get rid of around here!

Organized Chaos!

I think the funniest thing I ever learned on Flylady was just what CHAOS stood for – Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome!

And basically, that is how I have felt about my basement space through the winter. I could start to get a handle on it, but there wasn’t a lot of time before I was flying off on another trip, and other projects had deadlines, so a lot of things I wanted to tackle just kept putting themselves on the back burner…or the way back way back burner! And there is more to be done, but I’m happy with what I accomplished yesterday!

babymichelle 002

Stacks of Fat Quarters were separated and sorted by color or category depending on what they were, and were put away in their drawers. See those two NEUTRAL stacks to the left? How many did I think I needed? Ahem. I Need. More. Drawers. This is creating quite a conundrum because I really “AM” about using what I have, but it just seems like I’ve been restocking my variety this year. And some of my drawers are shared by two colors, all of which could use their own drawer now ((Like the pinks sharing with purples or the yellows also sharing with oranges)) And I’ve found that as I’ve used yardage, some of the leftovers if they are large enough have also graduated down to the Fat Quarter drawers…((I put anything less than 1/2 yard in there)) and I added a new category of black and whites –Those need their own drawer because they really don’t mix well with the other beige-y civil war type shirtings and backgrounds.

babymichelle 005

But look! This table is now COMPLETELY clear – With the exception of those African prints that I KNEW were buried somewhere ((Yes, I found them!!) and I also found the ones that Aby gave me while in Germany! and I found a whole baggie of batik scraps –We’ll get to that later --

babymichelle 004

I made some make-shift Fat Quarter space in plastic shoeboxes on this old bookshelf I got at the second hand store for something crazy like $8.00. It’s SOLID wood….I really don’t like my fabric out in the open air. DH’s workroom/aka: Lawn Mower Garage is down here, and it has a Garage door on it, and it is often open, and dust and dirt and blower stuff and whatever comes through – But until I decide if I need more Fat Quarter drawers or what….this will have to do for now.

{{Insert personal-note-to-self: STOP. BUYING. BLUE!! You have more blue than you can use in a lifetime. USE IT!!}}

At this point I’m still mulling over that small pile of scraps on the table! Can you hear them calling my name -- LOUDLY!?

I have a set of bed risers under this table, so it is a great sorting, folding, cutting, laying out height.

babymichelle 008

THIS mess is next in the Queue – MAGAZINES. Old and new, some picked up from guild meetings, It’s become the magazine dumping ground. Before moving here I had gone through all my magazines ((I’ve done this several times over the years after they pile up a bit)) and saved the pages I wanted to keep in page protectors and put them in binders and use them as “Dream and Idea” books. But I’ve gotten behind on it, well—BECAUSE. Do I want to sew, or do I want to tear apart magazines? THAT IS A NO BRAINER!

babymichelle 003

And it’s not just that bottom shelf…What started to look CUTE in this fun wire basket is now overflowing….And I admit it. Some of the magazines have not even been taken out of the plastic bags that they were mailed in! Many of them at first glance don’t have anything I want – “Seen that, done that, nothing new, same old same old same old” and those will get donated.

babymichelle 006

Uhoh! Enough Cleaning!! And the pile on the clean table began to GROW!! This was evening time, and I was itching to play!

babymichelle 007

At this point I was thinking….I need something that will work with some of these African prints that are no more than 4” wide –Maybe I can find a batik or tone on tone texture that would play well with each of these, and pair them with a black and white ((Since I had just fondled,folded and put them all away!))

babymichelle 010

Did I really THINK I could get away with just ONE test block?! These are 6” “Kings Crown” blocks, and I am loving them! The on point Square in Square is a great way to frame those fun African fabrics, and the black and whites are so fun! The corners are more tone on tone batik or hand dyes –I have NO idea how I am going to set them yet…on point? Straight? Sashed? PIECED sashing? Alternate block? I don’t have enough done yet to even think about it….

babymichelle 011

But I did have enough time to kit up 25 blocks! They are ready to travel with me to Alabama this week! Since it is a road trip with nights in hotels, I’ll be setting up my machine and making good use of evening/morning time!

And it’s a good thing because I asked DH last night just when his Assistant Controller’s baby is due – “Oh, early June…” was the reply! ACCKKKK!

So! It’s Monday! My favorite day of the week—Monday is new and fresh with all kinds of possibilities. Today, Lisa and Shelby and I are going to hike Pilot Mountain! That should be loads of fun—Maybe some more piecing tonight, or some more digging through tonight. The jury is out on that one yet.

Tuesday will be a “packing up” day—because YES! I’ve decided to leave Wednesday and enjoy my journey to Huntsville, Alabama instead of just pedal to the metal to get there. Seems like a good plan, eh?

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How Much Fabric?!?

HA! I was happy to be corrected this morning on just WHAT day of the week it is! I don’t know why, but when I woke up this morning, I had on my mind that it was MONDAY…not Sunday!

This is awesome! This means I have a whole extra day to do “stuff” before heading out to Alabama early Thursday morning! It’s an 8 hour drive – so with lunch and gas and everything else, I’m giving myself 9 hours and will be leaving the house around 5:30 am on Thursday. OY! Lecture Thursday Night…Double OY~~Maybe…I’ll leave Wednesday afternoon and drive half way instead~~ Or I’m really going to be wiped out for my lecture on Thursday night!

So..back to my day! I decided…it’s TIME!

Time for TAKING TIME….to tackleTHIS:

tylertx2011 040

((OH yes, piles of fabric yardage that go back to my trip to Hershey in JULY!!))


tylertx2011 041

((Oh, this table is packed with fabric, and some recyclable articles of clothing, and fat quarter boxes and orphan blocks and……))

It’s time to slow down, even though I have sewing on the brain…to get it all back where it needs to GO! And if it is a newer purchase and hasn’t HAD an assigned spot yet, to FIND IT ONE!

A funny thing happened when I started to uncover this table……remember me being frazzled about losing THIS??

misc 001

MY BLUE TOOTH ear thing!! Yep. It was buried under piles of fat quarters and fabric yardage on the big cutting table in the “other” side of the basement.

Confused smile I knew it would show up SOMEWHERE at SOME POINT.

That side of the basement is not heated, so in the winter months, unless you want to be over there in a parka, things DO just get laid on the table until it warms up enough to want to be in that side of the basement comfortably.

So now I’ve started turning the mess ((That grew over many months of neglected time)) to THIS:

tylertx2011 042

It’s amazing how just having things folded into equal sizes makes everything look better. I also see a LOT of chrome yellow and at the far far end ((though you can’t see it as well)) a lot of yuk green! LOL! And when I'm done folding, onto it's shelves it will go!

There is more to do. But sometimes a day spent reorganizing and re-familiarizing myself what what already LIVES in my basement can inspire me on to future projects by using what I have --- We all need to re-confirm this to ourselves at one point or another don’t we? Or -- MORE OFTEN would be good too, wouldn’t it?

It’s a good thing I won’t be headed down I-85 on my way to Alabama– Or I’d be tempted to make a pit stop at Mary Jos! Instead, I’m going to head over I-40 and route through Asheville, Knoxville, Chattanooga and down into Huntsville!

Come to think of it, I’ve never BEEN to Chattanooga….and I bet there are awesome antique malls on the way. If it were you, would you go WEDNESDAY instead of trying to cram it all into Thursday? Just for some wandering opportunities? I’ll have to think on this – but you know me, I’m already leaning toward it!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Homeward Bound!

It was a great workshop yesterday!! Pics are on my phone, and I’m being picked up for the airport in less than 1/2 hour so I need to be quick about this!! I’m heading home to North Carolina from Tyler, Texas today --

Michelle MADE my day when she sent along an excerpt from Quilters Home Magazine June/July 2011 listing the 55 top Quilting Blogs!

I was completely gobsmacked to read that we were listed as NUMERO UNO!! Wow…I’m not sure how they came to their conclusions, but I was also tickled to find that there are great blogs that I don’t KNOW about….and I’m going to pick up the full issue so I can go check them out!


Pictures have started flooding in from Quilt Market in SLC! I’m so tickled that Kansas City Star put my quilts right where ordering people would be standing for a close up and personal look!


You certainly can’t miss them if you are standing there placing an order at all, can you? :cD

So off I go home…I’ve got a 3 hour layover in Houston, so I hope the A/C is back to being FIXED!! At least it is a sunny beautiful day today….I’m still shaking over that flight of terror on Wednesday night!

I refuse to be a whimpy traveller! This girl is getting BACK on that horse and is going to enjoy her flight home!

I’ve been working on the hexagons….of course. And it isn’t a lot of anything exciting to show you because I’m simply filling in background areas right now until I get up to the inset borders I want to do:

tylertx2011 026

The cream part is almost done, you can see my little drawing for my map on the hexagon paper….this is to straighten up TWO opposite sides…and then I’ll have to do the top and bottom to square it off. It’s coming along! I really enjoy working on it…..and it is worth the time that it takes. It really is. I love every stitch! ((When the plane isn’t bouncing!!))

I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend wherever you are…..I’ll catch you back from the NC side!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tyler Texas–The Food Addition!

This is a late afternoon post of what was supposed to go live this morning, but Blogger was being persnickety…..Better late than never right? And I sure hope they have fixed whatever it was that was broken in the first place!

When it’s a lecture day, there usually isn’t much of a photo-opportunity! But we had a great crowd at the Quilters of East Texas guild meeting yesterday!

I was a bit concerned, as in the car on our way to the venue, my hostess mentioned how they’d had some trunk shows before that went on-and-on-and-on-and-on and that after so many quilts, the audience can find themselves nodding off --

I thought to myself…”OH NO!!” But at the same time, I knew that I had a good variety of quilts to show, even if my latest fave-four are in Salt Lake City for Quiltmarket! We have 100 lbs of quilts…and my lecture runs right at an hour, and we switch it up, from talking about Scrap Management, and into Leaders & Enders, and then into working with recycled fabrics and it moves pretty fast…so I don’t thin there is any time for anyone to snooze!

I had mentioned to the girls about my two Texas Requirements: Tex Mex & BBQ! So after the trunkshow was packed up, the book table cleared, and today’s quilt set aside for the Cathedral Stars class, we headed out to BODACIOUS BBQ!!!

tylertx2011 006

And the wonderful aroma from the vicinity of the parking lot was enough to carry me to the door! Remember those cartoons with the aroma steam making a “come hither” finger?? I did a search but couldn’t find one…..but still. You KNOW what I mean!!

tylertx2011 008

Rib platter! Must I say more? OOOOOOOOoohhhhhhhh….these were heaven! There is nothing like Texas BBQ. Let me explain: When we moved from Texas to South Carolina, I was greatly disturbed that the BBQ had turned YELLOW as it was all mustard based! That took some getting used to….

And then when we moved to NC, it was vinegar based, and that was a whole nuther running thing to get used to as well….but TEXAS BBQ?? It wins, hands down!

Except for the white wonderbread thing. I still don’t understand why white wonderbread HAS to come with BBQ? Ours was wrapped with saran wrap, two pieces. Like a PB&J without the PB&J to go with it! I’m not a white wonderbread fan, so mine stayed behind…might I suggest…CORN BREAD!? Didn’t matter – I was so full of ribs and slaw and beans to care!

I had the rest of the day off! On went the running shoes after I had finished with some email backlog, and out exploring I went. There is a shopping mall about 1/2 mile up the road, and though it looked like rain was impending, I walked and walked and walked around the OUTSIDE of the mall, because there were sidewalks all the way around it, and I’d rather be outside than inside if at all possible. I logged in about 5.5 miles! Not bad for a jaunt about town, eh?

On the way back I stopped at Bealls –we don’t have those in NC—and treated myself to a new watch since my other one died:

tylertx2011 009

And I’m happy with this little Texas momento! Sadly…no antique malls within walking distance of the hotel!

I promptly fell into bed for a 2.5 hour nap – and when I woke…I was starving! (Could it be possible? I mean…did you SEE that rib lunch above?!?)

About 1/2 mile up the road is a Tex-Mex place I had passed on my earlier walk, so I set out again. Yep. It’s a record! I tackled BOTH of my food requirements in the span of about 8 hours..LOL!

tylertx2011 011

This, my friends, is a pulled pork chimichanga with salsa verde!! Whoooooooooooo!! Let’s just say it was DANG AMAZING! And a good thing I walked so much to work this off ahead of time ((Can you do that? Work off something ahead of time!?)) because it was SO GOOD!

I’m off to get ready for this workshop. The sun is shining, the storm clouds that threatened yesterday are gone, and it' promises to be a lovely day!

Bring on the weekend!!

Good Morning, Tyler, Texas!

This is a re-post of yesterday morning's post that Blogger deleted while dealing with their "whatever" crisis!

And since it “WAS” morning when I finally arrived at 12:05am --- I can just say that I have never been so glad to have my feet on the GROUND!

There were weather delays, as there often are in Houston this time of the year—Thunderstorms had been moving through for quite some time.

But it seems that weather was not ONLY outside the terminal, but INSIDE as well!

As I made my way through George Bush International from terminal B where my flight from Greensboro, NC landed, on to the tram to take me to terminal A ---the humidity increased and increased, and by the time I got off the tram my glasses were completely fogged!

Seriously. The humidity in terminal A was so thick you could cut it with a knife. And the floor had so much condensation on it you couldn’t hardly walk without slipping – even with running shoes on! It seems the a/c for that terminal was completely down, people were drenching with sweat and fanning themselves, me included! I quickly found a hair scrunchie in my bag to tie my damp hair up to the top of my head in an effort to at least get it off of my neck.

We left Houston about an hour late, but that also made us late for my arrival in Tyler. My poor hostess! When we landed, I got a voicemail from her “Where are you? Are you in the air? Ther is no one here, and no one to ask what happened!” I guess all the gate people at Tyler roll up and go home no natter if there are still in bound flights or not!

tylertx2011 005

This was the clock as I passed through the corridor into the baggage claim area! My fear was that all of the other employees, baggage peeps included, had also gone home and there would be no luggage arrival til morning!

tylertx2011 004

But eventually the belt started running and baggage was claimed and we were all happy to trudge on to whatever beds were waiting for us.

This was UNDOUBTEDLY the scariest flight I have ever been on, and I’d like to consider myself a well seasoned traveler! Big thunder heads everywhere, lighting flashing out of every window lighting up the inside of the plane like daylight….bumpy doesn’t BEGIN to describe this flight!

I was white knuckled on both arm rests, and I can honestly say that I was going through all the faces of everyone I love at that moment, focusing on their faces to get me through this 50 minute flight of terror. We swooped and we swerved, and at times it felt like the back of the plane was going one direction, and the front the other. I also kept my eyes firmly planted on the face of my flight attendant seeing if there was any concern there.

There wasn’t. I figure he has been through it all and worse…

SO here I am in Tyler! What is up for me today?  We’ll start off with a guild meeting lecture this morning, and there is rumor of BBQ for lunch….and some fun stuff planned for the afternoon!

We haven’t had a Show and Share Thursday for a while, and I only have a few minutes before I am being picked up, but I thought I’d add some color to this post ((And help me forget my flight of terror!)) by sharing a couple with you!

This one comes from Grace in PA!

Grace writes:

Hi Bonnie, I just wanted to send you a picture of the quilt top I finished from Last Saturday's workshop.  I took your advice and used orange sashing.  This will probably be donated to Quilts for Kids after it is quilted.  The workshop was fun and I am enjoying the crumbs and maverick stars construction.  I still need practice with the heart.
Thanks, Grace B

What a fun quilt Grace! Thanks for sharing it! I am sure whoever receives this quilt will be thrilled!

Nancy B sent in a picture of her very fun Chunky Churndash!


She writes:

Hi Bonnie!
I just wanted to send you a pic of my completed Chunky Churndash quilt.  It was my very first "Bonnie" quilt!  Almost half of the churndash blocks were from a swap I participated in with a Yahoo Group.  I'm a lover of all quilts scrappy, but don't yet have much of a "stash".  (*Gasp!*  I know, right?)  I had a really hard time finding fabric for the border.  I didn't want to pay full price for fabric, when the theme was to use what you have.  I was browsing some booths at a local trade days, when I ran across the fabric you see in the borders.  I passed it up at first, I mean, after all, what did I need fabric with granny square motifs on it for?  And then it hit me!  It would be perfect to complete my CCD quilt!
Thank you so much for sharing all that you do...you are SUCH a joy!

Nancy, your border fabric is PERFECT!  I know how you feel – but sometimes the only thing that makes my quilt happy is to find something new that makes the old fabrics just sparkle that much more. It’s a happy medium if what I buy new is going directly into a project I already know about and is helping me USE the stuff I already have. It’s a win-win and your quilt is definitely a winner!

Our next quilt top comes from Jeanne D who took my Scrappy Mountains workshop when I was up in CT/NY a few weeks ago! She is really FAST!


I love the streak of lightning setting she choose. This does not look like mountains at all, does it? To do this lay out you have to do all of your blocks as “downhill” only, where the regular layouts come from having some go uphill, and some down.

Thanks for sharing the picture, Jeanne! ((And especially for your understanding words of encouragement!))

I’m being picked up in 10 minutes so I suppose I ought to upload this, grab my stuff and get myself down to the lobby. Y’all have a great Thursday! We’ll catch you on the flip side!

Evening Addition: Free Kindle Book!

This is a re-post of a post that blogger deleted when doing their "whatever" over the past couple days!

Just when I thought there wasn’t anything good out there anymore…I found this one! It’s called “Too Close To Home” and is volume #1 in the Women of Justice series. I like it when I can find a volume #1 and not have to jump in somewhere in the middle!


Readers who enjoy romantic suspense authors Suzanne Brockmann and Sandra Brown but who prefer their thrills with a little more conscience and a little less sex will be thrilled with Eason's new series opener. - Library Journal --Library Journal

Product Description

Samantha Cash is the FBI's secret weapon. Her methods are invisible, and she never stops until the case is closed. When missing teens begin turning up dead in a small Southern town, Samantha is assigned to help local chief Connor Wolfe find the killer. And he has two problems with that. There's her faith--in God and herself. And then there's the fact that she looks exactly like his late wife.

As they get close to an answer, the case becomes personal. The killer seems to be taking an interest in Connor's 16-year-old daughter, who thinks her dad is getting way too protective. Can't a girl just have some fun?

Too Close to Home ratchets up the suspense with each page, and will have readers cheering for the characters they love as justice is served and love grows even in the face of danger. Read this one with the lights on!

I downloaded this just before leaving for the airport! As always, download this while you can, and check to be sure it is still free before you do so as prices can change without notice on these deals.

Next time you hear from me, I’ll be in Texas! Thursday is a crazy day – I’ve got a morning lecture, and an evening lecture, and who knows what is planned for in the “in between” times! Friday is an all day Cathedral Stars workshop --- so with this schedule it may be Friday Evening before you hear from me again!


Just a test to see if blogger is back up and running...They deleted every post posted since Wednesday morning? What is UP with that?!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Under Pressure!

I woke up with a Queen song in my head today…Under Pressure! Not a bad kind of pressure really, just a lot to do and not so much time to do it in!

You know how it goes --- I’m leaving for Texas this afternoon, but playing on my mind is my need to make a baby quilt for DH’s assistant controller and his wife who are expecting their first baby any week now.

On Sunday DH was telling me how he TOLD Michael not to worry about buying a baby quilt, that “WE” would take care of that. ((Did you get the “WE” part?!?)) Uhhuh!

And it isn’t that I don’t want to do it, I do….but it’s a matter of when, and what to do --

Michael is from Kenya, his wife is from Uganda. A couple weeks ago we were invited to a lovely Kenyan meal at their home, and I got a good taste of the d├ęcor, featuring bold colors, a definite African influence, and wonderful accents!

For our dinner, they even were dressed in the clothing of their home country, and I would so like to do something that fits with their culture and life style. Little baby pink bows and cutesy bunnies are just NOT going to do it! ((Oh, yes, we've been informed that it is indeed, a girl! :cD))

And did I mention the TIME frame?!

Somewhere….SOMEWHERE in this basement, is a handful of African fabrics that had been gifted to me. And, I started digging for other things I could use…for instance:

sewdaymay2011 017

I pulled a bunch of batik parts and unceremoniously dumped them on this chair, along with a selection of background yardage….

sewdaymay2011 016

I sorted through the 2.5” strip bin and pulled out any batiks, brights and fun textures that might work for “SOMETHING”

sewdaymay2011 019

Oh, and then there is THIS box of Novelties that was gifted to me from someone who thought they might be useable to me, but when I opened up the pieces, this is what I found:

sewdaymay2011 020

Well, might be useable if I were planning on making a hanging thing for a bean bag toss, but?!? Well wait a minute, if I layer the good parts between the circles, I can probably get some quarter square triangles that would have the straight of grain on the long side --- We’ll save this box for another time!

And all while I’m deciding what to do, how to do it, what to use, and worried about how much time I don’t have --- I still need to repack the trunk show and pack my suitcase for my flight today!

I guess I should take care of “first things first” and then use the extra time to worry about the baby quilt. Do you see why my theme song today is “UNDER PRESSURE?!?!”

((And you must excuse me for my love of music that takes me back to my highschool years! I was a HUGE Queen fan in the 70's & 80's and this music just takes me back!))

Better get to it!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Little Help From My Friends ---

That would be YOU!!

I’m not going to Quilt Market in Salt Lake City this year….I’ve got to be in Tyler Texas! I fly tomorrow, Have two lectures on Thursday, and a workshop on Friday, and I’m home again Saturday. How is that for a quick whirlwind trip?

I’m repacking the trunk show today….because, on my jaunt home from Pennsylvania last week, I got an email from Kansas City Star reminding me that quilts were needed for the booth at Market!

And since it was easier….and more of a direct route, and would get them on the road a day sooner rather than a day later, I stopped in Richmond, Virginia on my way home from Philadelphia and went to Home Depot. I bought a shipping carton….and I unpacked and repacked in the parking lot, choosing 4 quilts that I thought would best display what my new book is about into the carton, sealing it with zip-ties.

Up the road I went 1/2 a mile to Fedex!

civilwarparkva2011 001

I guess there is one thing to be said for “strip mall” America --- You can always find what you need in any city, be it 3 states away or in your own town. Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Fedex, Sam’s Club – I’m a happy girl when I can get the job done! And it goes without saying how much I love my GPS ((most of the time)) for getting me where I need to go!

civilwarparkva2011 002

This is the shipping tub on the scale –off to Kansas City, to be packed with all the other Quilt Market Stuff and driven to Salt Lake City! These quilts have a long way to go, and many hands to handle them!

Where YOU come in is this ---

Are you going to SLC for Market? Would you like to be my eyes? I really REALLY need pics of my quilts hanging in the Kansas City Star booth. Will you take pics for me? Don’t worry if other people say they will take pics too, In this case, too many is better than not enough!

You can email them to me when you get back from Market, and I would be ever-so-grateful!!

I’m happy to report that I slept the whole night through last night! Oh Happy Morning!

Today there are other mundane things on the list like getting the car inspected, and going back to get the new tires re-balanced because the car shimmies over 50mph. ((AUUGHH!!) But I think I feel a mani-pedi coming on to make up for that otherwise boring trip, and I’ll be packing for tomorrow….

And hopefully finding time this evening to work some more on some bindings!


And THIS was the movie I watched when I couldn’t sleep yesterday morning…..And it had me bawling by the end, and that probably made me more unsleepy --- but it’s a good one! I really enjoyed it.

I’m sorry to report that I haven’t come across ANY good free kindle books lately. It seems all there is are “how to invest in the market” kind of books, or ones that seem overly pushy-religious to me, and I prefer a good story without it being laced with a whole bunch of fictional dogma, if you know what I mean. And then there are those who are so far the OTHER direction, and I’m really not into reading steamy trio scenes either so ----That’s why I haven’t posted any suggested readings lately. There haven’t been any that I am interested in. I am keeping my eye open and will let you know when something comes along that interests me that I think might interest you!